The Never-Ending Appeal of Hilarious Feline Videos Online

The Never-Ending Appeal of Hilarious Feline Videos Online
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The Appeal of Funny Cat Videos

In the internet age, funny cat videos have become an enormously popular fixture of online media. With literally millions of cute, hilarious, and downright weird video clips of our feline friends available at the click of a button, it's easy to see why these viral sensations have taken on a life of their own.

What Makes Funny Cat Videos So Popular?

There are several factors that make funny cat videos such a draw for viewers:

  • They're cute - People love to see kittens and cats being adorable goofballs. It taps into our love of all things fluffy.
  • They're funny - Whether it's fails, derpy behavior, or just general silliness, cats do amusing things all the time.
  • We can relate to them - As pet owners, we see our own cats in these videos.
  • Short clips work well online - YouTube, social media, etc. cater well to short, viral video content.
  • They provide entertainment and stress relief from our busy modern lives.

Some of the Most Popular Types of Funny Cat Videos

While no two funny cat videos are exactly the same, some types tend to perform better than others:

  • Cats being startled - Jumpy kitties never cease to captivate us.
  • "If it fits I sits" videos - Cats cramming themselves into boxes and other tight spaces.
  • Epic cat fails - Falls, faceplants, and silly fails show cats at their not-so-graceful best.
  • Cats getting scared by cucumbers - This phenomenon puzzled the internet for a while.
  • Cat parkour - Kitties displaying impressive dexterity leaping across furniture.

The Rise of Celebrity Funny Cats

As funny cat videos began to proliferate, some exceptional felines gained fame in their own right by starring in viral clips viewed tens of millions of times:

Keyboard Cat

One of the OG funny cat celebrities, "Keyboard Cat" rose to prominence in 2007. The clip features a cat in a shirt casually pawing at a keyboard, as though providing musical accompaniment. Set to upbeat 80's style music, it embodies offbeat, silly humor perfectly. It remains hugely influential and has been referenced many times in pop culture.

Lil Bub

This adorable "perma-kitten" minted serious fame off her unique widdle face. Born with a multitude of genetic anomalies, Lil Bub became a viral superstar for simply looking cute and acting a bit wonky. She inspired books, calendars, merchandise and more until passing away at age 8 in 2019.

Grumpy Cat

No list of famous internet cats is complete without the legendary Grumpy Cat. Known for her extremely peeved facial expressions, she skyrocketed to fame through Reddit posts, YouTube videos, media appearances and even starring in her own Lifetime holiday movie. Though Grumpy passed on in 2019, her legacy lives on through endless memes.

Why We Can Expect More Funny Cat Content

Funny cat videos have shown no signs of slowing down. If anything, we can expect even more hilarious feline content as more people gain access to video recording technology. A few reasons these viral gems are here to stay:

  • Cats are everywhere - It's estimated there are over 500 million domestic cats around the world.
  • Videos are easily created and shared - All you need is a camera-enabled phone.
  • People will never get tired of silly cat antics.
  • Short clips suit modern attention spans - No one has to sit through an entire film.

So next time you find yourself in need of a pick-me-up, just fire up YouTube or social media for an endless supply of funny cat videos! Their comedy stylings are sure to please.


Why are funny cat videos so popular?

Funny cat videos are popular because they show cats being silly, cute, and amusing. People enjoy watching cats startle easily, attempt parkour stunts, cram into boxes, and display other funny antics. These videos are highly shareable and make people laugh.

What was the first popular funny cat video?

One of the first hugely popular funny cat videos was "Keyboard Cat" from 2007. It features a cat casually pawing at a keyboard as if it is playing music. This set the stage for many more humorous feline viral video sensations.

Who are some celebrity funny cats?

Some cats that became celebrities from popular funny videos include Keyboard Cat, Lil Bub, and Grumpy Cat. Lil Bub got famous for her unique appearance and silly antics. Grumpy Cat's permanent scowl won the hearts of millions.

Why do funny cat videos continue to be made?

People will keep making funny cat videos because cats are extremely common pets, it's easy to film them using phones, and their antics appeal universally. As long as cats keep being silly, people will keep watching cat videos.

Where can I find new funny cat videos?

Great places to find the latest and greatest funny cat videos are sites like YouTube, Reddit, and Imgur, as well as social media platforms where these clips frequently go viral. Funny cat comps are also abundant online.

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