Women's Leadership Conference Comes to Las Vegas in 2022

Women's Leadership Conference Comes to Las Vegas in 2022
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Women's Leadership Conference Comes to Las Vegas in 2022

The Women's Leadership Conference is heading to Las Vegas in 2022! This exciting conference brings together women leaders from across industries to network, learn, and empower one another. With motivating keynote speakers, enlightening breakout sessions, and ample opportunities for connection, the Women's Leadership Conference provides an impactful experience for all attendees. Let's take a closer look at what's in store for the 2022 Women's Leadership Conference in Las Vegas.

About the Women's Leadership Conference

The Women's Leadership Conference was founded in 2008 with the mission to equip women with the tools, strategies, and connections to reach their full leadership potential. Over the past decade, the conference has expanded to multiple locations across the United States and Canada. The conference gathers over 1,500 attendees annually. Women at all levels of leadership attend, from emerging professionals to executive-level leaders.

Past Women's Leadership Conference locations include Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, and Toronto. Heading to Las Vegas in 2022 marks the conference's first time being held in the Southwest. The Las Vegas conference promises to be the biggest yet, with over 2,000 women expected to attend.

Why Attend the Women's Leadership Conference?

The Women's Leadership Conference stands out from other women-centric conferences thanks to its holistic approach to leadership development. Rather than focusing solely on career advancement, the conference aims to equip women with leadership skills that transfer to all areas of life. Attendees walk away with greater confidence, expanded mindsets, practical frameworks, and a community of fellow women leaders.

Specifically, the conference empowers women to:

  • Gain clarity on values, passions, and vision
  • Build courage and resilience
  • Develop strategic networking skills
  • Hone interpersonal leadership abilities
  • Manage stress and practice self-care
  • Craft work-life integration strategies
  • Advocate for themselves and other women

Women leave feeling inspired, energized, and driven to make a greater impact in their lives and communities. The supportive yet challenging environment facilitates tremendous personal and professional growth.

Keynote Speakers

Accomplished keynote speakers set the tone for each Women's Leadership Conference. Previous conferences have featured empowering talks from Celeste Headlee, Dorie Clark, and Priya Parker. The 2022 Las Vegas lineup promises to be just as star-studded.

While specific names have yet to be announced, we can expect speakers from diverse backgrounds and industries. From C-suite executives to entrepreneurs, authors to athletes, the conference selects role models and change-makers. Their unique stories, insights, and calls to action get the audience thinking bigger.

In addition to keynotes, TED-style talks and panels allow speakers to dive deeper into relevant leadership topics. Audience Q&As facilitate further learning and connection.

Breakout Sessions

The real transformation happens in the Women's Leadership Conference breakout sessions. These focused workshops and seminars teach actionable strategies to grow leadership abilities. Attendees get to customize their experience by selecting breakouts that best fit their goals and needs.

Breakout topics encompass the many facets of leadership, including:

  • Authentic Executive Presence
  • Cultivating Resilience
  • Executive Communication Skills
  • Imposter Syndrome to Confident Leader
  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Leading Hybrid Teams
  • Owning Your Career Path
  • Strategic Negotiation Skills
  • The Multigenerational Workplace

Led by industry experts and seasoned professionals, breakout sessions incorporate interactive elements like group discussions and hands-on activities. Attendees gain practical tips combined with peer learning.

Powerful Networking

Career advancement doesn't happen in isolation. The connections and relationships built at conferences like this one play a pivotal role in women's leadership journeys. The Women's Leadership Conference dedicates plenty of time for attendees to network and collaborate.

Networking kickoff activities on the first evening break the ice. Table activities get conversations flowing during meals. Dedicated receptions and mixers provide open time to meet fellow attendees. The conference app makes connecting with like-minded women simple and seamless.

Many women form mentor relationships and join accountability groups that last long beyond the event. The Women's Leadership Conference facilitates these invaluable connections that propel women forward.

The 2022 Women's Leadership Conference in Las Vegas

The 15th annual Women's Leadership Conference will be held May 9-12, 2022 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. This powerhouse city provides the perfect backdrop for four days of fun, inspiration, and growth.

Pre-Conference Workshops

Attendees who want to dig deeper can sign up for pre-conference workshops on Monday, May 9. These full and half-day sessions offer hands-on training on topics like "Unleash Your Creativity for Innovation" and "Finance Fundamentals for First-Time Female Founders." Separate registration is required to attend the pre-conference intensives.

Main Conference Schedule

The main Women's Leadership Conference begins Tuesday morning, May 10 and runs through Thursday, May 12. Expect full days packed with keynotes, breakouts, networking, and special sessions.

Keynotes take place during breakfast and lunch each day. Morning breakout blocks are two hours long, with lunchtime and late afternoon networking breaks built in. Evenings are reserved for receptions, dinners, and entertainment activities around the city.

Friday morning May 13 concludes with smaller mastermind discussions and reflection workshops to solidify the lessons learned. It's an action-packed schedule guaranteed to inspire attendees to lead with authenticity, purpose, and courage.

Registration & Hotel Room Blocks

Registration for the Women's Leadership Conference 2022 Las Vegas opens on January 15, 2022. Early bird ticket pricing starts at $995 for the full conference. Hotel room blocks across multiple Caesar's properties will also open on January 15. The conference room block historically sells out quickly, so early booking is recommended.

Learn more and join the email list at www.womensleadershipconference.com to get registration details and updates. Spots are limited, so be sure to sign up as soon as registration opens!

An Unforgettable Leadership Experience

The Women's Leadership Conference 2022 in Las Vegas promises to be a one-of-a-kind personal growth and networking experience. Attendees will gain new mindsets, skills, and connections to bring more purpose, joy, and impact to their leadership journey.

Will you be one of over 2,000 women leaders gathered in Las Vegas next May? Secure your spot at the 2022 Women's Leadership Conference when registration opens on January 15, 2022.


Who is the Women's Leadership Conference for?

The Women's Leadership Conference is for women leaders at all career levels, from aspiring to executive. Attendees represent diverse industries, job functions, and backgrounds.

What will I learn at the conference?

You'll gain insights on leadership skills like strategic networking, resilience, authentic executive presence, managing imposter syndrome, work-life integration, advocating for yourself, and more.

What speakers will be presenting?

Keynote speakers are still being finalized. Past conferences have featured celebrities, C-suite executives, authors, and other influential women leaders.

What is the event schedule?

Pre-conference workshops are May 9, 2022. The main conference runs May 10-12, followed by mastermind sessions on May 13. Days are packed with keynotes, breakouts, networking, and more.

Where is the event located?

The 2022 Women's Leadership Conference will be held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. A room block will be available.

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