Billie Eilish Launches Her First Ever Perfumes Eilish and Eilish Intense

Billie Eilish Launches Her First Ever Perfumes Eilish and Eilish Intense
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The Story Behind Billie Eilish's New Perfume

Billie Eilish took the world by storm in 2019 with her unique style and hauntingly beautiful music. Now at just 21 years old, the multi-Grammy award winning singer has ventured into the world of fragrance by releasing not one, but two unisex scents in late 2021. Known for breaking norms, Eilish's perfumes are unconventional yet alluring, much like the artist herself.

The Inspiration Behind Eilish Fragrance

According to Billie Eilish, the inspiration behind her signature scent came from childhood memories. She wanted to capture nostalgic moments, like driving in the car with the windows down on a hot summer night. Both perfumes evoke a sense of California cool.

The first fragrance released is aptly named "Eilish." The designer perfume features notes of sugared petals, mandarin, red berries, and creamy vanilla. Housed in a sculpture-like bottle, it embodies Billie's free spirit.

The second fragrance is called "Eilish Intense." It has a warmer, spicier profile with notes of black pepper, ebony woods, and amber. The jet black bottle was inspired by Billie's favorite pair of latex gloves.

Targeting a Younger Audience

Billie Eilish represents Gen Z culture, so it's no surprise that her perfumes are marketed towards a younger audience. The affordable price point of $68 for a 3.4oz bottle makes these fragrances accessible.

Eilish also wanted to disrupt the traditional notions of feminine versus masculine scents. Her unisex perfumes can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of gender identity or expression.

The trademarks of Billie's persona have been infused into her eponymous perfumes from the unique packaging to the unconventional aromas. She encourages her fans to embrace their own individuality.

A Holiday Hit

Billie Eilish's perfumes launched on November 10, 2021 right before the holiday shopping season. The timing helped boost sales and visibility. The fragrances proved to be a popular gift item over the holidays.

In 2022, Billie Eilish fragrances remain a top seller in the celebrity perfume market. Fans are stocking up on the signature scents ahead of her highly anticipated 2022 world tour.

The Future Looks Bright

At just 21, Billie Eilish has already achieved wild success in the music industry. Her foray into the perfume world has also proven fruitful, establishing Eilish as a beauty brand.

With her first sold-out fragrance launch, it's very likely Billie will continue to produce new signature scents for years to come. She has a bright future ahead as one of the youngest perfumers on the market.

For young fans seeking affordable designer fragrances that embody the star's rebellious style, Billie Eilish's perfumes are a perfect match. Spritzing on "Eilish" or "Eilish Intense" allows one to literally wear their love for the singer-songwriter.

Reviews of Billie Eilish's Scents

Eilish Perfume Review

The first fragrance from Billie Eilish is aptly named "Eilish." Housed in a unique sculptural bottle, the perfume opens with bright, fruity notes of mandarin orange and wild berries. The heart features a floral blend of soft sugared petals. Finally, the fragrance settles into creamy vanilla and musk base notes.

This is a fun, flirty perfume for daytime wear. Apply generously for a fuller scent experience. The mandarin orange top note provides an energizing aroma to start the day off right. The dry down is warm and coy.

Eilish strikes the perfect balance between innocent and alluring. It's an easy-to-wear scent for running errands or going on a casual date. Fans of fruity florals will enjoy this perfume.

Eilish Intense Perfume Review

The second fragrance from Billie Eilish shares the same sculptural bottle style but in a jet black hue. Eilish Intense lives up to its name with deeper, spicier aromas. The top notes are comprised of juniper berries, black pepper, and cedarwood.

The heart of the fragrance features rich spices like nutmeg, patchouli, and cinnamon. Finally, the dry down includes sensual base notes of amber, ebony woods, and musk. The addition of latex gloves was a clever touch reflective of Billie's signature style.

Eilish Intense is bold and mysterious, perfect for evening wear. The spicy aromas are enveloping in an enticing way. This scent is markedly more mature than the playful original.

For fans that want a "darker" fragrance, Intense will not disappoint. It's ideal for cooler weather and capturing attention at nighttime events. Spray generously for best results.

How to Wear Billie Eilish's Scents

Who It's Best Suited For

While marketed as unisex, Billie Eilish's perfumes skew towards younger females in their late teens and 20s. However, the affordable price point and gender neutral branding also appeal to male fans.

Those who enjoy gourmand, fruity, and sweet fragrances are best suited for the original Eilish. Meanwhile, fans of spicy, oriental scents will prefer Eilish Intense.

Both perfumes work well for casual everyday wear, but can also be dressed up in the evenings for dates, parties, concerts, and events. The sculptural bottles look beautiful displayed on a vanity as well.

When to Wear It

Eilish is the perfect daytime scent to spritz on heading out the door. Its fruity top notes provide an energetic aroma for activities like hanging out with friends, running errands, attending school, and going to brunch.

Meanwhile, Eilish Intense is better suited for nighttime and special occasions that call for a spicier, warmer vibe. Its amber base notes are ideal for an evening out at a bar, restaurant, or concert.

Eilish Intense also works wonderfully in the fall and winter months when warmer fragrances are most welcome. Both perfumes can be worn year-round in any climate though.

How Much to Apply

With lighter eau de parfum concentration, Billie Eilish's fragrances require generous application for optimal sillage and longevity. For each spray, fully depress the nozzle 2-3 times.

Apply Eilish or Eilish Intense to pulse points like the inner wrists, neck, and décolletage. Reapply as needed throughout the day to revive the scent aroma. These fragrances are strong enough for all-day wear when applied properly.

The Final Take

At just 21 years old, Billie Eilish has successfully ventured into the world of fragrance. Her two signature scents, Eilish and Eilish Intense, embody her fiery, free-spirited nature. These affordable perfumes appeal widely to Gen Z fans.

The perfectly named Eilish evokes sugary, fruity warmth for daytime wear. Meanwhile, the spicier Eilish Intense captivates after dark. Both demonstrate Billie's apotheosis as a bold, disruptive pop culture icon.

Fans seeking innovative celebrity scents they can relate to need look no further than Billie Eilish's perfumes. Spritz away and enjoy smelling like your favorite anti-pop star.


What notes are in Billie Eilish's perfumes?

Eilish contains notes of sugared petals, mandarin, red berries, and creamy vanilla. Eilish Intense contains juniper berries, black pepper, cedarwood, nutmeg, patchouli, cinnamon, amber, ebony woods, and musk.

When did Billie Eilish launch her perfume line?

Billie Eilish launched her two signature fragrances, Eilish and Eilish Intense, in November 2021.

What is the price of Billie Eilish's perfumes?

Both Eilish and Eilish Intense retail for $68 for a 3.4oz bottle.

What is the difference between Eilish and Eilish Intense?

Eilish has a fruity, floral scent profile perfect for daytime wear while Eilish Intense has spicier, warmer notes made for nighttime wear.

Who is the target audience for Billie's perfumes?

The target audience is young women and men in their late teens and 20s, which matches Billie Eilish's fanbase demographic.

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