Save Big with the Carnival Cruise Drink Package Loophole

Save Big with the Carnival Cruise Drink Package Loophole
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The Carnival Cruise Drink Package Glitch

Carnival cruise ships are popular options for affordable vacations. One of the ways cruisers try to save money on their trip is through the drink package. This package allows guests unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for one flat rate per day. However, some clever carnival cruise travelers have found a loophole to get free drinks.

How the Carnival Drink Package Glitch Works

The drink package glitch takes advantage of the way Carnival's system works. When you purchase the package, your sail card is loaded with the number of days you'll be sailing. You can then use this card to order drinks on any day of the cruise without further payment.

The glitch comes on the last night. Since your card still has one more night technically left on it, you can continue ordering free drinks after midnight. This means getting free drinks on the final cruise night well into the early morning.

Is the Glitch Unethical?

While some see utilizing this loophole as unethical, others view it as fair game. Carnival's terms do state that the package covers a set number of cruise days. And technically, midnight to departure is still part of that final cruise day.

Additionally, due to the all night parties common on the last night, Carnival likely expects passengers to take advantage of the system. As long as you aren't ordering excessive amounts or endangering yourself, most crew members likely won't bat an eye if you benefit from this policy.

Why Carnival Doesn't Fix This Loophole

You may wonder why Carnival doesn't just fix this system glitch. After all, they are losing money by allowing passengers to get free drinks.

The reason lies in customer satisfaction. Allowing the loophole improves tourists' perception of the cruise line. This generates positive word of mouth marketing among Carnival fans.

In essence, Carnival has done the math and figured they gain more revenue through return cruisers sharing their satisfaction than the actual cost of the free last night drinks.

Tips For Using The Carnival Drink Package Glitch

Want to take advantage of this famous Carnival Cruise trick? Here are some tips to utilize it smoothly:

Wait Until Late Night

Don't blatantly overuse the glitch. Wait until the big last night party gets underway before going to the bars. This reduces the risk of getting in trouble for excessive drinking.

Avoid Top Shelf Items

Stick to beer, wine, and basic mixed drinks. Skipping the really expensive top shelf items helps avoid angering bartenders who have to cover your bill.

Be Smart and Stay Safe

You still need to be responsible about your alcohol consumption. Don't order drink after drink just because it's free. Stay safe and make smart choices.

The Future of the Carnival Drink Package Loophole

Will this famous Carnival Cruise trick last forever? Likely not. As more passengers discover the glitch, Carnival may be forced to re evaluate from a cost perspective.

For now though, those sailing with Carnival can continue enjoying this inside hack. Just remember not to ruin a good thing by being overly obvious about your last night drink card usage!


What is the Carnival cruise drink package glitch?

The Carnival drink package glitch allows travelers to order free drinks past midnight on the last night of their cruise. This exploits a loophole in Carnival's drink package policy.

When can I start using this glitch?

Wait until late on the last cruise night once the big deck parties get going. This helps avoid trouble for overdrinking earlier in the day.

Are there limits to what I can order with this trick?

Avoid top shelf and very expensive drinks when using this glitch. Stick to basic beer, wine, and mixed drinks to not anger bartenders.

Will Carnival fix this policy loophole?

Carnival sees value in the customer goodwill this glitch generates, so they may keep the policy as is for now. But if too many guests abuse it, they'll likely change course.

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