Lobster Roll Dog Toys: A Cute Plush Sandwich Toy for Pups

Lobster Roll Dog Toys: A Cute Plush Sandwich Toy for Pups
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The Origin of the Lobster Roll Dog Toy

The lobster roll has become an iconic New England dish, known for its tender lobster meat served warm or cold on a grilled hot dog bun. This delicious sandwich has now inspired a cute and unique dog toy - the lobster roll dog toy!

What is a Lobster Roll Dog Toy?

A lobster roll dog toy is a plush toy designed to look just like the famous sandwich. It features a hot dog bun with little fabric "lettuce" pieces inside. Nestled in the bun are one or two smiling plush lobsters, their claws and antennae sticking out the sides. These toys come in various sizes to suit different breeds of dogs.

The lobster roll toy is soft, squeaky, and very cute. It's the perfect gift for any seafood-loving dog owner, especially those in New England. The toys tap into the popularity of lobster rolls in coastal regions while adding a touch of humor and cuteness.

Where to Find Lobster Roll Dog Toys

You can find lobster roll squeaky toys online through various major retailers. Many pet stores in New England also carry them seasonally, usually putting them out in shops during peak tourist months. Etsy creators sell handmade versions as well.

The toys come in plush or vinyl/latex rubber options. Prices range from $10 to $20 on average. You can match your dog's size to the toy size for safety and proper chewing exercise.

Why Dogs Love Lobster Roll Toys

There are several key reasons why dogs go crazy over lobster roll toys:

Unique Design

The toy is shaped and colored unlike any other dog toy. The red "bun" contrasted with the bright orange lobster bodies attracts canine attention. It sparks their curiosity to inspect more closely.

Stuffed With Squeakers

What's inside counts too - these toys usually contain one or two loud squeakers right inside the plush lobsters. The sound entices dogs to play and fuels their prey drive. They'll work hard to squeeze and bite at the toy to make it squeak again and again!

Fun to Tug and Toss

The long, stretchy "lettuce" makes it easy for dogs to grip the toy in their teeth. Owners can initiate games of tug and fetch, allowing their pet to pretend to devour their catch! It's great for bonding and expending energy.

Cute Design Dogs Love

Let's not forget cuteness as a major factor for dogs loving these toys! The charming lobster duo nestled in the bun taps into dogs' sweet spots. The toys appeal to their softer sides and look huggable as well as playable.

Safety Considerations for Lobster Roll Dog Toys

As with any dog toy, there are a few safety precautions to note with lobster roll squeaky toys:

Supervise Chewers

Heavy chewers and young puppies should be monitored during play. Make sure they don't tear off and swallow pieces, as this could present a choking risk, especially with plush versions.

Remove Squeakers if Damaged

If your dog has bitten into the toy enough to expose a squeaker, remove it right away. The small device and its components could also pose a choking hazard if freed from the interior.

Don't Leave Unattended for Long Periods

You don't want your dog getting too carried away in solo play. It's best to put the toy away if you won't be around to supervise. Extended, intensive chewing sessions could allow them to destroy and ingest pieces.

Taking these simple precautions will allow you to maximize the fun and longevity of lobster roll dog toys! Monitor playtime and remove or replace the toy at the first signs of damage.

Playing Fetch With Lobster Roll Toys

The lobster roll toy isn't just for indoor play - it's perfectly designed for playing fetch with your dog! Here are some tips for enabling great games of outdoor fetch using this toy:

The Lettuce Enables Easy Throwing

The "lettuce" pieces provide great grabbers for you to grip and throw the toy long distances. Give it a good whip during an enthusiastic game of fetch at the park or beach!

It Can Float For Water Fun

The plush lobster roll toys can float on water. Toss it into a lake, river, or the ocean for your water-loving dog to happily retrieve multiple times. It will give them extra motivation to jump in and swim.

Add Some Squeak Sauce!

You can increase the toy's attention-getting power by adding an organic squirtable "Squeak Sauce" before games of fetch. Simply inject a good squirt into the bun or lobster crevices. Then toss it for even more fun!

Get ready for smile-inducing games of keep-away fetch using these cute lobster roll dog toys! Just be sure to inspect and clean the toy thoroughly after water play to avoid mold or bacterial buildup inside.

Where to Buy a Lobster Roll Dog Toy

Want to grab an adorable lobster roll squeaky toy for your pup? Here are top retailers to browse online and find the perfect plush or rubber lobster roll toy:


PetSmart stocks vinyl squeaky lobster roll toys under its Top Paw brand. Prices range from $8 to $15.


Check Petco for plush lobster roll toys from brands like Multipet and Ethical Pet. Most cost between $10 to $25 based on size.


Chewy has one of the widest selections of the toys in both plush and vinyl materials. Brands carried include ZippyPaws and Outward Hound.


Search Amazon for the lowest prices on lobster roll dog toys. Look for their best-selling Outward Hound Cuz toys in this popular shape!

You can also find handmade versions on Etsy if you want to support independent artists. Shop early for the best selection!

Bring home a "lobstah" roll for your dog to enjoy for hours of lobster-themed fun. Just be sure to supervise play sessions with these cute and unique toys.


Are lobster roll dog toys safe for aggressive chewers?

Lobster roll toys made from soft plush materials may not be ideal for aggressive chewers, who could tear pieces off. Heavy duty rubber versions or supervision during play is recommended. Remove all lobster roll toys once damaged.

What size lobster roll dog toy should I get?

Choose a lobster roll toy that matches your dog's size - small for little dogs, medium or large for bigger breeds. Make sure the toy is not so small your dog could swallow it or so big they cannot comfortably carry it.

How do I clean a plush lobster roll dog toy?

Hand wash plush lobster roll toys in cold water with a small amount of gentle soap. Avoid machine washing or drying them, as this can destroy the fabrics. Air dry thoroughly before giving back to your dog.

Can my dog eat the lobster roll toy?

No - dogs should not actually eat their lobster roll toys! Supervise play to ensure your dog does not ingest any stuffing or smaller parts if the toy is damaged. These toys are for fetching, chewing, and shaking only.

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