Meet Monica J Sutton, the Black Miss Rachel Taking YouTube by Storm | 50 Characters

Meet Monica J Sutton, the Black Miss Rachel Taking YouTube by Storm | 50 Characters
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Introducing Monica J Sutton, the Black Miss Rachel of YouTube

If you're a parent of young children, chances are you've heard of Miss Rachel and her popular educational YouTube channel. With her singing, dancing, and enthusiastic teaching style, Miss Rachel has become a beloved figure among preschoolers and kindergartners.

However, there's a new face on the scene giving Miss Rachel a run for her money. Meet Monica J Sutton, a talented teacher who is capturing hearts on YouTube as the "Black Miss Rachel."

Who is Monica J Sutton?

Based in California, Monica J Sutton is a mother of two and a former elementary school teacher. She started creating educational content on YouTube in 2020 as a way to help engage her own kids in virtual learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Monica creates fun, lively videos around topics like phonics, reading, math, and social-emotional learning. Her teaching style is warm, energetic, and engaging - not unlike Miss Rachel's popular videos.

In Monica's videos, you'll see her dancing, singing, dressing up in costumes, and acting out stories and concepts for kids. She covers many of the same topics and learning foundations that Miss Rachel does in her own videos.

Monica's Viral Success on YouTube

It didn't take long for Monica's YouTube channel to gain traction. Her views steadily climbed, and it was clear there was demand for her educational content.

In 2022, Monica went viral on TikTok and her YouTube channel exploded. One of her phonics videos attracted over 12 million views! Monica's success shows parents are seeking diverse perspectives and representation in kids' media.

As of January 2023, Monica has over 470,000 YouTube subscribers. She's one of the fastest growing children's education channels on the platform.

How Monica BringsRepresentation to Kids' Learning

One of the key aspects that sets Monica apart is her identity as a Black teacher. The early childhood education space has traditionally lacked diversity.

Seeing someone who looks like them in an educational role means so much to both Black children and their parents. Monica helps fill this need for representation and inclusion.

In a sea of white women dominating this genre on YouTube, Monica offers a refreshing voice. She incorporates Black history, stories, and perspectives into her teaching.

Monica also uses Black vernacular and speech patterns in her videos, allowing kids to learn in a way that may be more familiar to them. This makes the content even more accessible and impactful.

Monica's Advice for Parents and Kids

When asked what advice she has for parents using her channel, Monica emphasizes that learning should be interactive and fun. She encourages parents to engage with their kids by asking questions, dancing and singing along, and participating in the activities.

For kids, Monica wants them to know that education is exciting and joyful. She aims to spark curiosity and a lifelong love of learning in every child.

The Future Looks Bright for Monica J Sutton

In just a couple short years, Monica has become a breakout star in the kids' educational space on YouTube. She's paved the way for more diversity and representation.

If current trends continue, Monica could someday surpass Miss Rachel's popularity. Regardless, she's bringing a fresh voice that is engaging children and filling an important need.

Be sure to check out Monica's channel for fun learning activities and songs for toddlers and preschoolers. With over 300 videos and counting, there's no shortage of engaging content to explore.


Who is Monica J Sutton?

Monica J Sutton is an elementary school teacher turned children's education YouTuber. She creates engaging videos for kids focused on topics like phonics, reading, math and more. Her teaching style is energetic and fun, similar to Miss Rachel's popular YouTube channel.

When did Monica's channel get popular?

Monica's channel started gaining traction in 2020 when she began making videos to help her own kids with remote learning during the pandemic. She went viral on TikTok in 2022, which caused her YouTube channel to rapidly grow. As of 2023 she has over 470,000 YouTube subscribers.

What does Monica bring to kids' educational YouTube?

As a Black teacher, Monica brings more diversity and representation to the children's education space on YouTube. She incorporates Black stories, history and culture into her teaching. This provides kids with greater accessibility and relatability.

How can parents use Monica's videos?

Monica encourages parents to engage with their kids by singing, dancing, asking questions and participating along with her videos. Her videos aim to make learning fun and interactive.

What is Monica's advice for kids?

Monica wants kids to know that education can be exciting and enjoyable. She aims to spark curiosity and foster a lifelong love of learning through her energetic videos.

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