Lainey Wilson's "Heart Like A Truck" Captures 90's Country Spirit

Lainey Wilson's "Heart Like A Truck" Captures 90's Country Spirit
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The Meaning Behind "Heart Like A Truck"

Lainey Wilson's hit song "Heart Like A Truck" has become a fan favorite with its catchy lyrics and upbeat style. Though it was released in 2021, the song has a distinctly nostalgic 1990s country feel. If it had been released 25 years earlier in the 90s country music era, it likely would have soared to the top of the charts then as well. Let's take a look at some reasons why "Heart Like A Truck" sounds so much like the country hits of the 1990s.

Honky Tonk-Inspired Melody and Instrumentation

The melody and instrumentation of "Heart Like A Truck" both have that driving, honky tonk rhythm that was so popular in 1990s country songs. The steady beat, guitar riffs, and piano chords would not have sounded out of place in a line dancing bar back then. Other recent hits in country music have been going for a more pop crossover sound. Yet this song brings back the traditional country style of artists like Brooks and Dunn or Garth Brooks in his early years.

Clever Wordplay in the Lyrics

Wilson crafted smart lyrical wordplay fitting the 90s style, especially in the chorus:

Baby this heart like a truck
It goes and goes 'til it don't
It's tougher than a two-day drunk
Goes from zero to a hundred in nothing flat

The comparison of a steadfast heart to the hardworking durability of an old pickup truck echoes similar motifs used in country hits decades ago. The additional color provided by phrases like "two-day drunk" and "nothing flat" gives a playful insight into how reliable that classic country heart can be.

Nostalgic Country Themes

Beyond the musicality and lyrics, Wilson taps into archetypal country music themes with "Heart Like A Truck" that were just as popular in decades past as they are today. The personification of vehicles in country songs has been traced back to classics like "Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On" and "Ol' Pink." And heart-wrenching tales of lost love have always been a cornerstone of the genre. So while Lainey Wilson is a new voice on the country scene, her breakout track feels comfortingly familiar rather than following temporary trends.

What Made 90s Country Music So Special?

For those who love "Heart Like A Truck," taking a deeper look at some of the best country artists and songs from the 1990s can be an amazing blast from the past. The decade saw country transitioning into big stadium shows but still holding onto that authentic Honky tonk vibe. Veterans like Reba and George Strait mixed with newcomers like Shania Twain and Faith Hill to create an electrifying era for the genre.

Legendary Superstar Albums & Tours

Many country megastars of the 1980s continued churning out huge hits in the 90s as well. George Strait was at the peak of his touring power with a record-setting string of sold out stadium shows year after year. Reba McEntire solidified her cross-genre fame through sitcom and movie appearances. Garth Brooks took over the world with his smash live double-album "Double Live" and wild stage shows.

Fresh Faces Bring Rock & Pop Flair

While old school country stayed strong, new artists like Shania Twain, LeAnn Rimes, and the Dixie Chicks fused pop and rock sounds into modern country anthems. Their mix of styles made country feel young and relevant again. Twain's "Come On Over" went on to become the best selling studio album by a female musician ever across all genres thanks to hits like "You're Still The One" and "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!"

Bandwagon Fans Bring Growing Pains

Of course, runaway mainstream success also came with a price. The unprecedented growth meant that long time country fans had to share space with new bandwagon listeners. And artists tried so hard appealing to the new pop and rock obsessed audience that it watered down the classic country spirit for some loyalists. Still, the explosive excitement far outweighed any drawbacks for most country music lovers.

The Legacy Still Lives On

Though times have changed again since its 1990s peak, country music today owes a lot to the special superstars and songs that made the decade so memorable. The influence can clearly be heard in contemporary bops like "Heart Like A Truck." Wilson manages to fuse modern and classic country vibes much like the hitmakers of the 90s did back in their day.

So crank up Lainey's feel-good anthem and reminisce about your own favorite country era. Let that reliable truck heart transport you back in time for a little while. Yee-haw!


What decade is Lainey Wilson's "Heart Like A Truck" channeling with its sound?

The song channels the traditional country music sound of the 1990s with its driving honky tonk rhythm and clever lyrical wordplay, similar to hits from artists like Brooks & Dunn, Shania Twain, and Garth Brooks back then.

How did country music change throughout the 1990s decade?

It transitioned into larger stadium concerts as Garth Brooks and George Strait toured to bigger crowds, while also incorporating more pop and rock vibes through fresh new artists like Shania Twain and the Dixie Chicks.

What country female artist from the 90s had one of the biggest selling albums ever?

Shania Twain's 1997 album "Come On Over" became the top selling studio album by a female musician across all genres thanks to smash hits like "You're Still The One."

Does "Heart Like A Truck" include common country music themes?

Yes, the personification of vehicles in songs and tales of lost love are classic country themes that Wilson taps into successfully to give a nostalgic vibe.

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