Elvis Presley's Customized 14k Gold Lucky Number 10 Ring

Elvis Presley's Customized 14k Gold Lucky Number 10 Ring
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The Story Behind Elvis Presley's Personalized 10-Ring

A one-of-a-kind piece of Elvis Presley history and numerology memorabilia has emerged on the auction market recently - a stunning 14k gold and black star sapphire ring made specially for The King himself in the shape of a "10." This rare example of Elvis' customized jewelry highlights not only his personal flair, but also his affinity for the number 10 and how it tied into his life.

The Meaning of 10 to Elvis

Throughout his life and career, Elvis Presley had many connections to the number 10. Most significantly, Elvis was born on January 8, 1935 which can be written numerically as 1/8/1935. When those numbers are added up, their sum is 10. This numerical synchronicity seemingly pleased Elvis and he would frequently reference the importance of the number 10 later in life.

There are numerous examples of 10s appearing in milestone moments in Elvis' journey. His first television appearance was on the Dorsey Brothers Stage Show on March 10, 1956. Then when Elvis was drafted into the Army, he was assigned serial number 53310761 - once again adding up to 10.

Honoring His Number with a Custom Ring

To celebrate his affinity for 10 and recognize the role it played in his rise to fame, Elvis had a one-of-a-kind statement ring created specifically for him. Recently surfaced for auction, this bold and substantial men's ring is cast in rich 14k gold and shaped in the form of an angled numeral 10.

At the top of the 10-shaped frame is an oval-shaped black star sapphire cabochon, measuring approximately 10 by 8mm. Four sparkling round single-cut diamonds are also set into the top of the 10 frame add extra dazzle. The black sapphire stones contrast elegantly against the bright gold setting for an elevated, yet edgy overall look - perfectly suiting Elvis' personal brand.

Wearing His Lucky Number

Photos show that Elvis proudly wore his customized lucky number 10 ring, although it often got obscured by his flamboyant performance ensembles. The ring appears on his hand during candid backstage moments and TV interviews over the years. Elvis also gifted similar numeric rings to those in his beloved inner circle.

For example, he reportedly had a matching soul mate 11-11 ring made for his future wife Priscilla. Other numbered rings gifted by the superstar have also surfaced at auction over the years. But to date, none bear the same special meaning as Elvis' own bold number 10 - his personal lucky talisman and tribute to the magic number that launched his meteoric destiny.

Examining Elvis Presley's Legendary Jewelry Style

While this newly revealed 10 ring holds exceptional sentimental value, Elvis was certainly no stranger to flashy and conspicuous accessories. The King of Rock and Roll paved the way for today's male musicians embellishing themselves in necklaces, rings, watches and more.

Diamonds and Gold

Throughout Elvis' early career in the 1950s and even into the 1960s, gold and diamonds made up the bulk of his jewelry collection. Photo shoots from the era regularly show him wearing hefty gold statement rings - ranging from his initials spelling out "E-P" to astrology sign designs. He also grew his diamond encrusted watch and bold bracelet collection during these transformative years.

Gemstones and Symbols

As Elvis continued evolving his fashion and self-expression, his interest expanded into more esoteric gemstones and symbolic designs. Hence his known appreciation for lucky numbers and zodiac motifs. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires also entered the mix - like the black star sapphire used in his specialized 10-ring. Turning to rings, pendants and cuffs featuring ancient hieroglyphs, scarabs and Eye of Horus symbols let him showcase his interest in numerology and spirituality too.

A Lasting Fashion Legacy

While Elvis Presley's musical legacy clearly lives on today, we also cannot discount his pioneering fashion influence. Before Elvis' 1950s emergence, male entertainers were expected to wear suits and tuxedos only. Through adopting flamboyant costumes and statement jewelry pieces on and off stage, Elvis dismantled existing gender norms around self-adornment.

Like his sound, Elvis' style shook up the status quo. And now over half-a-century later, male musical artists and celebrities following in his footsteps frequently highlight personalized jewelry to express themselves too. Pieces like Elvis Presley's 14k gold lucky number 10 ring connect today's leading men back to their original rock and roll jewelry trailblazer - underscoring The King's lasting cultural impact.

How Elvis Presley's Ring Can Inspire Collectors

Beyond its irreplaceable sentimental value linked back to Elvis himself, this newly surfaced lucky number 10 ring also carries importance for collectors. Memorabilia associated with seminal musical artists may be the most in-demand corner of entertainment history collectibles today. Assessing the Investopedia estimates, the total worth of the global memorabilia market could currently sit near $200 billion.

High-Tier Category

Elvis Presley related-memorabilia belongs in the uppermost echelon of celebrity and music collectibles based on auction performance. In 2018, one of Elvis' jet planes sold for $430,000. A 1962 Lockheed Jetstar named after his daughter Lisa Marie, it included custom sleeper suits, red velvet seats and gold-plated accents echoing Elvis' flair.

Beyond big-ticket transportation, even mundane everyday Elvis artifacts can rack up noteworthy sums. From lipstick-smeared tissues to scribbled notes, collectors covet unusual Elvis relics along with more typical costume pieces.

Definitive Provenance

These astronomical final sale prices reveal why Elvis collectors covet items with definitive proof tying them to the legend himself. In the case of jewelry like Elvis Presley's personalized 14k gold and black star sapphire 10-ring, it must be clearly shown as made for and worn by Elvis to warrant premium valuations.

Pieces like this lucky number 10 ring checking those boxes become the crown jewels of serious Elvis Presley memorabilia collections. Their singular nature and elite provenance cement their cultural importance, investment value, and ability to inspire future generations of collectors.


Why was the number 10 meaningful to Elvis?

The number 10 repeatedly appeared during key moments in Elvis' life and career. His birthday (1/8/1935) digits add up to 10. His first TV appearance was on 3/10/1956. His Army serial number also equaled 10. He felt it was his lucky number.

What materials is Elvis Presley's 10-ring made from?

The ring consists of 14-karat gold with a large black star sapphire stone in an oval cut. Small round single-cut diamonds are also set into the ring's 10-shaped frame for extra sparkle.

Why would this ring be valued by collectors?

Its elite provenance as a customized ring made for and worn by Elvis himself cements this 10-ring as a crown jewel for serious Elvis memorabilia collectors. Definitive Elvis items reach astronomical sums at auction.

Did Elvis gift similar numbered rings to friends?

Yes, Elvis reportedly had identical soul mate 11-11 rings made for himself and his future wife Priscilla. He also gifted other lucky number rings to those in his inner circle over the years.

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