Meet the Talented Cast of the Hit ABC Comedy Series American Housewife

Meet the Talented Cast of the Hit ABC Comedy Series American Housewife
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Meet the Stars of the Hit ABC Comedy 'American Housewife'

The hilarious family sitcom 'American Housewife' quickly became a fan favorite when it debuted on ABC in 2016. With its eccentric characters, timely storylines, and sharp writing, the show struck a chord with viewers who could relate to the chaotic dynamics of a middle-class American family. But what really brings the show to life is its talented cast of actors who make these characters so memorable and lovable.

Katie Otto Played by Katy Mixon

At the heart of the show is Katie Otto, played masterfully by Katy Mixon. Katie is a confident, outspoken wife and mother of three living in wealthy Westport, Connecticut. As the only average-sized woman amongst the town's community of 'perfect' mothers, Katie often feels out of place. But she tackles everyday challenges with her self-deprecating humor and willingness to speak her mind.

Mixon shines in this role, bringing warmth, hilarity, and humanity to Katie as she navigates the messy realities of parenting, marriage, and suburban life. The character is a refreshing change from the typical sitcom wife and mom archetypes, and Mixon's charm and comedic skills have earned her praise from critics and fans alike. Her performance anchors the show and makes Katie Otto an instantly iconic TV character.

Greg Otto Played by Diedrich Bader

Balancing out Katie's strong personality is her cheerful, easygoing husband Greg Otto, played by veteran comedic actor Diedrich Bader. Greg is an English professor at a local community college who adores his wife and happily leaves most parenting duties to her. Bader brings plenty of laughs with his trademark deadpan delivery, but also gives Greg a sweet sensibility that complements Katie perfectly.

Scenes between Bader and Mixon crackle with witty banter and a relatable depiction of spousal dynamics. Greg's total acceptance of Katie's flaws and quirks, summed up in his nickname 'Honey Pig', encapsulates their romantic chemistry that grounds the show.

Taylor Otto Played by Meg Donnelly

The Otto's eldest daughter Taylor is a pretty, popular, boy-crazy teen who seems like your typical ABC sitcom daughter at first glance. But in the hands of charismatic young actor Meg Donnelly, Taylor reveals herself to be much more - a smart, sensitive young woman struggling with her identity in the high-pressure environment of Westport.

Whether enthusiastically planning her latest charity event or conspiring with her mom to manipulate her dad, Donnelly brings effervescent energy and hilarious facial expressions that make Taylor a scene-stealer. Yet she also captures the character's vulnerabilities as Taylor seeks approval from her friends and competes with her accomplished sister. With pitch-perfect comedic timing and youthful spark, Donnelly makes Taylor a fully realized teen rather than a stereotype.

Oliver Otto Played by Daniel DiMaggio

As middle child Oliver Otto, Daniel DiMaggio excels at playing the sarcastic, eccentric 'weird kid' often found in family sitcoms. But Oliver's obsession with '80s pop culture, deadpan observations of his family's quirks, and endearing social awkwardness give the character plenty of unique personality thanks to DiMaggio's performance.

Watching Oliver's amusing interactions with his siblings and parents, it's clear DiMaggio understands exactly who Oliver is and has a blast bringing his distinct comedic style to life. DiMaggio delivers ridiculous lines with such straight-faced sincerity you can't help but laugh and feel connected to Oliver's desire to be understood.

Anna-Kat Otto Played by Julia Butters

The youngest Otto child Anna-Kat, played skillfully by Julia Butters, adds even more hilarity with her neurotic, Type-A personality and endless anxieties about homework, friends, and proper nutrition. She obsesses over every minor issue and drives her family crazy with her regimented lifestyle and hyper-mature manner.

But Butters gives Anna-Kat such genuine innocence and charm that you can't help but adore her anyway. Using wildly expressive reactions and highly specific body language, Butters completely sells Anna-Kat's extreme precociousness and high-strung nature. Yet she can also pivot to quietly touching moments when Anna-Kat's fears and sensitivity are revealed.

Angela Played by Carly Hughes

As the Otto family's longtime friend and confidant, Angela handles their daily chaos with a healthy dose of sarcasm and wisdom. Carly Hughes is perfect in this role, creating an endearing character who can fire off zingers about the Ottos' questionable choices then turn around and show her maternal affection for them.

Hughes and Mixon play off each beautifully, capturing years of friendship in their natural comic rhythm and heartfelt moments. Whether helping Katie keep her kids in line or dishing out dating advice, Hughes brings humor and warmth to this fan-favorite character.

Ensemble Cast

While the core Otto family drives the show, 'American Housewife' also benefits from a stellar supporting cast playing Westport locals. Ali Wong delivers scene-stealing deadpan as high-strung next door neighbor Doris, constantly judgmental of the Otto family's unsophisticated ways. Broadway legend Lesley Ann Warren plays Katie's wealthy, body-conscious mother Kathryn, an overbearing presence during her visits. And boorish, brainless British expat Stan is portrayed hilariously by Eddie Shin.

These and more great characters populate the heightened 'American Housewife' world and interact with the Ottos in ways both uproarious and heartfelt. The gifted ensemble cast makes Westport feel like a real community populated by multi-dimensional characters.

A Winning Cast with Authentic Comedic Chemistry

After six seasons delighting fans, it's clear the cast of 'American Housewife' fire on all cylinders under the guidance of showrunner Rick Wiener. This group has an authentic comedic give-and-take that makes the Otto family feel like a real family, albeit one contending with hilariously over-the-top scenarios week after week. Led by Katy Mixon's star-making performance as Katie Otto, the ensemble's chemistry, comic timing, and emotional depth drive this fantastic sitcom.


Who is the star of American Housewife?

Katy Mixon stars as Katie Otto, the central character of American Housewife. She plays a confident, outspoken wife and mother navigating suburban life in wealthy Westport, Connecticut.

What network airs American Housewife?

American Housewife airs on ABC. It first premiered on the network in 2016 and is currently still on the air after 6 seasons.

Where is American Housewife set?

The show takes place in the fictional wealthy town of Westport, Connecticut. The Otto family lives here and Katie often feels out of place amongst the other affluent mothers.

Who are the other main characters on American Housewife besides Katie?

Katie's family includes her husband Greg (Diedrich Bader), their three kids Taylor (Meg Donnelly), Oliver (Daniel DiMaggio), and Anna-Kat (Julia Butters), along with their friend Angela (Carly Hughes).

Is American Housewife a comedy?

Yes, American Housewife is a family comedy series. It is known for its quirky characters, timely storylines, and sharp writing delivered by a talented cast.

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