Yellowstone Beer Fest - Craft Brews & Vistas in the Wild West

Yellowstone Beer Fest - Craft Brews & Vistas in the Wild West
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Exploring the Yellowstone Beer Fest

Nestled in the sweeping vistas of Yellowstone, a celebration of craft beers that captures the spirit of the American West is held each year. The Yellowstone Beer Fest brings together brewmasters and beer lovers from across the region to toast the pioneering history and rugged beauty of this legendary landscape.

The Allure of Yellowstone

What draws visitors to Yellowstone reaches far beyond its dramatic geysers and thriving wildlife. There is an allure to the vast wilderness and abandoned homesteads that evokes the American frontier. It is the birthplace of Western lore - where dreams were built and legends were born.

The Yellowstone Beer Fest taps into this adventurous past while showcasing modern craftsmanship. As the sunset paints distant peaks in golden light, you can taste daring small-batch ales and lagers from local brewhouses. It is a celebration of new and old in the heart of the West.

The Beer Selection

The beers featured at the Yellowstone Beer Fest highlight regional flavors and ingredients. Rugged rye IPAs, crisp lagers, and rich stouts reflect both tradition and innovation.

Brewmasters source hops and barley from Montana farms while experimenting with unique combinations of fruit, herbs, and spices. They find inspiration in the wilderness, creating styles as bold and untamed as Yellowstone itself.

From well-balanced golden ales to bourbon-aged porters, the selection captures the diversity of American craft beer today. There are always new discoveries for returning attendees or first-time visitors to savor.

The Western Experience

Beyond the beers themselves, the Yellowstone Beer Fest seeks to embody the welcoming, rugged spirit of the American West. There is communal seating under strings of twinkling lights where old friends and new acquaintances forge connections.

Food vendors serve up regional specialties like bison burgers, elk sausage, and Rocky Mountain oysters alongside the brews. Between the tents, you may even spot an eagle circling overhead as you take in Yellowstone's grandeur.

Ranges clad in aspen gold, sweeping mountain peaks, and fiery sunsets serve as the backdrop. You are not merely a spectator of the Western scenery but part of it - with a cold craft beer in hand.

The Brewmasters

The beer served at the Yellowstone Beer Fest is only as good as the skilled brewmasters crafting each batch. It brings together a community of passionate professionals from across Montana and neighboring states.

New Western Brewing Company

Based in the town of Belgrade midway between Bozeman and Yellowstone, New Western Brewing Company specializes in "adventure-inspired ales and lagers." Their taproom and restaurant sit on a working farm, exemplifying their devotion to local sustainable agriculture.

Their flagship Shortgrass IPA features Montana-grown barley and a bright, floral hop profile. New Western also ages select brews in revived whiskey barrels, adding oak, vanilla, and caramel notes.


Überbrew was founded by two college friends in the rugged Bitterroot Valley who simply loved good beer. As demand grew, they opened a production brewery and taproom in the town of Darby.

At the Yellowstone Beer Fest, Überbrew pours their popular Fly Line Lager infused with subtle citrus flavors. Their more daring Winterfest Coffee Stout, aged on beans sourced from a single farm, proves a bold yet smooth after-dinner accompaniment.

Wildrye Brewing

Tucked away in Teton Valley right across the Idaho border, Wildrye Brewing takes inspiration from their untamed alpine surroundings. Their name pays homage to rye grains that grow wild amidst Yellowstone's geothermal features.

Wildrye Brewing brings their indigenous Endeavor Rye IPA to the festival, bursting with evergreen hoppiness and a spicy rye bite. For those craving something darker, their Whiskey Barrel Porter offers rich chocolate and caramel notes.

The Legacy

As the days grow shorter and aspens turn gold, the Yellowstone Beer Fest provides a taste of autumn in the West. Beneath the sweeping Montana skies, it celebrates old traditions and new innovations.

The enduring allure of Yellowstone - its rich history, rugged landscapes, and welcoming spirit - flows through each pint. New friendships spawn and old stories are told as people raise their glasses. And for a few glorious days, visitors and locals alike form their own adventures in America's first national park.


Where is the Yellowstone Beer Fest held?

The Yellowstone Beer Fest takes place in different locations around Yellowstone National Park each year. Recent festival sites have included Gardiner, Montana at the north entrance to the park as well as West Yellowstone right outside the west entrance. Check the official Yellowstone Beer Fest website for details on each year's location.

What types of beers are served?

The Yellowstone Beer Fest celebrates the creativity of regional craft breweries. You'll find a wide selection of beers on tap, including IPAs, stouts, porters, lagers, wheat beers, sour beers, and more. Brewmasters highlight local ingredients like Montana grains and hops.

Is there food available?

Yes, a variety of local food vendors offer cuisine to pair with the beers. Menu items range from classic brewpub favorites like burgers and brats to regional specialties like wild game sausage, trout, and huckleberry desserts.

How can I get tickets?

Tickets to the Yellowstone Beer Fest typically go on sale 4-6 months in advance of the event. Pricing varies for entry sessions and package options. You can purchase tickets online through the official website. The event sometimes sells out early, so get your tickets in advance!

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