Meaningful Laser Engraved Shot Glasses for Memorable Gifts

Meaningful Laser Engraved Shot Glasses for Memorable Gifts
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Custom Laser Engraved Shot Glasses Make Meaningful Gifts

Laser engraved shot glasses have become popular personalized favors and gifts. The ability to permanently etch designs, logos, names, dates and meaningful messages onto glassware using laser technology gives shot glasses a custom, meaningful touch.

Lasers vaporize the surface of the glass to expose the smooth etched area underneath. This creates a sleek, high-end look that doesn't fade or scratch off over time like paint or stickers. The engraving stands up to regular use and cleaning.

Ideal for Weddings, Parties, Awards or Personal Use

Laser engraved glassware makes for thoughtful wedding favors your guests will actually use and appreciate. Etch the bride and groom's names and wedding date onto a set of shot glasses to commemorate your special event.

Or create shot glasses with the event name and date for other memorable occasions - birthdays, retirements, anniversaries, holiday parties or graduations. Recognize team members, award winners, groomsmen or bridesmaids with custom etched glass shot glasses.

You can also create one-of-a-kind personalised shot glasses. Get creative with monograms featuring one or multiple initials, favorite sports team logos and meaningful quotes or sayings for family and friends.

Quality Etched Glass Shot Glasses

We use durable soda-lime glass that meets FDA requirements to produce thick, heavy weighted shot glasses capable of withstanding etching without compromising appearance or safety. The etching transitions smoothly across the cylindrical surfaces.

Our laser engraving process achieves stunning results not possible with hand etching. Computer-guided lasers allow for intricate designs with precise lines, logos and lettering.

We offer clear glass shot glasses to showcase the silky matte etched engraving along with a variety of colored glass options. Frosted glass hides engraved flaws better while providing a translucent effect.

Customize Shot Glass Engraving

With custom laser engraving, the possibilities are endless for creating personalized shot glasses perfect for any occasion.

Engrave Names, Initials, Dates & Text

Script names, initial monograms, numeric dates and custom text messages make shot glasses extra meaningful. We utilize fonts that etch clearly onto the glass surface. Send us your special text to transform standard shot glasses into heartfelt gifts.

Upload Photos & Logos

Commemorate special memories by engraving favorite photos onto glassware. Our photo to laser glass process converts your images into high quality etchings. Raster images like company logos also translate exceptionally well into laser engravings.

Choose From Our Design Library

If starting from scratch seems too daunting, browse our library of designs tailored specifically for glass etching. We have categories ranging from wedding and anniversary themes to sports, nature, monograms and winter holiday options.

Or provide a custom illustration, drawing or graphic to transfer onto shot glasses. Our engraving technicians will reproduce even intricate artistic details with stunning accuracy.

Combine Multiple Elements

Truly make your laser engraved glassware special by incorporating complementary design elements. Blend custom monogram initials with favorite floral motifs. Integrate photos, logos, text and decorative images for glass etchings that pop!

Order Custom Engraved Shot Glasses

We handle every step of the engraving and production process in-house to maintain quality control and ensure your complete satisfaction.

Orders can be placed online or by phone, email or mail. Our knowledgeable customer service team will answer any customization questions as we transform your ideas into reality. They'll also provide recommendations if you need inspiration to create the perfect laser etched shot glasses.

We engrave small batch orders for as few as a dozen glasses or up to several hundred. Bulk discounts apply for large quantities. The engraving turnaround time is approximately 2-3 weeks plus shipping.

Giving personalized laser engraved shot glasses shows family, friends or special occasion guests how much you care! With customization options from monograms to meaningful messages, images and more, the design possibilities are endless.


What types of designs can you engrave onto shot glasses?

We can engrave names, initials, monograms, logos, clipart, photographs, dates, custom artwork provided by the customer, and text/fonts of your choice.

What colors of shot glasses do you offer?

We primarily engrave clear glass shot glasses, but also offer frosted, black, blue, green, red and pink colored glass options.

Can you match a company's branded colors and fonts?

Yes, we can engrave company logos, custom graphics, and text utilizing brand appropriate colors and fonts.

Is there a minimum or maximum order quantity?

Our minimum quantity is one dozen glasses. We can engrave orders as large as several hundred shot glasses under tight deadlines.

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