Review of OPI Infinite Shine Nail Polish for Long Lasting Manicures

Review of OPI Infinite Shine Nail Polish for Long Lasting Manicures
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Exploring OPI Infinite Shine Nail Polish

Nail polish enthusiasts are always on the hunt for the next great innovation in long-lasting manicures. OPI aims to deliver just that with their Infinite Shine line - a collection of lacquers that provide up to 11 days of perfect, glossy color. I recently had the chance to test drive two fun shades from the Infinite Shine range - Coastal Sand-tuary and The Sound of Vibrance. Read on for my full review of how these polishes performed.

First Impressions of OPI Infinite Shine

Right away I was drawn to the sleek, minimalist bottle design of OPI Infinite Shine. The lacquers are housed in rounded glass bottles with black caps - very modern and chic! The brush was also a standout feature, with a flattened surface perfect for applying polish smoothly and evenly.

Infinite Shine polishes are 3-in-1 formulas, meaning they include base coat, color coat, and top coat all in one. This appealed to me as a time-saving benefit - no need to use three separate products. The polishes are also supposed to dry quickly, be very glossy, and wear for up to 11 days with minimal chipping. Some bold claims that I was eager to test out!

Testing Out Coastal Sand-tuary

Coastal Sand-tuary is a warm peachy nude shade. In the bottle it looks more pink, but it applies as a soft peach onto the nails. I was pleased with the color payoff in just one coat - the peach tone showed up nicely and evenly across my nails. By two coats, it was completely opaque. The gloss factor was also impressive right off the bat, with my nails looking shiny and hydrated.

Application was smooth and easy with the Infinite Shine brush. The flattened surface distributed just the right amount of polish. I didn't experience any clumping or pooling around the edges of my nails. Drying time was fast - I was able to apply a second coat after about 2 minutes. The polish felt touch-dry within 10 minutes of application.

To test wear time, I went about my regular hand washing and cleaning routines over the next few days. I was very pleased with the longevity of Coastal Sand-tuary. After 6 full days there was only minor tip wear and no noticeable chips. The high-gloss finish also lasted perfectly. I was able to remove the polish cleanly after my test with just a standard nail polish remover.

Vibrant Colors with The Sound of Vibrance

After my success with the nude Coastal Sand-tuary, I was excited to try a bright shade from the Infinite Shine range. The Sound of Vibrance is a medium pastel purple creme polish. Purple is one of my go-to colors in the springtime, so I couldn't wait to see how this one looked.

I found the application and performance of The Sound of Vibrance to be similar to Coastal Sand-tuary. The color coverage was great in one coat, but I applied two to make it really pop. The glossy finish was again superb straight away after painting my nails. I'd say this shade was ever so slightly thicker in consistency than the nude, but the Infinite Shine brush still distributed it evenly and smoothly.

The wear time for The Sound of Vibrance was equally impressive. Even after 7 full days of wear I saw no chips or peeling, just minor tip wear on two nails. The vibrant purple color really helped brighten up my look all week long. I got a few compliments on the shade too!

My Final Thoughts on Infinite Shine

Overall I was very happy with the performance and results of my first trial with OPI Infinite Shine polishes. Here are some pros and cons from my experience:


  • Gorgeous glossy finish
  • Minimal chipping and wear for 6-7+ days
  • User-friendly 3-in-1 system
  • Smooth, easy application
  • Great color payoff


  • Slightly thicker polish consistency with brighter shades
  • Bottles don't specify which step is included

I would certainly recommend giving OPI Infinite Shine polishes a try, especially if you're looking for longer wear with a glossy finish. The range offers a variety of trendy colors from bright cremes to feminine nudes. I can't wait to test out more shades!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does OPI Infinite Shine last?

OPI claims the Infinite Shine polishes can last up to 11 days without chipping or peeling. In my testing, I found them to wear very well for 6-7+ days with minimal tip wear or chips.

Does OPI Infinite Shine have a base coat?

Yes, the OPI Infinite Shine polishes are 3-in-1 formulas that include base coat, color coat, and top coat all in one. There's no need to use separate base or top coat with these polishes.

Do you need UV light for OPI Infinite Shine?

No UV light is needed. OPI Infinite Shine polishes air dry just like regular nail lacquers. They are not gel polishes and do not require any special lights or tools.

Does OPI Infinite Shine rub off?

In my testing, the OPI Infinite Shine polishes did not rub off prematurely. I experienced 6-7+ days of wear before any chips or tip wear. The top coat provides a shiny, long-lasting finish that resists smudging or transferring.

Is OPI Infinite Shine good for natural nails?

Yes, the OPI Infinite Shine 3-in-1 system provides a nourishing base coat formulation that cares for natural nails. The polishes help strengthen nails and condition the nail bed while providing glossy color.


How do you apply OPI Infinite Shine?

Apply like you would any regular nail polish - one coat for sheer/light coverage, two coats for full opacity. No need for a separate base or top coat. Cap the tips of the nails and let dry completely between coats.

Can you use OPI Infinite Shine over gel polish?

It's not recommended to apply Infinite Shine directly over gel manicures, as it can cause lifting or peeling. Remove gel polish first before switching to the OPI Infinite Shine system.

Do you need a UV or LED lamp for OPI Infinite Shine?

No, OPI Infinite Shine polishes completely air dry just like regular nail lacquers. No UV or LED lamps are needed in the application process.

What colors are available in OPI Infinite Shine?

OPI offers a wide variety of colors from nudes and neutrals to brights and bold shades. There are cremes, shimmers, and glitter finishes to choose from.

Can you use regular nail polish with Infinite Shine?

For the best results, use only the OPI Infinite Shine polishes for the complete 3-in-1 system. Don't combine with other polish brands in the layers.

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