Welland's Top 3 Pizzerias Face Off For Best Pizza Crown

Welland's Top 3 Pizzerias Face Off For Best Pizza Crown
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The Taste Test: Welland's Top 3 Pizzerias Battling It Out

Pizza is an iconic food that transcends cultures and brings people together. In Welland, Ontario, pizza remains a staple for families, students, and late night cravings. With a range of pizza joints populating the city, competition is fierce for the title of Welland's best pizza. Three pizzerias stand out from the pack, each with devoted followings and unique takes on pizza. Let's take a closer look at Welland's pizza holy trinity and see who comes out on top!

Rose City Pizza: Old School Charm

Operating since 1962, Rose City Pizza is a Welland classic. Their vintage storefront with neon signage takes you back to pizza's early days. The interior also feels straight out of the past with red vinyl booths, checkered floors, and walls covered in memorabilia. Rose City's pizza impresses with generous layers of cheese and toppings on a chewy, hand-tossed crust. While some say their sauce skews a little sweet, Rose City has perfected the tavern-style pizza over decades. Their pizza holds up well for takeout too. Simple, affordable, anddelicious - Rose City Pizza is a tried and true local staple.

Luciano's Pizzeria: Artisanal Creation

Luciano's takes a gourmet approach to pizza making that sets them apart. Given their motto "It's all in the dough", it's no surprise that their artisanal crust steals the show. Hand stretched and adorned with sesame seeds, the crust provides the perfect base for creative pies. Luciano's utilizes high quality ingredients like imported Italian tomatoes, fresh basil, and real mozzarella for next level flavor. Their signature pies like the spicy Diavola or hearty Meat Lover's creatively combine toppings. While pricier than typical pizza joints, foodies say the quality ingredients and skilled preparation make it worth it. Luciano's crafts pizzas that are as much art as food.

Tailgator's Sports Pub: Novelty & Variety

What started as a university hot spot has become one of Welland's favorite hangouts for good eats and drinks. Nestled near the canal, Tailgator's has a fun, youthful vibe whether you're watching the game or grabbing a bite. Patrons love the wacky specialty pizzas loaded with toppings like mac and cheese, perogies, and chicken fingers. Carnivores flock to the Meat Mountain pie piled high with 5 meats. Tailgator's more traditional pies also satisfy with zesty marinara sauce and bubbly cheese. With weekly specials like Wing Wednesdays, this sports pub knows how to keep customers coming back. Tailgator's gives you delicious pizza plus an experience.

The Verdict: Welland's Pizza Crown

When it comes to the best pizza in Welland, it's a close call between these heavy hitters. Each pizzeria brings something special to the table whether it's nostalgia, innovation, or novelty. However, for the perfect combination of quality and consistency, the winner is Luciano's Pizzeria. Their dedication to using top-notch ingredients and mastering their dough technique shines through with every perfect slice. From classic Margheritas to gourmet meat-topped pizzas, Luciano's offers a little something for every palate. Welland has no shortage of pizza purveyors, but Luciano's Pizzeria takes the crown for pie perfection.

The next time that pizza craving hits, consider grabbing a hot pie from one of Welland's venerable pizzerias. With decades of pizza passion, they know how to deliver the perfect slice to satisfy your appetite. Whether you're a meat lover, vegetarian, or just plain hungry, Welland's pizza institutions have you covered.


Where are the top pizzerias located in Welland?

The top 3 pizzerias in Welland are all located in convenient areas. Rose City Pizza is located downtown at 800 Niagara Street. Luciano's Pizzeria can be found just off Highway 406 at 814 Niagara Street. Tailgator's Sports Pub is nestled near the Welland Canal at 247 Thorold Road.

What is Rose City Pizza known for?

Rose City Pizza is known for its vintage charm and classic tavern-style pizza. Operating since 1962, they serve up generous, cheesy, hand-tossed pizzas cooked to perfection in their old school pizza oven. Their affordable prices and signature sweet tomato sauce have made them a Welland go-to for decades.

Why is Luciano's Pizzeria considered the best?

With its artisanal approach, Luciano's Pizzeria is considered to have the best pizza in Welland. Their fanatical focus on dough technique and using only quality ingredients like imported Italian tomatoes and real mozzarella makes all the difference. Their skillfully crafted pizzas combine creative flavors for an unbeatable gourmet pizza experience.

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