Hill Adjustable Exam Table: Features, Benefits and Applications

Hill Adjustable Exam Table: Features, Benefits and Applications
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Introducing the Hill Adjustable Exam Table

Having the right medical exam table can make all the difference for healthcare professionals and patients alike. One exam table that strikes an ideal balance of value, functionality, and adjustability is the Hill adjustable exam table.

Key Features of the Hill Adjustable Table

The Hill adjustable exam table provides a number of beneficial features for medical exam rooms and healthcare settings:

  • Electric height adjustment from 21" to 37” for ergonomics
  • Trendelenburg tilt to improve circulation and drainage
  • 450 lb weight capacity and stable construction
  • Foot pedal control allows hands-free adjustment
  • Multiple width options from 30” to 37”
  • COMPATIBLE accessories like stirrups, arm boards, and side rails

With the ability to adjust the table height, position, and width, the Hill adjustable exam table allows for efficient patient transfers, examinations across various specialties, and improved clinician ergonomics to prevent injury.

Key Benefits of an Adjustable Exam Table

There are many reasons that an adjustable table like the Hill table can benefit a medical practice or hospital setting. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Accommodate wheelchairs for accessible transfers
  • Reduce strain with proper clinician positioning
  • Simplify exams with adjustable sections
  • Improve circulation and post-op recovery
  • Adapt to accommodate bariatric patients
  • Increase efficiency during procedures

The Hill table delivers all of these advantages and more with its reliable electric adjustment system and rugged construction to withstand repeated use.

Applications Across Medical Specialties

The Hill adjustable exam table serves an invaluable purpose across many different medical specialties and situations. Some examples include:

  • General Practice - Routine well visits and acute care exams
  • Orthopedics - Injury evaluations and casting procedures
  • OB/GYN - Well-woman visits and prenatal care
  • Pediatrics - Child well visits and newborn exams
  • Dermatology - Skin checks and minor procedures
  • Ophthalmology - Eye exams and pre/post op care

Having an adjustable table enhances patient comfort, safety, and modesty while allowing clinicians to provide high-quality, efficient care.

Choosing the Right Model

Hill offers their adjustable exam table in a few different models to suit specific needs. When selecting the right table, consider factors like:

  • Available space and room layout
  • Weight limits based on patient population
  • Desired width for different exam types
  • Accessories like stirrups for specialty procedures
  • Trendelenburg tilt for certain types of exams or surgery prep/recovery
  • Budget constraints for your medical practice

Consulting with a Hill sales representative can help you identify the ideal exam table configuration for your facility.

Reliable Performance Over Time

While the Hill adjustable exam table may represent an investment upfront, it’s built to provide lasting value over years of use. Key elements that contribute to its reliable design include:

  • Robust steel frame construction
  • Quality electric lift system
  • Smooth height adjustment from 21 to 37 inches
  • 325 lb lifting capacity
  • Substantial weight capacity up to 450 lbs
  • High-grade upholstery resistant to spills and fluids

The Hill table delivers dependable adjustability and rugged durability to handle repeated patient exams day after day. This helps maximize uptime in busy clinic environments.

Prioritizing Safety and Accessibility

A final important consideration for medical exam tables is promoting usability, safety and accessibility for all. The Hill adjustable table integrates several helpful design elements:

  • Electric foot pedal allows hands-free height adjustments
  • Brackets secure accessories like safety rails and arm boards
  • Low minimum height aids patient transfers and wheelchair access
  • Effortless lift system eliminates manual cranking or pumping
  • Headrest and level surfaces keep patients comfortable and stable

By optimizing features like these, the Hill table helps clinicians provide safe, dignified, and positive care experiences for every patient.

Bringing It All Together

With its adjustable height, accessory integration, ample weight capacity and rugged construction, the Hill exam table offers tremendous flexibility for busy medical facilities. The electric table reliably assists clinicians in delivering efficient, ergonomic patient care across a wide variety of specialties and situations.

By investing in an adjustable table like the Hill model, healthcare providers can better serve the needs of patients and staff for years to come. This makes it a worthwhile addition to any clinic, hospital, private practice, or academic institution striving to set new standards for quality care.


How much weight can the Hill exam table hold?

The Hill adjustable exam table has a weight capacity of 450 pounds. This allows it to accommodate most patients safely.

What accessories are compatible with the Hill table?

The Hill table is designed to integrate seamlessly with accessories like stirrups, arm boards, side rails, and other attachments for convenient patient positioning.

What is the benefit of the electric lift system?

The electric lift allows the table height to be adjusted precisely and effortlessly with a foot pedal. This enables efficient workflow and reduced strain for clinicians.

How low can the Hill table be positioned?

The Hill exam table can adjust as low as 21 inches from the floor to the top of the cushion. This facilitates safe patient transfers and accessibility.

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