Epic Clash Between Chivas & Tigres in Thrilling Liga MX Final

Epic Clash Between Chivas & Tigres in Thrilling Liga MX Final
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The Epic Clash Between Chivas and Tigres in the Liga MX Final

The Liga MX Final between historic rivals Chivas and Tigres in the 2017 Apertura was an incredible spectacle witnessed by fans around the world. Two of Mexico's biggest and most successful clubs faced off in an epic two-legged final that went down to the wire.

The Build Up to the Highly Anticipated Final

Chivas came into the final after a strong season where they seemed to have finally turned a corner from recent struggles. Led by veteran goalkeeper Rodolfo Cota and rising stars like Orbelin Pineda, Chivas adopted an energetic and athletic style that saw them achieve some emphatic wins on their way to the final.

Tigres were the defending Liga MX champions and had another typically strong season under the leadership of legendary coach 'Tuca' Ferretti. Their star-studded squad including French striker Andre-Pierre Gignac and veteran captain Juninho were peaking at the right time.

The final brought together the most popular team in Mexico, Chivas, against the most successful team of the recent era, Tigres. It was a clash of styles and philosophies that had fans around the world buzzing in anticipation.

Chivas Strike First in Thrilling First Leg

The first leg, held at Chivas' beloved Estadio Akron, was a fierce contest from the start. The atmosphere was electric as over 50,000 fans created a sea of red and white. Chivas came flying out of the gates, swarming Tigres with relentless pressure.

Orbelin Pineda was the best player on the pitch, pulling the strings from midfield. He unlocked Tigres' defense with a superb ball for Rodolfo Pizarro who slotted home in the 29th minute for the opening goal.

Tigres pushed for an equalizer but Cota made some heroic saves to maintain Chivas' lead into halftime. The second half saw Tigres continue to control possession but Chivas' defense held firm for a massive 1-0 victory.

Tigres Roar Back in Dramatic Second Leg

For the second leg at Estadio Universitario, Tigres were determined to overturn the deficit. With their passionate fanbase filling the stadium with energy, Tigres came storming out in attack mode.

The pressure paid off quickly as Juninho rose above the Chivas defense to head in a corner kick in the 18th minute. The crowd erupted as their captain equalized on aggregate 1-1.

Both teams traded blows in a frenetic match with end-to-end action. Chivas had numerous chances from counterattacks but wasted them with the lack of a true striker.

Then in the 73rd minute, Tigres dealt the decisive blow. A cross into the box found Gignac unmarked and he dispatched a perfect volley. The Frenchman wheeled away in celebration as Tigres took a 2-1 aggregate lead.

Despite a furious late rally from Chivas, Tigres held on to claim a dramatic 2-1 victory. The Liga MX title was theirs via the away goals rule in an epic final for the ages.

Key Moments and Takeaways from the Historic Clash

The final between Chivas and Tigres gave fans everything they could have hoped for between two bitter rivals. Here are some of the key moments and takeaways:

Pineda's Dominant First Leg

The emergence of Orbelin Pineda as an elite midfielder was one of the biggest stories of Chivas' resurgence. His man of the match performance in the first leg showcased his talents to the world.

Away Goals Rule Dramatically Decides Title

Tigres exploiting the away goals rule after the two legs finished 2-2 on aggregate added even more drama. This highlighted how important scoring on the road can be.

Tale of Two Legends

Gignac once again showed his clutch abilities for Tigres, in contrast to Chivas lacking a finisher like him upfront.

Passion of Two Massive Fanbases

The electric atmospheres created by both Tigres' and Chivas' fans made this an unforgettable final between Liga MX's most popular clubs.

Tigres' Dominant Era Continues

This was Tigres' 6th Liga MX title in 10 years, underlining how they have become an established powerhouse in CONCACAF.

The 2017 Liga MX Apertura final between Chivas and Tigres provided all the passion, drama and excitement that makes football so special. It was an instant classic match between two of Mexico's biggest clubs that highlighted their contrasting styles, stars and fanbases. This epic clash will go down in history as one of the all-time great Liga MX finals.


Who were the two teams in the Liga MX Final?

The two teams were historic rivals Chivas and Tigres.

What was the final score across the two legs?

The aggregate score was 2-2, with Tigres winning 2-1 on away goals.

Who scored the goals for each team?

For Chivas, Rodolfo Pizarro scored in the first leg. For Tigres, Juninho and Andre-Pierre Gignac scored.

Where were the two legs played?

The first leg was at Chivas' Estadio Akron, and the second leg at Tigres' Estadio Universitario.

Who won the Liga MX title?

Tigres won the 2017 Liga MX Apertura title on away goals after a dramatic 2-2 tie on aggregate.

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