Z Man Hellraizer Topwater Fishing Lure for Bass

Z Man Hellraizer Topwater Fishing Lure for Bass
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Introducing the Z Man Hellraizer Topwater Lure

Topwater fishing is an exciting technique that can trigger explosive strikes. As a bass breaks the surface to engulf your lure, it's a thrilling visual that gets anglers' hearts pumping. Z Man recently unveiled an innovative new topwater bait that promises to become a go-to lure for tempting bucketmouths from below. It's called the Hellraizer, and it made its debut at ICAST 2022.

What is the Z Man Hellraizer?

The Hellraizer is the latest addition to Z Man's catalog of high-quality soft plastic lures crafted with premium ElaZtech material. This innovative bait combines attributes of both hard and soft lures. The Hellraizer features a solid head with a feathered treble hook for extra movement and commotion. But the 4.5” body is soft plastic for increased lifelike action and buoyancy.

This hybrid design results in an exceptionally versatile topwater option. The solid head allows for precise, long-distance casts and strong hook sets. While the feathered treble creates surface disturbance and vibrations that mimic wounded baitfish. The supple plastic body undulates and pulsates on the retrieve. Altogether, it triggers aggressive strikes from hunter bass beneath.

Hellraizer Features and Benefits

The Hellraizer brings a balanced blend of key features to the table:

  • ElaZtech construction - Z Man's proprietary material is extremely soft yet durable. It offers unmatched movement and longevity not found in traditional plastics.
  • High floating - The buoyant ElaZtech body sits high and keeps the treble exposed.
  • 3D eyes - For added fish-attracting flash and appeal.
  • Internal rattle - It sends out attention-grabbing vibrations through the water.
  • Tear resistant - Allows reactionary hooksets without risk of tearing the body.
  • Easy walking - The angled keel head provides a steady side-to-side "walk the dog" retrieve.

Available at tackle retailers nationwide, the Z Man Hellraizer continues the company’s reputation for groundbreaking lure designs that catch more and bigger fish.

Why Anglers Love the Z Man Hellraizer

Since its launch, the Hellraizer has gained a loyal following of bass anglers thanks to its fish-catching potential across multiple scenarios:

1. Over Grass

The elevated body lets you buzz the Hellraizer over scattered grass and lily pads without getting hung up. The noisy feathers also attract strikes by agitating fish in the vegetation below.

2. Above Timber

When bass are holding tight to submerged wood, the Hellraizer allows you to glide and chug it right over the structure. Target the edges and pockets to trigger explosive topwater ambushes.

3. Around Docks

From community docks to private boathouses, the Hellraizer tempts big bass that hunker around shady cover. Make accurate flips and pitches then give it a twitching walk-the-dog action.

4. Over & Through Cover

Whether working over matted grass or skimming through flooded brush, the Hellraizer's solid construction handles heavy cover. Use brisk snaps of the rod tip to pop and break the lure free when necessary.

5. Schooling Bass

When frenzied bass bust the surface chasing baitfish, the Hellraizer perfectly mimics wounded forage. Cast beyond the swirls and reel back with an erratic cadence until they attack.

From spring through fall, across every bass fishing scenario, the versatility of Z Man's HellRaiser consistently produces when other lures fail to tempt finicky fish.

How to Fish the Z Man Hellraizer

As with any new lure, there is a learning curve to maximize effectiveness. Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of the Hellraizer:

Rod & Reel Combos

For accurate casts and solid hooksets, a 7-foot medium power fast action rod works well, matched with a high speed reel (7.5:1 gear ratio). Spooled with 50-65lb braided line and a 12"-15" fluorocarbon leader.

Retrieve Techniques

Use steady pulls and slight rod twitches to impart a traditional walk-the-dog side-to-side action. Or try a more vigorous pulling and pausing cadence to make it chug sporadically like injured prey.

Hook Position

The feathered treble hook tends to ride up toward the body. Occasionally pop the lure to let it settle back into proper position. You’ll hook more fish with the hook hanging below.

Tune the Rattle

A tiny glass bead rattles around inside the hollow head. Shake it to make noise then pause and let fish hone in on the vibration. Continue tuning it “on” and “off” until you get explosive strikes.

Experiment with retrieves until you dial in what's most effective on a given day and location. Mastering this bait requires adjusting techniques based on bass behavior patterns.

Where to Buy the Z Man Hellraizer

The Hellraizer debuted at ICAST 2022 industry trade show, creating major buzz. Demand continues rising as word spreads about its fish catching potential. So check local tackle shops early to beat supply limitations.

Many retailers now carry Z Man’s full lineup of ElaZtech baits. But if the Hellraizer is sold out locally, several major online merchants offer global shipping:

  • Tackle Warehouse
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Sportsman's Warehouse
  • Dick's Sporting Goods

MSRP is $10.99, but prices vary so shop around for the best deals. Given this lure’s versatility and effectiveness for tackling big bass, the Z Man HellRaiser is poised to become a must-have for anglers who take their topwater fishing seriously.


What types of bass will the Hellraizer catch?

The Hellraizer is designed to catch all species of black bass - largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted. Its versatility also allows anglers to target striped bass, hybrids, trout, pike, musky, and other species.

What line and rod should I use with the Hellraizer?

A 7' medium power, fast action rod works well, paired with 50-65lb braided line and a 12"-15” fluorocarbon leader. This setup allows for accurate casts, solid hooksets, and maintaining the walk-the-dog action.

Does the Hellraizer float well?

Yes, the buoyant ElaZtech body floats high on the surface even after repeated casts and soaking. The head and feathered treble also provide lift to keep it from diving or getting waterlogged.

Can I fish the Hellraizer as a wakebait too?

Absolutely! Burning the Hellraizer as a swinging wakebait will draw explosive strikes. Let it rest during brief pauses then give it a hard pull causing the feathered rear hook to spray water like a prop bait.

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