How To Identify That Catchy Mystery Song Stuck In Your Head

How To Identify That Catchy Mystery Song Stuck In Your Head
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Identifying That Catchy Tune Stuck In Your Head

Have you ever found yourself humming or whistling along to a song, but just couldn't seem to figure out the name of that familiar tune? With music being such an integral part of our everyday lives, it's not uncommon to have a melody lodged in your brain with no idea where it came from or what it's called.

Thanks to technology like music identification apps, figuring out song titles is easier than ever. But before we get into how to identify that mystery track, let's first understand why these earworm tunes get stuck in our heads in the first place.

Why Songs Get Stuck In Your Head

There are a few key reasons a song might stubbornly take up residence in your short-term memory and repeat on an endless loop:

  • You recently heard the song in the car, store, or elsewhere in your daily life
  • The melody contains repetitive lyrics or a catchy hook that your brain latches onto
  • You associate the song with certain memories or emotions
  • The tune reminds you of other music you enjoy

With pattern recognition being a key function of our brains, it's primed to hold onto musical motifs that follow a predictable structure and series of notes. Even if you just hear a quick music clip, your brain may spontaneously fill in the gaps and cycle through the tune.

Ways To Identify That Mystery Song

So the million dollar question is — how do you figure out the name of that pesky song invading your mental space? Here are some effective tricks to track it down:

Use a SoundHound or Shazam-Style App

Music recognition technology has come a long way in recent years. Apps like SoundHound and Shazam make it simple to pinpoint a tune just by playing a short sample within detection range of your smartphone's microphone.

After capturing a snippet of either your humming/singing attempt or the music itself, these intelligent apps analyze the acoustic fingerprint and start searching their extensive song databases. Within seconds, you'll have the artist and title to finally end that earworm agony.

Search by Lyrics

If you recall a few lyrics from the mystery track, another option is querying it in a site like SongFind or Google's search engine. By entering text like "Gotta be starting something" or another phrase you know from the vocals, you may see the song pop up instantly if it's a well-known hit.

Lyric sites also let you search by filling in the blanks like "____ be starting something" if you only know parts rather than full verses. This can trigger the correct tune based on the pattern, rhyme scheme, and other attributes.

Ask Friends or Followers

Sometimes turning to good old fashioned crowdsourcing is the way to crack the case. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter make it simple to ask your network of friends, family and followers if they can name the song just from your textual description.

You can ask folks to send their best guesses and vote on multiple contenders. If the melody is from a recently popular track or music video circulating social media, chances are someone can provide the answer.

Research by Genre, Era, Artist

If the song has very distinctive qualities that stand out, doing some investigative work around genres, time periods or potential artists may yield results. For instance, if the tune has a very 80's vibe with synthesizers orCRIPT>


What if I only remember the melody of the song?

If you recall the tune of the mystery track but don't know any lyrics, try humming or whistling it into a song identification app like SoundHound. These apps can recognize melodies and match them against known recordings.

What do I do if Shazam can't ID my song?

First, make sure you get a clear 5-10 second sample that the app is able to recognize before timing out. If you still have no luck, opt for lyric searching on sites like SongFind or Musixmatch instead. Filling in parts of remembered verses may yield possible candidates.

I remember the lyrics but search isn't finding any results.

The issue may be minor inaccuracies in your remembered lyrics. Try searching for fragments of phrases instead of full verses or listen to the tune again to refine the textual search. Searching by rhyme pattern also helps overcome faulty lyrics recollection.

What if no one identifies my social media song request?

If friends and followers don't crack the song I.D. case, it's time to dig deeper on your own. Note any genre conventions, instruments, tempo aspects that stand out and search Google, YouTube or lyric sites with those descriptors. Narrow things down bit by bit.

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