The Timeless Appeal of Wrought Iron Snowman Decorations

The Timeless Appeal of Wrought Iron Snowman Decorations
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The Appeal of Wrought Iron Snowmen

Wrought iron snowmen have become a beloved lawn decoration for many homeowners during the winter months. With their charming smiles and jolly round bellies, wrought iron snowmen capture the whimsical spirit of the season.

The History of the Snowman

Snowmen have a long history dating back to medieval times. The earliest known depiction is in a Book of Hours from 1380 found in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The Hague. In the Renaissance era, snow was used for cold storage and snowmen making became a popular winter pastime. The tradition gained significant popularity in the 19th century and snowmen remain an iconic symbol of winter to this day.

Wrought Iron Craftsmanship

Wrought iron is made by heating iron with other metals to produce a durable and malleable material. Wrought iron has been used by blacksmiths for centuries to create tools, furniture, and decorative pieces prized for their strength and elegance. The intricate shaping involved in quality wrought iron work makes it ideal for capturing the whimsy of a snowman.

Design Variety

Today you can find many delightful variations of wrought iron snowmen available. Some designs stay true to the classic snowman form - round base, middle ball section, and rounded head. Others take artistic license, featuring tall, skinny snowmen or even snow-women complete with aprons and bonnets!

Classic Snowmen

The traditional snowman design featuring three balls of graduated size remains popular. These jolly snowmen sport whimsical stocking caps, scarves, and often pipe and broom accessories. Available in a range of sizes from two feet to over five feet tall, they bring winter cheer whether placed by the front door, on the patio, or on the lawn.

Lean Snowman Designs

For a more modern look, lean wrought iron snowmen feature elongated bodies made up of iron strips or bands stacked closely together. Their spindly stick arms typically hold brooms, rakes, or shovels. Top hats or colorful scarves add personality. These slim snowmen range from three feet to six feet in height.

Female Snow Woman Figures

For those looking to celebrate the feminine winter spirit, snow woman designs offer flowing aprons and sweet bonnets. Their delicate wire arms may hold a wreath, flowers, or birdhouse adding spring flair. An alternative to the traditional carrot nose, some sport a cute button nose in keeping with old-fashioned snowwomen representations.

Where to Display Wrought Iron Snowmen

The beauty of metal snowman decor is they are built to withstand winter's freezing temperatures, wind, rain and snow. Miniature pieces look charming perched on porch railings or peeking out from flower beds. Medium snowmen make excellent lawn ornaments. For real impact, large five to six-foot snowmen make unforgettable greeting figures by front walkways.

Front Door Snowmen

A must-have photo spot, a jumbo snowman positioned by the front door extends a friendly welcome to guests. Lit up at night, it creates fabulous curb appeal and seasonal magic from the street. For added cheer, decorate with faux holly, berries, pine cones, and miniature Christmas trees.

Patio Snowmen

Wrought iron snowmen feel right at home chillin' on the patio! Place one in a corner or pair snowmen-themed patio chairs with a snow dude standing between. Use holiday greenery and battery operated lights to create a cozy winter retreat right outside your backdoor.

Lawn Snowmen

Make snowmen the stars of your winter wonderland display! Nestle jolly snowmen figures among evergreen shrubs and trees. Surround with mini pine trees frosted with flocking spray for a snow-covered look. Weave pathways between groupings using snowflake stepping stones.

Caring for Wrought Iron Snowmen

While designed to live their best life outdoors year-round, a little seasonal TLC will keep wrought iron snow buddies looking their best.

Preparing for Winter

Before winter's onset, give your snowmen a fresh coat of weatherproof enamel spray paint. For extra protection, cover bases with plastic wraps secured around ankles with decorative cording.

Storage Considerations

If space allows, it's fine to leave snowmen out year-round. For small yards, disassemble snowmen in spring and store base pieces, midsections and heads together in a dry spot. Wrap appendages like arms in bubble wrap or foam tubes to prevent bending.

Rust Removal Tips

Should any rust spots develop, sand lightly and spot treat with Naval Jelly Rust Dissolver Gel. Apply sparingly, allow to sit for 15 minutes then rinse. When dry, cover areas with enamel spray primer then repaint with weatherproof enamel finish.

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How big do wrought iron snowmen come?

Wrought iron snowmen are available in sizes ranging from 2 feet up to 6 feet tall. Miniature snowmen are great for tabletops or flower beds. Medium 3-4 foot snowmen work well in garden beds and 5-6 foot towering snowmen make spectacular front walkway greeters.

What accessories are commonly featured?

Classic snowman accessories like stocking caps, scarves, corncob pipes, brooms and buckets appear frequently. Snow women designs incorporate bonnets, aprons and flower buckets. Fun occasional accessories include wreaths, Biden signs, lights and anything that brings extra personality!

What maintenance do they require?

Wrought iron snowmen are built to last outside year-round. Re-painting with weatherproof enamel spray every 2-3 years will keep them looking fresh. Check for rust spots in spring and use a rust dissolver gel to clean if needed before repainting.

Can wrought iron snowmen go in water?

No, prolonged contact with water can eventually cause rust damage. It's best to display wrought iron snowmen decor on lawns, patios and entryways. If used in water features, choose snowmen made from aluminum, resin or concrete instead.

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