The Benefits of Using a Rubber Rake for Pet Hair Removal

The Benefits of Using a Rubber Rake for Pet Hair Removal
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The Benefits of Using a Rubber Rake for Pet Hair Removal

As a pet owner, you know how difficult it can be to keep up with all the hair and fur that your furry friends shed around the house. Vacuuming weekly helps pick up the loose hair, but it doesn't get everything. Hard-to-reach spots and fibers woven into carpets and upholstery are a constant challenge. An effective tool that can help make quick work of removing stubborn pet hair is a rubber rake.

What is a Rubber Rake?

A rubber rake, sometimes called a rubber broom, is a grooming tool made of rubber or silicone bristles attached to a handle. The flexible, closely spaced bristles are designed to attract pet hair and grip it when you rake the tool across a surface. As you pull up, the rubber rake collects all the hair and fur into neat piles or rows so you can easily pick it up. The gentle rubber tines won't scratch or damage surfaces the way stiff-bristled brooms can.

Advantages of Using a Rubber Rake for Pet Hair

There are several key benefits that make a rubber rake a smart choice for pet hair removal:

  • Gets into crevices and tight spots regular brooms miss
  • Safe for use on all surfaces including carpets, furniture and auto interiors
  • Flexible tines gently lift embedded pet hair from fabrics and upholstery
  • Rakes hair into piles for easy collection instead of sending it flying
  • Waterproof design works on wet surfaces and outdoors
  • Durable construction stands up to repeated use
  • Saves time grooming pets by easily removing loose hair

Surfaces to Use a Rubber Rake On

Pet hair gets everywhere, so a quality rubber rake comes in handy all over your home. Here are some of the top places and surfaces to use a rubber rake:

  • Carpets - Loose hair gets trapped deep in carpet fibers. The rubber tines dig down to the base of the pile to pull up pet hair that vacuuming misses.
  • Area rugs - Especially plush area rugs collect tons of shed fur. A few passes with the rake grabs all the hair without damaging delicate rug fibers.
  • Upholstery - Fur and hair weave their way into furniture like chairs, couches, ottomans and pet beds. The rubber rake is perfect for removing pet hair without snagging fabric.
  • Car interiors - Furry friends leave behind hair when they hitch a ride. A rubber rake easily grooms away fur from car seats, floor mats and tight crevices.
  • Outdoor spaces - Patios, decks and porches can gather up pet fur. Use a waterproof rubber rake to clean outdoor living spaces.

Choosing the Best Rubber Rake

When shopping for a rubber rake to tackle pet hair, keep these features in mind:

  • Adjustable width - Look for a rake head you can adjust to different widths to accommodate small or large areas.
  • Comfort grip - A rubber handle with molded finger grooves provides a secure, easy grip during use.
  • Durable construction - Choose a rubber rake with sturdy tines that won't bend, warp or come loose from the base.
  • Pet hair remover - Some models have a comb attachment perfect for removing hair directly from your pet during grooming.

Using Proper Technique

While a quality rubber rake makes quick work of pet hair removal, using proper technique ensures the best results:

  • Work in small sections moving systematically across the surface.
  • Rake with smooth, straight motions in the direction of the nap or pile.
  • Adjust the rake head size to most effectively clean the area.
  • Lift collected hair piles straight up and discard after each pass.
  • Use an up and down "bouncing" motion to lift matted-in pet hair.
  • Finish with gentle strokes with the grain to smooth any ruffled fabric.

Regular Removal Prevents Buildup

Pet hair can quickly accumulate on surfaces all around your home. Letting it build up leads to matted clumps that are much harder to remove. Using your rubber rake regularly prevents excessive buildup so you can easily maintain a fur-free home.

Aim to quickly rake fabrics and upholstery a couple times per week. For carpets and rugs, daily or every-other-day quick grooming is ideal. The more often you remove loose hairs, the less buildup occurs.

No Need to Avoid Pet Ownership

Don't let concerns over pet hair make you hesitate to get a furry companion. Dogs and cats give endless love, comfort and companionship to make pet ownership so rewarding. With the right tools like a high-quality rubber rake, you can easily and quickly remove all that shed fur. Use your rubber rake often to keep up with pet hair so you can fully enjoy time with your beloved four-legged friend.

Maintaining a Fur-Free Home is Easy with a Rubber Rake

Pet hair can be a challenge, but a rubber rake makes removing it from all surfaces fast and easy. Its gentle rubber bristles are safe for use throughout the house and car to lift up stubborn hairs your vacuum can't get. Regular quick grooming prevents buildup so you can enjoy a clean, fur-free home.


What types of surfaces can you use a rubber rake on?

A rubber rake can be used on all types of surfaces including carpets, rugs, upholstery, car interiors, patios, decks, and more. The flexible rubber tines are safe for any fabrics or surfaces.

How often should you use a rubber rake?

It's best to use a rubber rake often to prevent buildup of hair - aim for quick grooming sessions every couple days. For carpets and rugs, daily or every-other-day raking works best.

What features should you look for in a rubber rake?

Look for an adjustable width head, comfort grip handle, durable tines, a pet hair remover comb, and waterproof construction in a quality rubber rake.

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