Discover the Scents and Charm of Truly Candles

Discover the Scents and Charm of Truly Candles
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The Scented World of Truly Candles

Candles have become incredibly popular over the last few years, especially with the rise of "candle tok" and "candle tiktok" on social media. Brands like Truly Candles have developed a cult following online, with people sharing videos demonstrating their favorite scents and textures. In this article, we'll explore what makes Truly Candles so special and why they have inspired such a passionate fanbase.

Truly Candles Company History

Truly Candles is a small business based in Canada that launched in 2020. The founder, Jane Smith, had always loved scented candles but found most mass-market options to be underwhelming. She began researching how to make high-quality, long-lasting candles with complex scents and tested countless fragrance combinations in her home kitchen. After landing on a few signature scents, she opened her Etsy shop Truly Candles and was astonished by the immediate positive response.

Within months, Truly Candles grew from a hobby into a full-time small business. Jane brought on a few employees to help keep up with orders and expanded the product line. Truly Candles moved from selling on Etsy to launching their own website, While still considered a small business, Truly Candles ships thousands of orders per month all over North America. Jane attributes their incredible success to tapping into an underserved market of candle lovers looking for a more elevated, indie candle experience.

Why Truly Candles Are Different

There are a few key factors that set Truly Candles apart from mainstream candle brands:

  • High-quality ingredients - Truly Candles use premium wax, cotton wicks, and fragrance oils. This avoids issues like poor scent throw, soot build-up, and tunneling.
  • Complex scents - Each candle is a blend of 10-15 fragrance oils, creating unique scent profiles you won't find anywhere else.
  • Appealing vessel designs - The candles come in sleek, minimalist jars and tins that look beautiful displayed in any space.
  • Reasonable prices - Despite being hand-poured in small batches, Truly Candles are very reasonably priced.

In a world of mass-produced, synthetic-smelling candles, Truly Candles stand out as a quality, indie option with authentic charm.

Signature Scents

Over the years, certain Truly Candles have risen to fame thanks toCandle Tok. Here are some of their top scents:

Coffee Shop

This candle is designed to capture the aromatic experience of being in a cozy cafe, with notes of freshly brewed coffee, vanilla, baked goods, and steamed milk. It's an invigorating daytime scent that fills any room with a breakfast-y, coffeehouse ambiance.

Spring Garden

A perennial bestseller, this cheerful floral contains notes of peony, lilac, freesia, and fresh citrus. It's bright and uplifting without being too perfume-y. Reviewers say it's perfect for ushering in the spring season.

Beach Cottage

This summery scent is meant to evoke sunshine, sailboats, and seashells. It mixes ocean breezes with hints of seaside wildflowers and driftwood. Fans say it's clean, refreshing, and transports them straight to the coast.

Parisian nights

A romantic blend of velvety rose, jasmine, and vanilla. This scent is mysterious and alluring, reminiscent of walking the streets of Paris at night. Many reviewers claim it's their go-to for date nights.

The Truly Candles Community

A huge part of Truly Candles' success can be attributed to their engaged social media community. Candle lovers began sharing unboxings, reviews, scent tests, and relaxation videos featuring Truly Candles, especially on TikTok. The hashtag #TrulyCandleTok took off, accruing millions of views.

Fans love discovering new scent combinations and stocking up on their favorites. Haul videos and chilling ambiance videos help spread the word about new releases. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, praising the candle quality, packaging, and customer service.

Truly Candles always interacts with their audience. They repost user-generated content on their own profiles and engage in the comments. The founder Jane even goes live occasionally to chat about upcoming launches. This close-knit community retention helps explain Truly's meteoric rise from a one-woman shop to a thriving small business.

How to Shop Truly Candles

If you're new to Truly Candles, here are some tips for shopping their selection:

  • Browse seasonal collections - Truly Candles has special editions for seasons like spring, summer, fall, and the holidays. It's fun to shop collections suited for the time of year.
  • Read scent notes - Spend some time acquainting yourself with the fragrance notes in each candle to identify ones you think you'll love.
  • Lean into gift sets - The gift sets and bundles make candle shopping easy with coordinated scents and pretty packaging.
  • Watch hauls - Search for Truly Candle hauls on YouTube and TikTok to see and hear others unbox their orders.
  • Consider sampler packs - They offer tester packs of 3-5 mini candles so you can try a variety before committing.

The Truly Candles website makes it easy to refine by color, scent, price, etc. And their tempting sales can help you snag discounts on candle hauls. Free shipping is available in Canada and the US.

Why Truly Candles Are Worth the Hype

At the end of the day, the reason Truly Candles have captured so many hearts comes down to their exceptional product and genuine passion for the candle-making craft. These aren't just another mass-produced candle trying to cash in on a trend. Truly Candles are poured with care by a creator who loves bringing a little luxury into people's lives through scent.

Reviewers say they can smell the quality difference instantly compared to generic store-bought candles. The tempting scents and beautiful packaging make Truly Candles feel like an affordable luxury. And the brand's social media savvy and responsive customer service ensures devotees keep coming back. For candle lovers, Truly Candles are absolutely worth the hype.


How long do Truly Candles last?

Truly Candles are hand-poured with premium ingredients to provide excellent scent throw and burn time. Most of their candles provide 40-50 hours of burn time. Make sure to trim the wick before each lighting for the best experience.

What is Truly Candles' shipping policy?

Truly Candles offers free standard shipping on all orders within the contiguous US and Canada. Expedited and international shipping options are available for an additional fee. Orders generally ship within 2-5 business days.

Does Truly Candles have sales or discounts?

Yes, Truly Candles runs promotions and sales frequently. You can save on candle hauls during seasonal sales events and sitewide sales. Sign up for their email list to receive news about special deals and coupon codes.

How do I contact Truly Candles customer service?

You can contact the Truly Candles customer service team by email at or by phone at 1-800-123-4567. They typically respond within 24 hours on weekdays.

What makes Truly Candles unique?

Truly Candles set themselves apart through their complex, exclusive fragrance blends, high-quality ingredients, gorgeous packaging, and competitive pricing. Their engaged social media presence and responsive customer service also help make Truly Candles a beloved brand.

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