New 1970s-Themed Chicken Restaurant Opens Its Doors in Brookfield, WI

New 1970s-Themed Chicken Restaurant Opens Its Doors in Brookfield, WI
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New Retro-Style Chicken Restaurant Opens in Brookfield

The Milwaukee suburb of Brookfield welcomed an exciting new dining option in late 2023 with the opening of Here Chicky Chicky. The 1970s-themed chicken restaurant opened its doors in November at 14 Corners in Brookfield, bringing a funky and nostalgic vibe to the area's food scene.

The Origins of Here Chicky Chicky

Here Chicky Chicky was founded by long-time Milwaukee restauranteurs Karen and Jeff Smith. The couple dreamed of opening an old-school chicken joint ever since they met working at a vintage diner in college. After nearly 40 years in the restaurant business, they decided the time was right to make their retro chicken concept a reality.

"We've always loved the kitschy look and comfort food feel of 1970s restaurants," said Karen. "With Here Chicky Chicky, we wanted to recreate the laidback fun of that era and serve up crispy, juicy fried chicken like we remember from our childhoods."

The Restaurant's Retro-Inspired Design

Stepping into Here Chicky Chicky is like taking a trip back in time. The interior is decked out in 1970s regalia, with checkerboard floors, vinyl booths, and vintage music posters. Even the staff sport funky 70s-inspired uniforms, like bell bottoms and go-go boots.

"We sourced a lot of authentic decor from estate sales and secondhand shops to make it look authentic," explained Jeff. "We wanted the ambiance to instantly transport guests back to the good ole days."

Serving Up Nostalgic Fried Chicken Fare

In keeping with the retro theme, Here Chicky Chicky's menu focuses on tried-and-true comforts like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, coleslaw and biscuits. However, the Smiths have breathed new life into these classics with unique twists.

"Our technique of double breading creates an extra crispy crust that keeps the chicken juicy and tender," said Karen. "And dishes like our Baked Potato Soup and Cheesy Grits put a creative spin on traditional side items."

The restaurant also offers chicken sandwiches, salads, and over-the-top loaded fries for more options. And no meal would be complete without one of their signature milkshakes, available in flavors like Strawberry Cheesecake and Cookie Dough.

Focusing on Quality Ingredients

According to Jeff, the secret behind their delicious comfort food is using high-quality ingredients. "We source our chicken fresh from local farms whenever possible," he said. "And we make all our sauces, dressings and batters from scratch using real, natural ingredients."

Even their baked goods like biscuits and pie crusts are prepared in-house for unmatched freshness. "We spent months perfecting our recipes to make sure everything not only looks retro but tastes just like guests remember," said Karen.

Bringing Jobs to the Community

The new Here Chicky Chicky created over 50 new food service jobs for the Brookfield community. The owners pride themselves on providing team members with fair wages, benefits packages, and growth opportunities.

"Our staff is truly like family to us," said Karen. "We work hard to foster a positive, supportive work environment so employees enjoy coming to work each day."

The Smiths plan to continue giving back by donating a portion of profits to local charities and hosting fundraising nights at the restaurant.

Signature Menu Items to Try

With so many tempting options, deciding what to order at Here Chicky Chicky can be tough. Here are some of their standout signature menu items that shouldn't be missed:

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

A spicy twist on classic fried chicken, their hand-breaded chicken breast is smothered in hot pepper sauce and served atop a brioche bun with ranch slaw.

Carolina Pulled Chicken BBQ Nachos

House fried tortilla chips piled high with pulled smoked chicken, cheese sauce, bbq beans, slaw and jalapeños.

Cheesy Grits

Creamy grits blended with sharp cheddar and parmesan cheese, finished with cajun spice.

Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake

Rich vanilla ice cream blended with fresh strawberry sauce and NY-style cheesecake pieces.

First Impressions from Patrons

Since opening doors in late 2023, Here Chicky Chicky has already received rave reviews from patrons:

Fun Vibes & Tasty Comfort Food

"This new spot totally brings the 70s back to life! The decor is wiggy and the comfort food options are right on. My Nashville hot chicken sandwich really hit the spot." - Anne S.

Family Friendly Spot

"Here Chicky Chicky is our new favorite family restaurant! The kitschy interior kept our kids entertained and the fried chicken tenders with fries pleased the whole crew." - Mark P.

Satisfying Meal

"I loved diving into a basket of perfectly-fried chicken after a long day. And you can't go wrong with cheesy grits and biscuits on the side!" - Julia T.

Sweet Nostalgic Vibes

"From the moment I stepped inside, I felt like I took a time machine back to the 70s! The decor, the music, even the uniforms - major nostalgia. And the milkshakes are to die for." - Michael G.

Check Out this Blast from the Past Eatery

With its hip retro aesthetic and mouthwatering comfort fare, Here Chicky Chicky stands out as a unique addition to Brookfield's culinary landscape. For a taste of fried chicken nostalgia, be sure to stop by this new old-school hot spot. You'll have a clucking good time!


What are Here Chicky Chicky's hours?

Here Chicky Chicky is open 7 days a week from 11am to 9pm.

Do they serve anything besides fried chicken?

Yes, their menu also includes chicken sandwiches, salads, sides, and milkshakes. But fried chicken is definitely their specialty.

Is Here Chicky Chicky kid-friendly?

Absolutely! Their retro atmosphere and fried chicken fare make it a great spot to bring the whole family.

What kind of sauces and seasonings do they use?

Their chicken is available in a variety of flavors including Nashville Hot, Lemon Pepper, and Cajun. They also offer signature dipping sauces.

Do they cater or host events?

Here Chicky Chicky has private dining spaces available to book for catered events and parties. Reach out for details.

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