Selling Used Raymour & Flanigan Furniture for Cash

Selling Used Raymour & Flanigan Furniture for Cash
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Selling Pre-Owned Raymour & Flanigan Furniture

If you have an old Raymour & Flanigan dining set or other furniture that you want to get rid of because you are moving, you have several options to conveniently sell or dispose of it. Selling secondhand and vintage Raymour & Flanigan pieces can not only earn you some extra cash but also keep quality furniture out of landfills by giving it a second life in another home.

Assess the Condition of Your Raymour & Flanigan Furniture

Before attempting to sell your used Raymour & Flanigan furnishings, thoroughly inspect each piece to determine its current condition. Check for any scratches, dents, stains, or other cosmetic damage. Test all moving parts and ensure that tables and chairs remain sturdy and level. As you assess any defects or signs of wear and tear, determine whether the issues are minor flaws that can be repaired or cleaned, or more significant problems that negatively impact functionality.

Be upfront in your listing descriptions about any damage or defects. Take clear, well-lit photos documenting any scratches or flaws so potential buyers know exactly what they will be getting. Buyers expect some normal wear on pre-owned goods, but you are more likely to make a sale if problems are disclosed and furniture is priced accordingly.

Clean Furniture Prior to Selling

While it’s understandable that used furniture will show some dirt or minor stains from ordinary use, thoroughly cleaning pieces before selling will make them far more attractive to buyers. Refer to the Raymour & Flanigan website for recommendations on properly caring for and cleaning your particular furniture fabrics and materials. Use mild cleaners and gently scrub away built-up dirt and grime to freshen up surfaces.

Be very careful not to cause any additional damage as you clean furniture. Harsh chemicals and aggressive scrubbing can deteriorate already fragile surfaces and finishes. Focus cleaning efforts solely on dirt removal rather than trying to remove stubborn stains or repair finish flaws beyond your abilities.

Price Realistically Based on Condition and Age

Most secondhand furniture sells for a fraction of its original retail price. Set competitive, reasonable prices by researching the current market value of similar used Raymour & Flanigan dining sets or seating options in your local area. Take into account the overall condition, any repairs or updating that may be needed, and the impacts of normal wear over the years.

While you want to earn as much as possible, setting prices too high will likely deter buyers who can readily find comparable alternatives at lower costs. Consider how much work and inconvenience removing and transporting your large furniture pieces will require for buyers as you settle on pricing.

Advertise on Multiple Resale Platforms

Spread the word about your pre-owned Raymour & Flanigan offerings for sale through multiple channels to reach the largest pool of interested local buyers. Create detailed listings with the manufacturer name and product details along with plenty of photos clearly capturing any flaws.

In addition to general sales platforms like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, also consider targeted options like furniture-specific selling sites and apps. Provide measurements and weight estimates to inform buyers about moving logistics.

Make yourself available to answer questions and schedule pick-up times. Be flexible on pricing with buyers willing to promptly remove all listed furniture pieces in a single trip. For extra visibility, also post eye-catching “For Sale” signs with key details on the furniture itself or your yard.

Preparing Raymour & Flanigan Furnishings for Pick-Up

Once you secure a buyer for your used Raymour & Flanigan dining set or seating, you’ll need to arrange a pick-up time and help prepare items to facilitate a smooth furniture hand-off.

Schedule Pick-Up at a Convenient Time

Work with the buyer to find a pick-up date and specific time window that fits both of your schedules. Keep in mind that loading bulky furniture into a truck may require some daylight. Confirm the hours when you will have access to doors, elevators, loading zones, or other entry points if moving pieces from an apartment or condo.

Exchange contact information so you can easily notify the buyer about any unforeseen changes in access due to weather delays, parking challenges, or other issues.

Stage Furniture Pieces Near the Exit

On the agreed pick-up date, stage all sold furniture as close as possible to your door or building exit point to streamline loading. Break down any items requiring disassembly and place hardware in bags taped to the corresponding piece. Free up a clear pathway from entry to exit so movers can swiftly carry each sold piece outside.

If small doorways, tight corners, or stairs create tricky navigation obstacles, mention these in advance so buyers come prepared to safely maneuver large furniture items through your space.

Inspect Pieces and Assist Movers as Needed

When buyers arrive, walk them through your sold pieces and address any final questions. Offer to help steady heavier items as needed while they are carried outside to prevent any damage.

Once all furniture is loaded into the truck, inspect pieces one last time for any new scratches or scuffs before finalizing the transaction. Provide payment details to conclude selling your pre-owned Raymour & Flanigan furnishings.

With smart pricing, effective advertising, and smooth furniture hand-offs, you can conveniently convert your used dining sets, seating, tables, and more into handy cash while giving quality Raymour & Flanigan pieces renewed life in a new home.


What are some recommended platforms to sell used Raymour & Flanigan furniture?

Some top sites and apps to list pre-owned Raymour & Flanigan pieces for local pickup include Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, Letgo, and furniture-specific resale platforms.

How should I price my used dining set or seating?

Research current resale prices for comparable furnishings in similar condition to determine fair pricing. Generally used furniture sells for a fraction of original retail costs. Price modestly to attract buyers willing to promptly remove all items.

What details should I include in my used furniture listings?

Good descriptions should note manufacturer name, product details, dimensions, any damage/wear, materials, required cleaning/repairs so buyers know exactly what they'll get. Photos documenting condition are also very important.

What if I can’t move heavy pieces to my door for pick-up?

For bulky furniture located deep within an apartment/house, mention access obstacles and doorframe sizes early when coordinating pick-up. Request buyer assistance moving heavy items to simplify loading the truck.

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