The Farmer's Dog: Fresh Home Delivered Dog Food

The Farmer's Dog: Fresh Home Delivered Dog Food
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The Origins of The Farmer's Dog

In today's world of highly processed pet foods, a fresh perspective was needed. This inspired The Farmer's Dog, a company founded in 2014 that delivers freshly made, personalized meals for dogs directly to consumers. Their inspiration came from witnessing the transformative power of nutritious, home-cooked food firsthand.

Seeing is Believing

The founders of The Farmer's Dog had seen dogs in their own lives changed by healthier diets. Dogs that had dull coats or digestive issues would start to thrive. Their energy levels and happiness seemed to visibly improve. It was like magic seeing previously sick dogs become healthy and energetic.

They realized that most commercial kibbles simply couldn't offer that level of nutrition. After switching those dogs to freshly home cooked food, the difference was clear. This inspired them to find a way to bring that same kind of real, wholesome food to more pet parents and dogs.

The Problem With Most Dog Food

Many mass market dog food brands rely on highly processed ingredients. They often use rendered meats, artificial preservatives, carbohydrate fillers like corn and wheat, and synthetic vitamin fortifications.

While these foods may provide basic nutrition, they are cooked at such high temperatures that critical nutrients are damaged or destroyed. The ingredients also tend to be lower quality. This leaves our pets without the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omegas they need to truly thrive.

Providing Fresh, Nutrient-Dense Food

The Farmer's Dog was founded to provide something better. Their dog food is made with high quality ingredients from trusted suppliers, gently cooked to preserve nutrients. The food is customized for each dog based on their age, weight, and unique needs.

Personalized Recipes

Each pet parent fills out a quiz detailing their dog's dietary specifics. Then The Farmer's Dog formulates customized recipes and appropriate portion sizes for that individual dog. Their algorithms perfectly balance essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients based on the latest scientific research.

Recipes may include beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, trout, pork or even wild boar. Fruits and veggies like apples, spinach, bananas, and sweet potatoes add vitamins without unnecessary carbs. The food also includes healthy oils for skin and coat health.

Cooked Gently

The ingredients are diced into pieces for easier digestion, then lightly cooked. This gentle process preserves the natural taste and nutrients better than extruded or heavily processed kibbles. The food is human grade and safe for human consumption.

Custom recipes mean pet parents can order food tailored to their dog's needs, whether they are elderly, puppies, sensitive stomachs, or have allergies. It allows for a level of customization commercial brands can't match.

Seeing the Transformative Effects

The effects of fresh, whole food on dogs can seem almost magical. Within weeks of starting The Farmer's Dog food, pet parents typically see:

  • Shinier, softer coats
  • Improved digestion
  • Higher energy levels
  • Healthier skin and ears
  • Less shedding
  • Better breath

The raw ingredients and tailored recipes provide more complete and balanced nutrition. Dogs get the specific proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals their bodies need.

Real Food Makes a Difference

It's incredible witnessing the transformation of picky or sick pets after switching to better food. What pet parents once struggled with - digestive issues, dull jackets, pickiness - improve dramatically. It's the power of real, fresh ingredients tailored to your dog's needs.

Just as balanced, nutritious meals make us humans feel and perform better, dogs benefit tremendously too. The difference a healthy diet makes in their wellbeing and vitality is amazing. While it may seem like magic, it's simply the power of more thoughtful nutrition from high quality ingredients.

Bringing Fresh Home Delivered Dog Food to More Pet Parents

The Farmer's Dog has continued spreading their mission of happier, healthier dogs across America since 2014. They now deliver to most of the continental US.

With educational content and recipes focused on canine health, they make it simpler for pet parents to make informed choices. Subscriptions plans keep custom food automatically restocked and delivered.

As dogs thrive on fresher, whole food ingredients, the company aims to expand further. They hope to see fewer dogs suffering preventable issues from poor diets. Instead their goal is for more furry friends to be full of energy, healthy and happy.

It's amazing what real food can do. The difference is like night and day for many dogs. Pet parents who believe better nutrition should be accessible for all dogs can check out The Farmer's Dog website to learn more or get started.

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What types of food does The Farmer's Dog offer?

The Farmer's Dog offers custom-made recipes for each dog using fresh ingredients like beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, pork, trout and more. Recipes are tailored to your dog's age, weight, activity level, sensitivities, and other needs.

How is The Farmer's Dog food customized?

Pet parents fill out a quiz about their dog's unique dietary needs. Proprietary algorithms developed by veterinary nutritionists then design recipes with the optimal ingredients and nutrient balance for each dog.

How often does The Farmer's Dog deliver food?

You can choose weekly to biweekly deliveries so you get freshly made food automatically before running out. Shipping is free!

What results do dogs see from eating The Farmer's Dog food?

Most dogs see shiny coats, more energy, better digestion, healthier skin and ears, less shedding and gas, and better breath within just a few weeks. Their overall health improves dramatically.

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