Miss Rachel's Wildly Popular Kids' YouTube Channels Full of Fun Educational Songs

Miss Rachel's Wildly Popular Kids' YouTube Channels Full of Fun Educational Songs
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Introducing Miss Rachel and Her YouTube Channels

If you're a parent of a young child, there's a good chance you've heard of the popular children's entertainer Miss Rachel. With her cheerful songs and educational videos, Miss Rachel has become a favorite on YouTube for families with little ones. Her main channel, Miss Rachel - Songs for Littles, has over 8 million subscribers and billions of views. But did you know Miss Rachel has another YouTube channel that's also worth checking out?

The Origins of Miss Rachel's YouTube Career

Rachel Hagen first created the Miss Rachel character while working as a preschool teacher in Minnesota in the early 2000s. She used songs and educational videos in her classroom and eventually began sharing them on YouTube when the platform was still new. Her Videos quickly gained popularity with parents looking for fun, educational content for their young children.

In 2009, Miss Rachel began posting videos to her main YouTube channel, originally called Judy's Music. A few years later, she rebranded It as Miss Rachel - Songs for Littles as her audience continued to grow. Her videos focus on early learning concepts like colors, shapes, numbers, and opposites. She covers classic kids' songs and nursery rhymes but also writes many original songs herself.

The Success of Miss Rachel's Main YouTube Channel

Miss Rachel's main YouTube channel has seen tremendous success over the past decade. Many of her simplest videos, like "The Wheels on the Bus" and "If You're Happy and You Know It," have over 500 million views each. She uploads multiple new videos a week, keeping her content library stocked with over 5,000 videos.

In 2020, Miss Rachel - Songs for Littles became the second children's music channel to reach 1 billion total video views. The channel now has over 8.3 million subscribers from around the world. Though her content is aimed at preschoolers, it's popular with kids ranging from babies to elementary school age. Even some teens and adults watch her videos for nostalgia!

Miss Rachel's Newer Vlogging Channel

In 2017, Miss Rachel created a second YouTube channel, Miss Rachel Vlogs, To give fans a behind-the-scenes look at her music video production. This vlogging-style channel offers a fun glimpse into her creative process and everyday life. Videos highlight things like:

  • Brainstorming video ideas
  • Songwriting and recording sessions
  • Dance rehearsals and costumes
  • Behind-the-scenes footage on set
  • Touring and live performances
  • Interviews and collaborations with other kids' entertainers
  • Miss Rachel's home life with her husband and pets

The vlogs allow Miss Rachel to share her passion for making educational kids' videos. She offers encouragement and advice for aspiring performers and content creators hoping to spread joy and learning through music. There are also occasional family-friendly comedy skits and challenges.

Fun Content to Watch While Getting Ready

The vlogs on Miss Rachel's second channel are perfect to watch while getting ready in the morning. Many parents start their day with Miss Rachel playing in the background as they make breakfast and get the kids dressed. Her usual upbeat energy shines through as she lets viewers into her world.

Videos range from a few minutes long to over 20 minutes for more extensive behind-the-scenes videos. Miss Rachel also uses this channel to promote her live show tour dates and merch collaborations. Subscribe and hit the notification bell to stay updated whenever new vlogs are posted.

Educational Videos for All Ages

Across both of her YouTube channels, Miss Rachel creates fun educational videos for young viewers. Here are some of the key benefits children can gain from her content:

  • Early Math Concepts: Numbers, counting, shapes, patterns, measurements
  • Reading Readiness: Letter recognition, phonics, rhyming
  • Science Basics: Colors, nature, animals, senses
  • Social-Emotional Development: Feelings, cooperation, routines
  • Motor Skills: Dance, exercise, fingerplays, actions
  • Music Appreciation: Diverse musical styles, instruments, singing

Miss Rachel also models positive social skills, like using manners, helping others, and sharing. Her upbeat attitude promotes self-confidence and puts viewers in a good mood! Parents can trust all her videos are child-friendly with no inappropriate content.

A Passion for Children's Entertainment

When asked about her inspiration for making kids' videos, Miss Rachel said, "I believe that every child deserves to have joy, quality entertainment, and early education available to them through the magic of music." It's clear she truly cares about enriching children's lives through her fun, thoughtful content.

Miss Rachel remarked, "It brings me so much joy to hear from parents and teachers about the impact my videos have on their kids. Kids singing my songs or doing the motions to them melts my heart every time!" She finds making her educational music videos incredibly rewarding.

High-Quality Content Kids Love

Miss Rachel noted her success on YouTube comes down to making high-quality content kids genuinely love. She said, "I try to get inside a child's head and think about what will appeal most to their senses of wonder, play, and discovery. Kids have great BS detectors, so the videos have to be authentically fun and engaging!"

Miss Rachel has no plans to slow down her kids' content creation anytime soon. She said, "I'll keep making music until I don't have any more songs in me, which I don't foresee happening!" Fans can likely look forward to many more fun learning videos from Miss Rachel for years to come.

The Importance of Positive Children's Media

In the age of digital media, thoughtful children's content creators like Miss Rachel are more important than ever. There is so much questionable kids' entertainment on platforms like YouTube. Parents need to be vigilant to curate quality content for their little ones.

Research shows educational media like Miss Rachel's can have many benefits for young children when used appropriately. On the other hand, excessive screen time and mindless entertainment can have negative effects on development. Monitoring media use and choosing enriching content is key.

Look for These Qualities in Kids' Media

So what should parents look for when selecting YouTube channels, shows, games, and other media for their young kids? Here are some key qualities to prioritize:

  • Educational value: Literacy, math, science, social skills, etc.
  • Active engagement: Interaction, movement, thinking vs passive watching
  • Developmentally appropriate: Matches child's age and attention span
  • Positivity: Upbeat messages and examples of good values
  • Creativity and joy: Imaginative, fun, sparks wonder

Channels like Miss Rachel check all of those boxes. Her music videos are aligned with preschool learning foundations while also being lively and full of innocent fun.

The Importance of Co-Viewing Media

It's also important for parents to watch videos with their children whenever possible. Co-viewing allows parents to monitor content and engage with their child about what they are seeing and learning. Pausing for questions and reactions really boosts the educational value.

Miss Rachel models lots of positive behaviors in her videos that parents can reinforce and have rich conversations about together. Her content provides a great jumping off point for real-life learning through play, reading, and everyday activities. Parents and kids can follow her example by singing, dancing, counting, and rhyming together as they watch her videos.

Spreading Early Learning Worldwide

In the 14+ years since she began posting YouTube videos as Miss Rachel, Rachel Hagen has made a massive global impact. Families around the world have embraced her fun educational music and videos.

Miss Rachel noted, "I get fan mail and photos from all over the world, which is so heartwarming. It's an honor to provide free, accessible content to potentially help kids everywhere learn foundational concepts and experience the joy of music!"

Appealing Across Cultures

Miss Rachel's songs appeal to children across cultures for a few key reasons. First, upbeat singalong music transcends language barriers. The combination of catchy melodies, simple choreography, bright colors, and friendly tone draws kids in. Preschool-age children also have common developmental milestones and educational concepts to master worldwide. Miss Rachel's videos focus on universal themes like counting, feelings, motor skills, and nature. These translate across continents as young brains soak up foundational knowledge. Of course, as children grow older, educational content needs to become more customized to local contexts. But for the preschool set, Miss Rachel's videos have an almost universal appeal. The songs just make learning fun!

A Global Community of Young Fans

Because YouTube is available across the globe, Miss Rachel has been able to build an international community of mini fans. Her social media followers come from far and wide. She now has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram and 630,000 on Facebook.

Miss Rachel said she loves seeing photos of children worldwide singing her songs. She remarked, "If I can add a little joy, connection, and early learning to any child's day through the power of music, then I feel I'm making a positive difference." Her videos seem destined to continue delighting and educating little ones globally for years to come!


How did Miss Rachel get started on YouTube?

Miss Rachel first created educational music videos to use in her preschool classroom in Minnesota in the early 2000s. In 2009, she began posting her videos on YouTube on a channel originally called Judy's Music, which later became Miss Rachel - Songs for Littles.

What is Miss Rachel's main YouTube channel?

Her main channel is called Miss Rachel - Songs for Littles. It has over 8 million subscribers and primarily features educational songs and nursery rhymes for young kids.

When did Miss Rachel start her second YouTube channel?

In 2017, Miss Rachel launched a second YouTube channel called Miss Rachel Vlogs. This channel gives behind-the-scenes looks at her video production process and her daily life.

How many total YouTube subscribers does Miss Rachel have?

Across both of her YouTube channels, Miss Rachel has over 9 million total subscribers. Her main channel has over 8.3 million subscribers, and her vlogging channel has around 700,000 subscribers.

What makes Miss Rachel's videos popular globally?

Miss Rachel's preschool songs and nursery rhymes appeal to young kids worldwide because music transcends language barriers. Also, her content focuses on universal early learning concepts like numbers, letters, colors, and feelings.

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