History and Evolution of Rogers Sporting Goods - Expertise and Quality Gear

History and Evolution of Rogers Sporting Goods - Expertise and Quality Gear
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The History and Evolution of Rogers Sporting Goods

For over 50 years, Rogers Sporting Goods has been a leader in providing quality gear and exceptional service to outdoor enthusiasts across the United States. Since its founding in 1971, Rogers has grown from a small bait and tackle shop in Arkansas to a nationwide retailer with both brick-and-mortar stores and a robust online presence. Through it all, Rogers has stayed true to its roots while evolving to meet the changing needs of its loyal customers.

The Early Days

Rogers Sporting Goods was founded in 1971 by avid hunter and angler Roger McNeil. Roger opened the first Rogers store in Russellville, Arkansas as a local bait and tackle shop. As word spread about the quality fishing gear and excellent customer service offered at Rogers, it quickly became a destination for anglers across the state.

Throughout the 1970s, Rogers expanded to open new stores across Arkansas. Roger focused on hiring passionate outdoor lovers as staff who could provide helpful advice and recommendations to customers. This emphasis on knowledgeable customer service established Rogers' reputation for being more than just a retailer - it became a trusted resource for hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts in the region.

A National Brand

By the 1980s, Rogers had become the leading sporting goods retailer in Arkansas. As the company continued to grow, Roger expanded beyond bait and tackle into carrying a wide range of hunting, camping and recreational gear. National brands like Browning, Sitka and Costa del Mar were added to store shelves.

Seeing the opportunity to bring the Rogers experience to more outdoor lovers, the company began to open new stores outside of Arkansas in the late 80s and early 90s. The first out-of-state Rogers opened in Louisiana in 1989. By the late 90s, Rogers had stores across the South and Midwest.

The increase in store locations meant Rogers could buy gear in larger quantities directly from major manufacturers. These bulk purchases allowed Rogers to pass significant savings down to customers. As big box sporting good stores rose to prominence in the 90s, Rogers remained competitive by continuing to offer specialty items and expertise not found at larger retailers.

A True Omnichannel Retailer

The rise of ecommerce in the 2000s presented both a challenge and opportunity for Rogers. Under the leadership of current CEO Susan McGee, the company expanded beyond its brick-and-mortar origins to open RogersSportingGoods.com, giving customers the ability to shop the Rogers inventory online.

Rogers was early to adopt ship-to-store and buy online, pick up in-store omnichannel capabilities. Customers could seamlessly move between shopping online and in physical stores. Rogers also invested heavily in IT and inventory management systems to integrate the in-store and online shopping experiences.

The addition of omnichannel options allowed Rogers to reach a wider swath of outdoor enthusiasts nationwide. While continuing to operate over 150 stores, Rogers can now ship products anywhere across the continental US. Omnichannel capabilities also give flexibility to customers, who can get products fast via ship-to-home while still getting helpful advice by interacting with in-store experts.

Commitment to Conservation

As Rogers has grown over the decades, its commitment to conservation and sustainable outdoor recreation practices has remained constant. The company sponsors habitat conservation programs, partners with wildlife advocacy groups, and has raised millions for wetlands preservation.

Rogers also gives back to the outdoor community by hosting educational events at its stores. These include seminars on ethical hunting practices and fishing regulations. Rogers staff members routinely volunteer as guides and instructors for various conservation outreach programs in the communities Rogers serves.

For employees, Rogers fosters a culture of environmental stewardship by giving all staff paid time off to participate in conservation and clean-up volunteer activities. The company also supports charities dedicated to introducing new audiences to the outdoors, such as youth mentorship programs for fishing, hunting and camping.

What Sets Rogers Apart

Throughout its 50+ year history, Rogers Sporting Goods has stayed grounded in the foundation set by its passionate founder while evolving to remain an industry leader. Here are some of the key factors that set Rogers apart:


Roger's hires true outdoor enthusiasts who bring expertise from their own experiences hunting, fishing, camping and recreating outdoors. Combined with regular product training, this allows Rogers staff to provide detailed guidance to help customers select the right gear for their needs.


The Rogers inventory is carefully curated to include a range of specialty items not found at big box retailers. This selection is tailored to regional customer interests in each store's geographic area.

Commitment to Relationships

Rogers focuses on building long-term relationships with customers, not just individual transactions. Their staff takes time to get to know regular customers to better meet their evolving needs. Special orders are happily accommodated.

Giving Back

Through conservation initiatives, education and volunteerism, Rogers gives back to the outdoor community and protects wild spaces for future generations to enjoy.

With its rich heritage, passionate staff, and focus on customers, service and conservation, Rogers Sporting Goods is poised to continue thriving for the next 50 years and beyond. For outdoor enthusiasts seeking knowledge and quality gear, Rogers remains the top destination.


Where is Rogers Sporting Goods located?

Rogers operates over 150 stores located across the South, Midwest, and parts of the Western United States. It is headquartered in Russellville, Arkansas where the first Rogers store opened in 1971.

Does Rogers Sporting Goods have an online store?

Yes, RogersSportingGoods.com launched in the early 2000s allows customers to shop the Rogers selection online. Rogers offers omnichannel options like ship-to-store, buy online pickup in-store, and fast shipping across the continental US.

What types of gear and equipment does Rogers offer?

Rogers stocks a wide range of hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, boating and other outdoor recreation gear. This includes rods & reels, firearms, archery equipment, clothing, footwear, optics and more from top outdoor brands.

Does Rogers Sporting Goods offer delivery and installation services?

Many Rogers locations offer delivery, assembly and installation services for larger purchases such as tree stands, canopies, and boat equipment. Check with your local store for details on specific offerings.

What is Rogers' return policy?

Rogers offers a 1 year return policy on new unused items with original tags and packaging. For defective products, returns are allowed within 30 days. Some restrictions apply, so check RogersSportingGoods.com for full return policy details.

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