Rogers Sporting Goods Annual Waterfowl Weekend Sale

Rogers Sporting Goods Annual Waterfowl Weekend Sale
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The History of Rogers Sporting Goods

Rogers Sporting Goods first opened its doors in 1928 in the small town of Rogersville, Missouri. Founder Harold Rogers was an avid outdoorsman who loved hunting and fishing. After working at the local hardware store for years, Harold decided to open his own shop focused on providing quality sporting goods and exceptional customer service. The first Rogers store was small but carried all the essentials that local outdoorsmen needed. Harold's selection of fishing lures and poles was second to none. He also made sure to stock ammunition, traps, and other tools for hunting popular game like deer, duck, rabbit, and squirrel. Rogers Sporting Goods quickly became the place to go in Rogersville for anyone needing gear for their latest outdoor adventure.

Expanding the Business

Over the next few decades, Rogers Sporting Goods expanded to serve even more customers. In the 1950s, Harold opened a second Rogers store in a nearby town. He also began offering mail order catalogs, which allowed out-of-town hunters and anglers to shop the Rogers selection. The 1960s brought further growth, with Rogers stores popping up throughout Missouri. Harold Rogers passed the family business down to his son John Rogers in 1970. John brought innovation to Rogers Sporting Goods, adding new products like compound bows, motorized trolling motors, and graphite fishing rods.

Under John's leadership, Rogers became one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the Midwest. He successfully balanced growth with staying true to the company's roots. Each new Rogers store maintained Harold Rogers' original commitment to knowledgeable service and high-quality gear.

Rogers Today

Today, Rogers Sporting Goods operates over 20 stores across multiple states. It remains family-owned and headquartered in Rogersville. Shoppers will find an incredible selection of hunting and fishing gear. Rogers stocks top brands like Browning, Sitka, Shimano, and Rapala.

The fishing department offers a vast array of rods, reels, tackle, electronics, and even fishing boats. Meanwhile, the hunting section provides all the essentials, whether you hunt deer, waterfowl, upland birds, predators, or small game. Rogers has you covered with guns and ammo, blinds and decoys, calls and scents, ATVs, tree stands, and more.

Rogers' Annual Waterfowl Weekend

One of the most exciting events of the year at Rogers Sporting Goods is the annual Waterfowl Weekend. Held each August, this massive sale draws hunters from surrounding states who flock to take advantage of incredible deals. Waterfowl Weekend makes it easy to gear up for the upcoming duck and goose seasons.

Huge Savings

The main draw of Waterfowl Weekend is the blowout bargains offered in Rogers' waterfowl hunting department. Shoppers can expect to save up to 70% off all the top brands. Decoys, waders, specialized clothing, calls, blinds - it's all on sale. For many hunters, Waterfowl Weekend is the perfect time to replace worn gear or try out new innovative products.

Some of the amazing deals at the 2023 Waterfowl Weekend included: - Avery Full Body Mallard Floaters for 30% off - Lucky Duck Revolution Spinning Wing Decoys for 40% off - Sitka Waterfowl Waders for 50% off - Native Waterfowl Calls up to 70% off - Final Approach Bluetooth Layout Blinds on clearance

Demo Days

Besides the discounts, another big draw is the manufacturer demo days. Major waterfowl brands will be at Rogers stores across the weekend allowing shoppers to test products hands-on before buying. Hunting experts from the companies are available to answer questions and provide insider tips.

Demo days are a great opportunity to test out new shotguns and get insight right from company representatives. Trying out calls and watching pro staffers blow custom tunes gives hunters confidence in selecting the right call. Experiencing firsthand how the latest decoys look in water helps shoppers make informed purchases.


In addition to the deals and demos, Rogers runs exciting giveaways for Waterfowl Weekend shoppers. In past years, they've given away hunt trips to premier waterfowling outfitters. Rogers has also handed out blinds, guns, calls and tons of other sweet prizes. Hunters love the chance to win free gear!

Start Planning Now

Waterfowl Weekend will be here before you know it. The 2023 sale takes place August 4th - 6th. Mark your calendars and start preparing now. Opening day of duck season will be more successful if you hit Rogers' Waterfowl Weekend first! Be sure to swing by the demo days to test out the latest gear. And keep your fingers crossed that you'll go home with prizes from Rogers' famous giveaways. We can't wait to see everyone at the 2023 Waterfowl Weekend!


What are the dates for Rogers' 2023 Waterfowl Weekend?

The 2023 Waterfowl Weekend sale takes place August 4th - 6th.

What kind of discounts can I expect during Waterfowl Weekend?

Discounts during the sale reach up to 70% off top waterfowl hunting brands. You'll save big on gear like decoys, waders, calls, blinds, and more.

Will major brands be on site for demo days?

Yes, top waterfowl companies will be at Rogers stores to showcase new products and allow hands-on testing before you buy.

What giveaways will Rogers Sporting Goods offer in 2023?

Giveaways often include hunt trips, blinds, firearms, calls and other sweet prizes. Keep your fingers crossed!

Do I need to register for deals, demos or giveaways?

No registration is required - just stop by any Rogers Sporting Goods store during Waterfowl Weekend to take advantage of all the special events.

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