Goonies Funko Pops Remain Popular Collectibles for Fans New and Old

Goonies Funko Pops Remain Popular Collectibles for Fans New and Old
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The Popularity of Goonies Funko Pops

In 1985, the adventure comedy film The Goonies was released. It became an instant cult classic. The story follows a group of friends who go on a treasure hunt to try and save their homes from foreclosure. The movie featured a cast of relatable misfit kids and exciting action. It cemented itself as a nostalgic favorite for generations.

In recent years, The Goonies has seen a resurgence in popularity, partly thanks to merchandising and collectibles. Funko Pops, the popular big-headed vinyl figures, offers several characters from the movie. For fans, Goonies Funko Pops are a fun way to celebrate their fandom and add to their collections.

Corey Feldman and The Enduring Popularity of The Goonies

Corey Feldman, who played the character Mouth in The Goonies, has been outspoken about the lasting love fans have for the movie. He's credited merchandising as a driving force for its popularity. Feldman has said, "The toys and the games and merchandising have probably maintained its popularity as much as the movie itself."

The Goonies has never faded away thanks to new generations discovering it through re-releases and home media. Even minor characters like Mouth connect with young viewers. Funko recognized this and made sure to create Pops for the most memorable roles. For nostalgic adults and a new generation, having figurines of their favorite characters is appealing.

The Goonies Funko Pop Figures

Funko currently produces 7 different Goonies figurines. This includes the most prominent Goonies members:

  • Mikey Walsh
  • Mouth
  • Data Wang
  • Chunk Cohen
  • Sloth Fratelli
  • Jake Fratelli
  • One Eyed Willy

Mikey, Mouth, Data, and Chunk are all in their signature outfits from the movie. They are perfect for fans who want to collect the core group of friends. Sloth, the deformed Fratelli brother, is a must-have Pop for Goonies collectors.

Exclusive Figures

Beyond the core set, Funko has created retailer exclusives of other characters. These are only available at certain stores and online shops. Exclusives include:

  • Walmart Exclusive Andy Statue Pop
  • Target Exclusive Chester Copperpot Pop
  • Entertainment Earth Exclusive Mikey Holding Doubloon Pop

These special edition figures have sought-after appeal for Funko and Goonies fans seeking hard-to-find collectibles. The Andy Statue and Chester Copperpot Pops celebrate even minor movie characters. And Mikey with the doubloon is a fun nod to the treasure hunt in the film.

The Fratellis

While the Goonies get the most merchandise, the Fratelli family of criminals are also popular with fans. Along with Jake and Sloth, Funko has made a Pop for the character Mama Fratelli, the abrasive mother of the family.

The Fratelli Pops lend themselves nicely to collections. Having the contrasting rival characters beside the Goonies themselves makes for a dynamic set. It helps recreate the fun dynamic between the two groups from the movie.

Popularity with Modern Audiences

Part of the success of Goonies Funko Pops can be attributed to the enduring popularity of the movie itself. While considered a classic 80s film, it still connects with modern audiences.

Elements like the sense of childlike adventure, thrilling treasure hunt, and misfit underdog characters remain relatable. The Goonies epitomizes a nostalgic time for many adults. But kids and teens who discover it find the characters and story still resonate.

Beyond nostalgia, The Goonies also influenced other properties that are popular today. Series like Stranger Things have strong parallels. With audiences new and old still loving the movie, demand for Goonies pops remains steady.

Custom Goonies Funko Pops

The existing Pop figures cover all the most iconic Goonies members. But devoted fans have taken to creating their own custom Pops as well. These fan-made customs feature characters left out of Funko's official lineup.

Some custom Goonies Funko Pops that can be found online include:

  • Stef Steinbrenner
  • Andy
  • Mr. Walsh
  • Mrs. Walsh
  • Coach
  • Irving Walsh

Artists make these figures for fun or to sell through auction sites. They often repaint and modify existing Pops to create the custom looks. While not officially licensed, custom Pops add some extra diversity for hardcore collectors.

Completing Your Collection

Funko continues to leverage the love fans have for cult classics like The Goonies. Their Pop figures make up an ever-expanding collection. Old and new fans can enjoy having these vinyl versions of characters they connect with.

For those aiming to complete their Goonies Funko set, key ones to look out for include:

  • Mikey, Mouth, Data, and Chunk
  • Sloth and Mama Fratelli
  • Retailer exclusive Pops
  • Custom fan-made creations

With Funkos ongoing popularity, they may continue expanding the Goonies line over time. For now, the available figures offer a dynamic set that captures the spirit of this classic 80s movie.


What Goonies characters are available as Funko Pops?

The main characters available are Mikey, Mouth, Data, Chunk, Sloth, and Mama Fratelli. There are also retailer exclusive pops for Andy, Chester Copperpot, and Mikey with Doubloon.

Where can I buy Goonies Funko Pops?

Goonies Funko Pops can be found at major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Hot Topic, and Entertainment Earth. Limited exclusives are only at specific shops.

How much do Goonies Funko Pops cost?

Prices range from $10-$15 for common pops to $20+ for exclusives. Older vaulted pops can also sell for higher prices.

How many Goonies Pops are there total?

Currently there are around 12 different Goonies Funko pops consisting of common and exclusive figures.

Will they make Funko Pops of more Goonies characters?

Funko may release more Goonies figures in the future based on fan demand. Custom pops also exist for minor characters.

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