Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit and Savings Tips for Expecting Parents

Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit and Savings Tips for Expecting Parents
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Creating a Target Baby Registry

Putting together a baby registry can be an exciting and overwhelming experience for expectant parents. Target aims to simplify the process by offering a user-friendly registry both online and in stores, along with valuable free baby items and discounts. If you're wondering what to expect from Target's baby registry welcome kit, read on!

Getting Started with a Target Baby Registry

The first step is to set up your registry either on Target's website or using their mobile app. You'll need to create an account if you don't already have one. The process is quick and easy - simply fill in some basic information about your due date and yourself.

One of the best parts of creating a Target baby registry is that you can add items from any merchant to your list. So feel free to browse and add essentials or wish list items from BuyBuy Baby, Amazon, and more. Target makes it simple by allowing you to use their universal registry tool.

Choosing Your Free Baby Registry Welcome Kit

Once your registry is created, you can choose between two free welcome kit options:

  • A reusable tote filled with samples and coupons
  • A box filled with additional baby samples, coupons, and a $50 Target gift card

If you think you'll be shopping at Target frequently for baby items, the gift card is typically the better value. Just note that you can only choose one, so pick the option that excites you the most!

What to Expect in Target's Baby Registry Welcome Kit

If you selected the reusable tote option, expect to receive the following:

  • Green or gray Target tote bag
  • Aaveno baby lotion and face stick samples
  • Dr. Brown's bottle and pacifier samples
  • WaterWipes sample pack
  • Boogie Wipes sample
  • Coupons from registry brands

The boxed kit contains all of those items plus:

  • $50 Target gift card
  • Additional formula, nursing, bath, and skin care samples
  • Extra coupons for both baby and non-baby purchases

When Will I Receive My Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit?

If you select the tote bag option, Target aims to ship it within a week of creating your registry. The boxed welcome kit typically takes 1-2 weeks to arrive. Both are completely free as long as your registry remains public and active.

Using Your Target Baby Registry Completion Coupon

Around your third trimester, Target will mail you a 15% off completion coupon. This can be used on remaining items from your registry, whether you received them at your baby shower or still need to purchase them yourself.

The coupon excludes select brands but is still an excellent way to save on bigger ticket gear and furniture. And if any discount is left after you purchase remaining registry items, it can be applied to other baby necessities as well.

Maximizing Savings with a Target Baby Registry

On top of the free welcome kit and completion coupon, creating a baby registry with Target unlocks several other money-saving opportunities.

Take Advantage of Regular Registry Discounts

While shopping for registry essentials in-store or online, look out for the prominent registry discount area. Here you can find significant savings from trusted baby brands all in one place. Discounts typically range from 15-20% off.

Combine with Ongoing Sales and Promos

Keep an eye out for additional storewide or department sales that you can stack with your registry discounts. For example, you may find car seats or cribs on sale for an extra 5-10% off on top of your 20% registry coupon.

Target also offers periodic dollar amount gift cards when you spend a certain amount on baby items. So be sure to check their weekly ad digitally or in your mailbox.

Don't Forget About the RedCard

If you plan to shop at Target frequently, their free loyalty RedCard can net you an additional 5% off all purchases. This discount also applies to already reduced registry items and stacked sales. Over hundreds of dollars in baby expenses, that extra 5% makes a noticeable difference!

Use Buy Buy Baby Coupons at Target

Here's an insider tip: even though Buy Buy Baby is a separate baby store, their coupons are accepted at Target! So if you receive any promotional cards or coupons with your Buy Buy Baby registry welcome kit, do not throw them away.

Take them with you when shopping for baby at Target for even more stacked savings. Every little bit counts when preparing for baby's arrival!

Registries Make Baby Showers a Breeze

Perhaps most importantly, creating a thorough baby registry streamlines any upcoming baby showers. Provide the registry information to hosts so they can conveniently purchase items you need and want. Plus, stores like Target offer generous return and exchange policies, allowing you to swap out registry gifts if needed.

With the registry doing the heavy lifting, you can focus on enjoying this special time connecting with friends and family before the baby comes. After the whirlwind of pregnancy and birth, self care is vital.

Help Out-of-Town Guests Join the Fun

A Babylist and Target registry also makes it easier for out-of-town loved ones to contribute. Instead of worrying about bringing gifts on planes or long car rides, they can simply have a cute onesie or burp cloth sent straight to your door.

Some may even mail gift cards or pampering treats for you ahead of the shower to show their support from afar.

Host a Sprinkler "Shower"

If hosting a traditional baby shower sounds stressful or inconvenient for your situation, get creative! Sprinkler showers are a popular new trend where a garden hose and sprinkler are set up. Guests run through for fun and drop off registry gifts before getting soaked.

Not only does this provide some heartwarming memories, but it keeps the focus on celebrating you and baby rather than fancy decor or stiff socialization. Now that's a party!

Wrap Up

Preparing your home and life for a newborn requires loads of stuff - and expenses can add up fast. Let Target lift some of the burden through their baby registry welcome kit and completion discount. Combine with regular promos and sales for the best bang for your buck.

Most of all, remember what matters: embracing this fleeting time before your baby arrives! Let friends, family and Target handle the baby shower so you can daydream about that sweet little face.


Can I add items from other stores to my Target registry?

Yes, Target offers a universal baby registry that allows you to add products from BuyBuy Baby, Amazon, and other popular baby retailers. This makes it easy for friends and family to purchase gifts you want and need from a variety of merchants.

When should I start my Target baby registry?

You can create your registry at any point during your pregnancy. However, many experts recommend waiting until your second trimester, around 16-20 weeks. This gives you enough time to research essential gear and add items before your baby shower.

How long do I have to use my registry completion coupon?

Target's 15% off completion coupon has a 60 day expiration from the date it was issued. So you have about two months to take advantage of the discount on remaining registry items you still need to purchase after your baby shower.

What's the return policy for registry gifts?

No receipt is needed to return Target registry gifts. Unopened items can be returned for a full refund within one year. Opened items can be exchanged for another size, color, or similar item if needed.

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