Viral Gas Station Cookies Captivate TikTok and Launch New Food Craze

Viral Gas Station Cookies Captivate TikTok and Launch New Food Craze
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The Rise of Gas Station Cookies

Gas stations have long been known for providing travel essentials like fuel, drinks, and snacks to people on the go. However, in recent years, gas station cookies have become an unlikely food trend taking over social media and capturing widespread attention from foodies and everyday consumers alike.

Gas Station Cookies Go Viral

In early 2022, TikTok creator @pettyfoxloop shared a video reviewing chocolate chip cookies from a small Los Angeles gas station called Donut City. She raved that they were the "best cookies ever" and the TikTok quickly went viral, amassing over 5 million views.

Soon after, the #gashousecookies hashtag took off on TikTok as people traveled from all over to try these freshly baked, giant chocolate chip cookies for themselves and share their own reactions. Videos reviewing Donut City's "secret menu" item have now racked up over 96 million views on TikTok.

Featuring Thick, Chewy Goodness

What makes Donut City's chocolate chip cookies stand out is their thick and chewy texture, ooey-gooey chocolate chips, and perfect crisp around the edges. They are made fresh daily in small batches and baked to order so they come out warm and melt-in-your-mouth good.

Donut City has capitalized on the viral sensation by trademarking the term "gashouse cookies" and now sells t-shirts and merchandise featuring the chocolate chip cookies that made them internet famous.

Gas Station Chains Launch Copycat Cookies

Seeing the popularity of Donut City's giant cookies, larger gas station chains have rushed to create their own versions to get in on the latest food craze.

QT's Cookie Cakes

In August 2022, QT convenience stores added Cookie Cakes to its baked goods menu. QT's cookie cakes mimic Donut City's jumbo chocolate chip cookies for a fraction of the price. They boast a toasted outside and soft, chewy interior loaded with melty chocolate chips.

Circle K's Fudgey Wudgey Bars

Circle K launched its take on the viral gas station cookie trend with Fudgey Wudgey bars in late 2022. They churn out fresh Fudgey Wudgey daily in chocolate chip, M&M's, and Oreo cookies flavors. About the size of a brownie, Fudgey Wudgey Bars match the thick, fudgy essence of Donut City's cookies.

Why Gas Station Cookies Became So Popular

Several factors came together to catapult Donut City's chocolate chip cookies from a small LA shop into a nationwide viral sensation that captivated social media.

The Power of TikTok

TikTok's algorithm is designed to push trends and often unexpected food items go viral. Once the initial TikTok sharing Donut City's cookies gained high traction, the For You Page's algorithm promoted it widely to fresh audiences. This allowed the hashtag to gain momentum as people duplicated the shareable moment.

Seeking Out Hidden Gems

Food lovers are constantly seeking out hidden gems and hole-in-the-wall eateries serving unexpected tasty treats. Donut City embodied this as an unassuming gas station tucking top-notch cookies behind the counter. It became a challenge for TikTokers to find and try this secretly phenomenal dessert.

Indulging Comfort Food Cravings

Coming out of quarantine restrictions in 2022, people had strong cravings for comfort foods like warm chocolate chip cookies. The super-sized cookies oozing with chocolate checked all the boxes for a post-pandemic indulgence of flavored nostalgia.

The Future of Gas Station Cookie Trends

While Donut City remains the originator of viral gas station cookies, giant, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies are popping up on convenience store shelves across America. As chains roll out their own spin-off recipes, jumbo cookie wars may break out to become TikTok’s next big food obsession.

Gas station cookie clones also run the risk of losing their luster if not baked consistently with quality ingredients. Unless larger chains can mimic the secret recipe magic of Donut City’s cookies, they may see lackluster consumer reactions over time. There’s also the question of whether giant cookies will remain novel or if interest may stale without innovation.

For now, Donut City’s OG gashouse cookies retain their hold as a must-try LA staple constantly luring foodies and cookie connoisseurs to bite into the hype. #Gashousecookies remain in their own lane as California’s viral hit launched cookie by a gas station.


Where are the original gas house cookies from?

The original gas house cookies that went viral on TikTok come from Donut City, a small donut and coffee drive-thru gas station in Los Angeles, California. Donut City trademarked the term "gas house cookies."

Why are they called gas house cookies?

Donut City's giant chocolate chip cookies became known as "gas house cookies" due to the gas station location they are baked and sold from. The name spun off from them being house-made cookies inside a gas station.

How can I order gas house cookies online?

While you previously had to order Donut City's cookies in-person, they now offer nationwide shipping for their famous gas house cookies through their online shop at so everyone can enjoy them!

Who has the best gas station cookies copycat recipe?

Food bloggers and chefs have offered various copycat recipes to mimic Donut City's giant chocolate chip cookies at home. However, the original gashouse cookies still reign supreme in taste tests when freshly baked on-site!

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