Lexxi: An Inside Look at Life as a Transgender Hair Stylist

Lexxi: An Inside Look at Life as a Transgender Hair Stylist
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As a writer focusing on LGBTQ+ issues and representation in media, I'm always interested in sharing untold stories from within marginalized communities. Today I had the pleasure of speaking with a transgender hair stylist named Lexxi Ts about her everyday experiences and journey so far. Her candid social media posts provided a glimpse into both the mundane routines and unique challenges of living authentically as a trans woman.

Getting Ready for Work

In her morning video posted to TikTok, Lexxi documents her preparation for another day at the salon. Like many of us, she checks the weather and hopes for good client traffic. But as a trans woman, even routine tasks like doing her makeup come with an underlying effort to be gendered correctly by strangers. Dermablend's full coverage helps Lexxi feel comfortable in her presentation without sacrificing her artistic flair behind the chair.

Life at the Salon

Working with hair provides Lexxi an avenue for creativity and connection with clients. However, she notes that some reviews on her profile undermine her expertise by misgendering her or making inappropriate comments about her identity. As the only openly trans stylist at her shop, client biases add an invisible labor of discretion and discretion. Still, she finds solace in the regulars who see her simply as the talented professional she is.

Navigating Prejudice with Positivity

Despite facing misunderstandings from a small minority, Lexxi's videos overwhelmingly spread a message of self-love, empowerment and living authentically on her own terms. With grace and humor, she navigates the daily ambiguities of being visibly trans in a often cisnormative world. Her refreshing candor offers hope and visibility for other trans people still questioning how to best express themselves. Most of all, Lexxi shows that true beauty comes from within, and one's soul cannot be hidden regardless of outward appearance or the opinions of others.

Creating Change through Representation

By broadcasting short snapshots from her routine, Lexxi edifies viewers on the reality of trans experiences while countering prejudices with disarming charm. Over time, greater representation in media and everyday roles like hair stylist can help foster more widespread empathy and inclusion. Though progress remains, courageous trailblazers like Lexxi prove that living authentically is the surest way to change prevailing societal norms. I look forward to following her continuing journey and am inspired by her message of hope, resilience and using one's platform to uplift others.

In the meantime, please join me in showing Lexxi your support on TikTok as she goes about her day helping clients feel confident in who they see in the mirror.


What is Lexxi's morning routine like as a trans woman?

Lexxi's morning routine involves typical tasks like checking the weather, but also extra effort related to her gender presentation, like using full coverage makeup products to feel comfortable being gendered correctly by strangers throughout her day. As a trans woman, her morning prep includes an underlying labor that cisgender women don't have to consider in the same way.

What kind of experiences does Lexxi have working at the hair salon?

Working as a stylist provides Lexxi a creative outlet and way to connect with clients. However, she faces challenges like prejudiced comments and reviews that undermine her skills by focusing on her trans identity, instead of judging her work. As the only openly trans employee at her shop, she also feels an invisible labor to respond discretely to client biases.

How does Lexxi stay positive and empower others?

Despite some negative experiences, Lexxi spreads an overwhelmingly positive message of self-love, authentic living and empowerment through her social media. She navigates prejudice with grace and humor, offering hope and visibility for questioning trans people. Her refreshing candor counters cisnormative assumptions and proves beauty comes from within.

What kind of change is Lexxi creating through representation?

By sharing snippets of her daily life, Lexxi provides visibility into the reality of trans experiences, humanizing and countering prejudices. Over time, increased positive representation of trans people in roles like stylist can foster wider empathy and inclusion. Though progress remains, Lexxi's courage proves that living authentically can help change societal norms.

How can people show support for Lexxi and her message?

Lexxi deserves support for bravely sharing her story and using her platform for good. People can support Lexxi by following her uplifting TikTok posts, leaving positive comments, and patronizing her salon. Showing acceptance helps validate her experiences and sends the message that trans stylists should be judged only on their creative talent.

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