Are Balance of Nature Supplements Worth the Cost? Examining Reviews

Are Balance of Nature Supplements Worth the Cost? Examining Reviews
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Examining Balance of Nature Reviews: Are They Worth the Cost?

In today's health-conscious world, many people are looking for ways to get proper nutrition through supplements. Balance of Nature has emerged as a popular option, with a line of pill-based fruit and vegetable supplements. However, the high cost of these supplements has led some to question if they provide enough benefits to justify the expense. In this article, we will examine Balance of Nature reviews to help determine if these supplements are worth the cost.

What is Balance of Nature?

Balance of Nature is a Utah-based company offering a variety of fruit and vegetable dietary supplements. Their most popular product is the Balance of Nature Fruit and Vegetable Whole Food Supplement, which contains concentrated extracts of over 30 different fruits and vegetables. The capsules provide many nutrients found in produce, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals.

According to the company, their supplements are made from whole foods using a proprietary physical process to concentrate the nutrients while removing moisture. This allows them to offer the equivalent of many servings of fruits and veggies in just a few pills. The vegetable supplement contains no fillers, just plant-based nutrients.

Examining the Pros and Cons of Balance of Nature

When considering if Balance of Nature is worth the cost for your needs, examining the key pros and cons can help make an informed decision:

  • Convenient way to increase fruit/veggie intake
  • Made from whole foods, not synthetic vitamins
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Can help fill nutrition gaps in some diets
  • Expensive compared to other vitamin brands
  • Not a full multivitamin, still need a varied diet
  • Capsule form not as nutritious as eating whole produce
  • Some studies question nutrient bioavailability
  • Possible quality control issues reported

What Do Customers Have to Say?

To better evaluate Balance of Nature's supplements, it's helpful to examine what actual customers have to say. Reviews can provide real-world insights into pros, cons, and overall satisfaction with the products.

On the positive side, many reviews praise the convenience of getting vegetable nutrients without having to eat platefuls of produce. Some mentioned improved energy, more regularity, and better skin. Those with restrictive diets appreciated having an easy way to increase nutrition.

However, critical reviews frequently cited the high cost to value ratio as a downside. Some felt effects didn't justify the expensive price tag. There were also complaints about the number of pills needed daily. Additionally, some questioned if nutrients were as bioavailable as claimed.

Quality control issues were also raised in some negative reviews. There were reports of rancid-tasting pills occasionally being shipped in batches. Customer service satisfaction was mixed when dealing with these issues.

The Bottom Line on Balance of Nature

Balance of Nature can provide an easy way to conveniently boost your daily fruit and vegetable intake through supplementation. For some customers, this additional nutritional support is worth the premium price.

However, these supplements are expensive compared to other brands. They cannot fully replace eating a balanced diet rich in whole foods. And for some, the benefits may not outweigh the high cost per bottle.

As with any supplement, it's best to consult your doctor to see if Balance of Nature is right for your individual nutritional needs. Examining customer reviews can also provide helpful insight into pros and cons from real-life users before purchasing.


What is Balance of Nature?

Balance of Nature is a dietary supplement company offering fruit and vegetable concentrate capsules. Their most popular product contains 30+ different concentrated fruits and veggies.

How do Balance of Nature supplements work?

The capsules contain extracts made from whole foods through a proprietary process to remove moisture while concentrating the nutrients. This allows them to provide nutrient benefits of produce in pill form.

Are Balance of Nature supplements gluten-free?

Yes, Balance of Nature supplements are gluten-free, as well as dairy-free and vegetarian.

Do you need to take Balance of Nature daily?

The company recommends taking 6 vegetable capsules and 6 fruit capsules per day. For full effects, they should be taken daily.

What do customers say about Balance of Nature?

Reviews are mixed. Some praise convenience and energy benefits. But others cite high cost, quality issues, and question nutrient bioavailability.

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