The Beauty and Meaning of Timeless Round Lockets

The Beauty and Meaning of Timeless Round Lockets
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The Timeless Beauty of Round Lockets

For centuries, lockets have been beloved jewelry pieces that hold sentimental value. Unlike plain pendants or rings, lockets allow you to carry a small memento or photo with you wherever you go. Of all the locket shapes, the classic round style has persisted in popularity over the years.

Round lockets have a certain graceful symmetry about them. Their circular form emulates the natural shape we see looking up at the sun and moon. When worn around the neck, a round locket has a smooth, understated elegance. Though fashions come and go, this timeless shape endures across generations.

Treasured Gifts Through History

Historically, lockets were gifted at momentous occasions like weddings and births. Aristocratic families commissioned precious lockets featuring gemstones and engraved detailing on gold or silver. Before modern photography, a lock of hair from a loved one would be tucked inside the locket instead of a picture.

Average families would save up to buy simpler brass or nickel lockets to exchange on special days. The round shape lent itself well to engraving names, dates, or messages on the exterior. Inside, anything small and flat could be cherished, maybe a handwritten poem or pressed flower. Regardless of the materials, the sentiment remained the same.

Personalization for Modern Wearers

While many lockets today are still given as meaningful gifts, people also enjoy buying them for themselves. Personal style plays a larger role, as round lockets now come in diverse metals, sizes, and embellishments.

Modern laser cut techniques allow intricate patterns on even petite locket surfaces. Engraving is easier than ever. Some opt for custom digitally printed photos inside while others leave that space blank. Though fulfiling a similar emotional need for connection, contemporary lockets embrace more individual expression.

Round Locket Design Details

When shopping for a round locket, pay special attention to these key elements:

Pendant Size

Round locket diameters generally range from 20mm on the small end to around 50mm for bolder statement pieces. The length can vary as well for lockets that are oval rather than perfectly circular.

Consider your personal style and intended use when choosing a size. Larger lockets hold somewhat bigger pictures and objects but smaller ones have more delicate appeal.

Chain Length

Most lockets come bundled with a coordinating chain. Standard lengths are 16, 18, or 20 inches but extenders can modify that too. Shorter 14 or 15-inch chains highlight statement lockets without competing details.

Be sure to get a chain length that matches both your height and your neckline needs. Extenders add several inches for adjustable wearing.

Metal Type

Gold, rose gold, silver, and platinum round lockets have beautiful shine. More affordable steel, brass, nickel alloys mimic those luxe metals on a budget.

Consider any metal sensitivities you may have. Also think about longevity — precious metals like 14k gold remain untarnished for decades if properly cared for.

Added Embellishments

Many round lockets feature sparkling embellishments for extra allure. Crystals, faux pearls, or glittering cubic zirconia can accent the borders or cover the entire outer surface.

If you want an ornate locket, look for halo, solitaire, or bow-shaped cluster designs. For simpler adornment, minimal sparkle or gemstone accents give a touch of elegance.

How to Style Round Lockets

The great thing about round lockets is how seamlessly they transition from casual everyday wear to dressy occasions.

With Casual Attire

When running errands or enjoying lowkey weekends, a round locket can polish any relaxed outfit. Pair with jeans, blouses, graphic tees and your locket adds a hint of sophistication.

Rose gold and silver tones mesh especially well with most colors. Play with chain lengths as you would any pendant. Shorter chains ground the look while longer lengths streamline proportions.

With Office Wear

For work ensembles, dainty round lockets work nicely with button-downs, blazers, sheath dresses and the like. Let your locket make a subtle statement without overwhelming professional looks.

Yellow or white gold feels at home among office neutrals, but silver makes an appearance too. Longer chains that hit mid-chest read more business-appropriate for women’s tops with lower necklines.

With Cocktail Attire

When going out or getting red carpet ready, round lockets lend vintage romance. Pair your little lock-box with bold jewel-toned dresses or sleek evening separates.

Amp up the sparkle factor with a crystallized or gemstone-embellished locket. Shorter 14 or 16-inch chains highlight open necklines without competing. Have fun and relish how a round locket accents your best assets!

Caring for Your Round Locket

Quality round lockets aren’t just pretty jewelry pieces. They represent memories you hold near and dear. With some basic upkeep, your sentimental locket will shine for years.


Over time, lotions, soaps, and perfumes can build up on locket surfaces causing dullness. Regularly wipe down your locket and chain with a soft polishing cloth to revive luster.

For stuck-on dirt or gunk, use a gentle jewelry bath formulated for your locket’s metal type. Rinse and hand dry thoroughly after soaking to prevent water spots.


Keep your round locket safe in a fabric-lined jewelry box or pouch when not wearing. This protects the delicate chain from kinks and prevents scratching hard gem surfaces.

Avoid tossing your locket carelessly into handbags, pockets or drawers. Use the jewelry box lining or pouch dividers to isolate your locket from other pieces rubbing against it.


Make a habit of inspecting chain links, clasps, and any moving locket parts for damage. Catch issues early before extensive wear necessitates pricier repairs.

Immediately mend broken links or replace dysfunctional clasps. For maintenance issues like loose stones or damaged engravings, consult a reputable jeweler for the best remedy.

With some periodic care, your meaningful round locket will stay cherished through all of life’s ups and downs!


What size round locket should I get?

Round locket diameters range from 20mm to 50mm typically. Choose based on your personal style and intended use. Larger lockets fit bigger pictures and items inside but smaller ones have more delicate appeal.

How long should the chain be for my round locket?

Most locket chains range from 16 to 20 inches. Consider your height and neckline needs. Shorter 14-15 inch chains suit statement pieces while longer chains are more versatile for adjustable wearing.

What embellishments are popular on round lockets?

Crystals, faux pearls, and glittering cubic zirconia are common round locket accents. Halo, solitaire, or cluster designs encircle the locket borders beautifully. Simple sparkle or gemstone dots add elegance without overpowering.

How can I care for my round locket?

Clean your locket regularly by wiping down with a soft polishing cloth. Use a gentle jewelry bath formulated for the metal type if needed. Store properly in a fabric-lined box when not wearing to prevent scratches. Inspect periodically for any damage requiring repair.

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