Most Important Chainsaw Man Anime Characters - Denji, Pochita, Makima

Most Important Chainsaw Man Anime Characters - Denji, Pochita, Makima
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Denji - The Chainsaw Man

Denji is the main protagonist of Chainsaw Man and the titular Chainsaw Man himself. He is a young man who made a contract with his pet chainsaw devil Pochita after Pochita saved his life. This allows Denji to transform parts of his body into chainsaws.

In the beginning, Denji is downtrodden and just trying to pay off his late father's debt by hunting devils with Pochita. After Pochita's sacrifice, Denji joins the Public Safety Devil Hunters in hopes of living a normal high school life. Despite his simple dream, Denji gets caught up in Devil Hunter politics and the struggle against the Gun Devil and its allies.

Transformations and Abilities

As Chainsaw Man, Denji can transform his body parts, typically his limbs, into powerful chainsaws. This gives him the ability to easily dispatch enemies. He can also transform entirely into a chainsaw hybrid form. In this state, he has a chainsaw head and scars across his body while wearing Pochita's skin draped over him.

Denji possesses standard Devil Hunter abilities including superhuman strength, speed, stamina and durability. He also has a healing factor thanks to Pochita's abilities. His chainsaw transformations make him especially deadly against devils as the chainsaws easily tear through their bodies.

Personality and Relationships

Despite his tragic life, Denji maintains a positive and cheerful attitude most of the time. He develops strong bonds with allies like Power, Aki, and Himeno. Denji does still struggle with trauma from his past, especially the losses of Pochita and Aki.

Denji just wants simple things like good food, friends, and intimacy. However, his inexperience and background make it difficult for him to articulate his feelings. This causes friction in his relationships at times despite his overall caring nature.

Pochita - The Chainsaw Devil

Pochita is the Chainsaw Devil who makes a contract with Denji early in the series. Though Pochita looks like an ordinary pet chainsaw devil, he is actually a very powerful devil feared across hell for his mysterious abilities.

Powers and Abilities

As the Chainsaw Devil, Pochita wields incredible chainsaw powers capable of devastating legions of fiends single-handedly. He can transform most of his body into powerful chainsaws as needed for combat. Pochita also has a healing factor that can reconstitute his body and allows him to form contracts with humans.

Uniquely, Pochita does not seek violence unlike most devils. Hemakes contracts with humans to understand their emotions better rather than preying on them for malice. This makes him an anomaly among devils for desiring friendship.

History and Partnership with Denji

Pochita's full history is shrouded in mystery but devils across hell feared him immensely. At some point he came to Earth and was found by Denji as a small pet chainsaw devil. The two formed a strong bond over many years.

When Denji was killed by the Yakuza, Pochita saves his life by merging their bodies and passing on his Chainsaw Devil heart. This allows Denji to inherit Pochita's powers to become Chainsaw Man. Pochita continues to guide Denji from within his new heart.

Makima - The Control Devil

Makima is one of the main antagonists in Chainsaw Man and is revealed to be the Control Devil. She uses her powers to manipulate people and events to achieve her mysterious goals.

Devil Abilities and Manipulation

As the Control Devil, Makima has the ability to control anything she sets her sights on, living or non-living. With this fearsome power, she can easily dominate lesser demons and humans alike. Makima also has contracts with numerous powerful devils to do her bidding.

Makima leverages her control and contracts to manipulate various groups in the Chainsaw Man world. This includes Public Safety and the Japanese government. She is a master schemer who lays complex plans across society to get what she wants.

Relationships and Rivalry with Denji

Makima takes an interest in using Denji and his Chainsaw Devil powers to further her goals. She pretends to care for him to string him along but has no true affection. Makima's only interest is in his abilities as Chainsaw Man.

When Denji learns Makima was responsible for Aki's death, he rebels against her and they become mortal enemies. A great struggle develops between Makima trying to control Denji against his own independent will and grief for his allies.

Power - The Blood Devil

Power is a fiend devil hunter who wields the abilities of the Blood Devil thanks to a contract. Despite her fearsome powers, Power has a bubbly, playful personality and loves cats.

Blood Devil Contract and Abilities

As the Blood Devil, Power has command over blood with abilities including:

  • Blood weaponization - Power can transform blood into deadly weapons like swords or whips
  • Blood healing - She can ingest blood to accelerate healing her wounds and stamina
  • Blood portals - Power can create portals using blood to transport herself and allies over long distances

These blood powers make Power extremely dangerous in close quarters combat. She can overwhelm enemies with blood attacks while also quickly healing any injuries she sustains.

Personality and Relationships

Despite her fearsome abilities, Power has an endearing, girlish personality. She loves cute things like cats and enjoys playing with toys. Power gradually comes to see Denji as her first real friend as they bond while working together.

Power struggles with trauma from her violent past fighting other fiends. She hides this pain behind her cheerful demeanor most of the time. As she spends more time with normal humans, Power evolves to value life and friendship greatly.

Aki Hayakawa - The Gun Devil Hunter

Aki Hayakawa is an elite Public Safety Devil Hunter who seeks revenge against the Gun Devil who killed his family. His weapon abilities and investigation skills make him a key ally for Denji.

Devil Hunter Abilities

Aki has no intrinsic special powers but he is a highly skilled combatant and brilliant tactician. His primary abilities include:

  • Marksmanship mastery - Skilled with various firearms and throwing weapons
  • Special Curse Techniques - Uses jujutsu techniques to gain advantages in combat
  • Keen investigator - Known for solving complex devil-related cases

Combined with experience fighting devils, this makes Aki an extremely capable hunter who contributes majorly to the struggle against the Gun Devil and its cohorts.

Revenge Motivation and Relationships

As a child, Aki's mother and brother were killed by the Gun Devil which fuels his motivation to eradicate it. He initially treats Denji as just a tool for this purpose though they ultimately bond as allies and friends.

Aki also develop relationships with Himeno and Power while working in Public Safety Division 4. Behind his composed exterior, Aki cares deeply for his friends and fellow hunters.

When Makima tricks Denji into killing Aki, it cements Denji's vendetta against the Control Devil for taking his friend.


What are Denji's Chainsaw Devil abilities?

As the Chainsaw Devil, Denji can transform parts or all of his body into deadly chainsaws. This gives him melee weapons to slice up enemies as well as increased movement like chainsaw leaping. He also inherits advanced strength, speed and regenerative abilities thanks to Pochita.

How did Pochita become Denji's heart?

When the yakuza nearly killed Denji, the wounded Pochita merged his body with Denji's to save his life. This established a contract that turned Denji into Chainsaw Man and transferred Pochita's devil heart into Denji. So Pochita essentially lives on through Denji now.

Why does Makima manipulate Denji?

As the Control Devil, Makima wants to control and use Denji's Chainsaw Devil powers to further her mysterious goals. She pretends to care about him but really just sees him as a tool. Her manipulation deeply hurts Denji when he learns the truth about her.

What are Power's Blood Devil abilities?

Power's abilities granted by her Blood Devil contract include weaponizing blood into blades/whips, using blood to heal and rejuvenate, and creating portals with blood. This makes her deadly at close range and able to transport herself rapidly around battlefields.

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