Hoka Bondi 8 Running Shoe Review - Cushioned Ride

Hoka Bondi 8 Running Shoe Review - Cushioned Ride
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Putting the Hoka Bondi 8 to the Test

The Hoka Bondi 8 running shoes have quickly become a favorite for runners and walkers alike. As the latest model in the popular Bondi series, this 8th iteration aims to continue improving upon the lightweight cushioning and durability that Hoka shoes are known for.

Key Features of the Bondi 8

What makes the Bondi 8 stand out? Hoka packs the shoe with several key features to make your runs and walks more comfortable:

  • Full-length EVA midsole for responsive cushioning
  • Early stage Meta-Rocker geometry for smooth transitions
  • Lightweight, breathable mesh upper
  • Rubberized foam outsole reinforcement in high-wear areas
  • Width options for wider feet

Putting the Bondi 8 to the Test

But how does this translate to actual use? #HokaReview testers took the Bondi 8 shoes on runs, walks, and workouts to see how they hold up.

Cushioned Without Feeling Clunky

One concern with thickly cushioned Hoka shoes can be a bulky, inflexible feel. However the Bondi 8 strikes a nice balance between pillowy softness underfoot and a smooth, flexible ride. The full-length EVA midsole and Meta-Rocker curved outsole create soft landings without losing responsiveness. Meanwhile the streamlined upper breathes well and moves naturally with your foot.

Bouncy Energy Return

Testers loved the springy energy return every time their foot hit the pavement in the Hoka Bondi 8. The energetic cushioning kept fatigue low and kilometers ticking on runs up to marathon distance and longer. The early stage Meta Rocker rounded outsole also encouraged smoother transitions from heel strike through toe-off.

Durable, High-Mileage Shoe

After logging 150+ miles on roads and trails, the hardy Bondi 8 design showed impressively little wear. The strategically placed areas of rubber reinforcement in high-abrasion zones kept the durable foam midsole and outsole going strong. For runners putting in heavy weekly mileage, this is good news for getting more life out of a pair.

Who Are the Bondi 8 Best For?

The #HokaBondi8 has wide appeal across a range of activities thanks to its forgiving cushioning and secure supportive fit. Here are some of the best uses for this road running shoe:

Long Distance and Recovery Runs

The exceptional shock absorption and energy return of the Bondi 8 make it well-suited to long road runs into double digit miles. This can help extend your limits by reducing overall fatigue. The cushioning also helps on easy recovery jogs when your legs need a break after hard workouts.

Walking and Standing All Day

Retail workers, medical professionals and more have also embraced the #Bondi8 for comfort even after hours on your feet. Compared to most athletic shoes, the luxurious cushioning keeps feet, legs and back happier for longer shifts.

Beginner Runners

New runners can benefit from the Hoka Bondi 8 too. Extra foam underfoot softens those initial miles as you adjust to the impact of running. Meanwhile the smooth ride helps make running feel easier until your fitness builds running economy.

Orthopedic Insert Compatibility

For those needing additional arch support, the Bondi 8 also plays well with orthopedic inserts. The generously cushioned platform leaves room to add your own custom or over-the-counter inserts. Compared to slimmer racing flats, the Bondi 8 can better accommodate inserts for plantar fasciitis, metatarsal pads, and more.

User Impressions on Insert Compatibility

#HokaReview testers found the Bondi 8 had ample room for orthotics and inserts. The removable EVA sockliner allowed swapping in medical orthotics while keeping a similar soft responsive feel. Other users had success adding Superfeet and Dr. Scholl's gel inserts for extra comfort and support. As one reviewer put it, the stable Bondi 8 midsole makes "an ideal platform for wearing prescription orthotics."

Any Drawbacks?

While feedback on the Bondi 8 has been largely positive, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. The high level cushioning isn't best suited for faster runs or races. And the soft ride isn't as stable for those needing extra medial/lateral support. Firm ground trail runners may also want more stability or traction. Yet for easy miles underfoot, the #HokaBondi8 delivers exceptional comfort at an impressively light weight.

Takeaways on the Hoka Bondi 8

After hundreds of miles and hours on foot, testers found a lot to love in the updated Bondi 8 model. From the smooth, rockered ride to the springy energetic foam, these maximalist shoes keep feet happy going the distance. Durable design also helps keep them in rotation as high-mileage training partners. For recovery runs, long distances or spending all day on your feet, the Bondi 8 is an impressive combination of lightweight comfort and support. They may not be the fastest for race days, but are ready to put in the daily miles in cushioned comfort.


Are the Bondi 8 good for walking?

Yes, the exceptional cushioning of the Bondi 8 makes them very comfortable for extended walks. The meta-rocker sole encourages a smooth walking gait cycle too.

Do the Bondi 8 run true to size?

Most reviewers found the Bondi 8 fits true to size for length. However the shoes have a roomier forefoot and are offered in wider sizes to accommodate broader feet.

How do Bondi 8 compare to Bondi 7?

Testers found improvements to cushioning and durability in the latest model. The updated mesh upper is also more breathable with a sleeker look and feel.

Can I use custom orthotics in the Bondi 8?

Yes, the removable EVA insole allows swapping in your own prescription orthotics. Reviewers had success pairing medical and over-the-counter inserts with the stable cushioned midsole.

Are Bondi 8 good for marathon training?

Definitely. Many long distance runners use the well-cushioned Bondi model for ultramarathons as well as marathon training at more reasonable miles.

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