Buy Buy Baby is Permanently Closing All Stores in Canada

Buy Buy Baby is Permanently Closing All Stores in Canada
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The End of an Era: Buy Buy Baby is Closing its Doors in Canada

It's a sad day for expectant parents and deal-hunters alike, as the iconic baby superstore Buy Buy Baby has announced that it will be permanently closing all of its Canadian locations. This marks the end of an era for the beloved store, which has been a go-to destination for all things baby-related in Canada since the early 2000s.

Buy Buy Baby Canada Got Its Start in the Early 2000s

Buy Buy Baby first arrived on the Canadian retail scene back in 2001, quickly becoming popular with new and expectant parents looking to outfit their nurseries and stock up on all the essentials. The store offered one-stop shopping for everything from strollers and car seats to feeding supplies, diapers, clothing, toys, furniture, and more.

While big box baby stores weren't new, Buy Buy Baby differentiated itself through its broad product selection and deep discounts. The store frequently offered coupons and hosted sales events that drew in savvy shoppers looking to save. As the years went on, Buy Buy Baby continued to expand its Canadian footprint, eventually reaching over 25 stores from coast to coast.

The Store Was a Go-To for Baby Registry Completion

Over the past two decades, Buy Buy Baby became known as the place to complete baby registries. Expectant parents could browse the store's huge selection of top baby brands and add anything they wanted to their registries. From big ticket items like cribs, strollers, and car seats to smaller essentials like diapers, burp cloths, and hooded towels, Buy Buy Baby had it all.

The store made the registry completion process easy - guests could conveniently purchase gifts right off the registry at Buy Buy Baby. And registry holders were able to take advantage of the completion discounts and perks like free welcome kits. For many expecting parents, a trip to Buy Buy Baby was a registry rite of passage.

It Was the Go-To for Savings on All Things Baby

While some specialty baby stores catered exclusively to luxury brands and high price points, Buy Buy Baby prided itself on offering products at a wide range of price points. The store carried exclusive lines and premium brands, but also had affordable options for savvy shoppers. Discounts and coupons were frequently available, from 20% off entire purchases to dollars off select items.

For deal-seeking parents and gift purchasers, the savings at Buy Buy Baby couldn't be beat. The store routinely offered deep discounts on big ticket items like car seats and strollers, making the prices more affordable. And frequent sales on diapers, wipes, and other everyday essentials were popular with parents looking to stock up and save.

Closure Comes Amid Brick and Mortar Struggles

In January 2023, parent company Bed Bath & Beyond announced that Buy Buy Baby would be leaving the Canadian market and closing its remaining stores. This comes at a time when many brick and mortar retailers have struggled - according to SBR, over 11,000 chain stores closed their doors in Canada in 2022.

Industry experts cite the growth of online shopping and dominance of big box stores like Walmart and Amazon as contributing factors. Specialty retail stores have found it increasingly difficult to compete, especially coming out of the pandemic during which online shopping boomed.

For Buy Buy Baby Canada, the permanent closures mark the end of over 20 years of serving parents and gift-givers across the country. The brand will continue to operate its stores in the United States, but its footprint will now be non-existent north of the border.

Canadian Parents Will Miss This Go-To Baby Store

For many Canadian parents and caregivers, Buy Buy Baby's closure tugs at the heartstrings. The store has been a staple for so many shoppers over the years. Expectant parents made pilgrimages to Buy Buy Baby to explore top brands and create their perfect registries. Deal-hunters knew it was the perfect place to score savings on a range of baby essentials. And exhausted new parents could make a late night emergency run to pick up formula or diapers.

While there are still some specialty baby stores left, none quite offered the expansive selection and savings combination Buy Buy Baby was known for. For many shoppers, it was a one-stop shop that saved time and money. Its absence will certainly be felt by Canadian parents in the years to come.

Empty Shelves Mark the End of an Era

In early 2023, shoppers began posting photos on social media showing the Buy Buy Baby locations in Canada looking barren and empty. Aisles that once held neatly lined cribs and strollers were sparse. Clearance stickers dotted the few remaining products, with discounts up to 30 to 50% off.

It was a solemn image for loyal Canadian Buy Buy Baby shoppers. The empty shelves were a stark symbol of the end of an era. Over two decades of baby registries, nursery outfitting, and discount deal hunting were coming to a close.

While die-hard shoppers may continue to visit in the last days hoping for closeout deals, the Buy Buy Baby name will soon only live on in memories. For many shoppers, the image of those empty shelves will stick as a reminder of the day the iconic baby superstore left Canada for good.

Saying Goodbye to Buy Buy Baby Canada

The impending closure of all Buy Buy Baby Canada stores marks the end of over 20 years of service helping new parents prep for baby. The store transformed the baby shopping experience with its wide product selection, registry perks, and constant discounts. Its absence leaves a void in the Canadian retail landscape.

As shoppers say goodbye to this beloved baby store, they'll fondly look back on the registries created, savings scored, and memories made walking the aisles over the years. Buy Buy Baby played an important role in many families' early parenting days. Its closing represents the end of an era, but its legacy will live on in the hearts of Canadian parents.


When is Buy Buy Baby closing in Canada?

Buy Buy Baby announced in January 2023 that it would be permanently closing all of its stores in Canada. The closures will happen progressively throughout 2023.

Why is Buy Buy Baby closing in Canada?

Industry experts say brick-and-mortar stores like Buy Buy Baby have struggled to compete with the rise of online shopping and dominance of big box retailers. Its parent company likely decided the Canadian market was no longer profitable.

Are there any Buy Buy Baby locations left in Canada?

As of early 2023, there were still around 25 Buy Buy Baby locations remaining in Canada. But these stores are in the process of liquidating inventory and will all close permanently by the end of 2023.

Does Buy Buy Baby still exist in the USA?

Yes, Buy Buy Baby continues to operate its stores in the United States. The closures only impacted the Canadian locations.

Where can I buy Buy Buy Baby gift cards now?

Buy Buy Baby has stopped selling gift cards in Canada. Any remaining gift card balances can only be used in the US stores.

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