Catch Waves in Style with Surf Pajamas for the Beach Lover

Catch Waves in Style with Surf Pajamas for the Beach Lover
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Catching Waves in Style with Surf Pajamas

For surfers, the beach is a home away from home. The ocean waves call them each morning, beckoning them to grab their boards and ride. And when night falls, what better way to relax than in cozy surf pajamas?

Surf pajamas let wave riders bring their passion from the water to the bedroom. With surfing designs and prints, they combine comfort with style. Keep reading to learn all about the latest surfing sleepwear trends.

Surf's Up All Day in Surf Pajamas

It's easy to get distracted looking good at the beach. But true surfers know it's all about the wave ride. By wearing surf pajamas to bed, you can keep your eye on the prize even while you sleep.

Mix and match surf prints and colors to enjoy the ocean vibe night and day. Choose from tropical fish, sea turtles, surfboards and more. Add a surf quote remind yourself why you fell in love with the waves.

Stay Warm from Dawn Patrol to Sunset

Early morning surf sessions can be chilly. Make dawn patrol more comfortable in insulated surf pajamas. Look for soft, plush fabrics and tops with long sleeves to keep warm at the beach.

For nighttime, surf pajama pants made from cotton or jersey knit are a comfy choice. Combine them with a short sleeve tee when temperatures climb at the end of the day. Add a stylish hoodie for those breezy sunset sessions.

Surf in Style with Trendy Prints and Colors

Fashion and surf culture go hand-in-hand. From classic Hawaiian prints to bold graffiti designs, surf pajamas let you catch waves while looking hip.

Retro surf graphics on a base of black, white or gray keep it classy. Splashes of neon and pastels mirror surf culture's fun side. Don't forget quintessential patterns like palm fronds, seashells and aloha motifs.

Surf Pajamas for Girls and Women

It's no secret the surf scene includes tons of stylish gals. Girls and women who surf have inspired their own trend of cute and comfy surf sleepwear.

Make a Splash in Women's Surf Pajamas

For the fashionable female surfer, pajamas let you relax seaside even when you can't be shoreside. Charming prints like vibrant blooms and abstract waves bring an artistic coastal vibe.

Flirty designs give traditional sleepwear sets a modern update. Think boy shorts with cheeky bottoms, bralette tops and fun back straps. The colors pop against base shades of white, black and gray.

Stay Comfy from Beach to Bed

After an awesome session riding the surf, it feels great to unwind in easygoing women's surf pajamas. Pick ultra-soft fabrics like stretch jersey cotton for maximum flexibility and comfort.

Cool hues like aqua blue, seafoam and sky capture the colors of ocean and sand. Mix and match solids and prints in shades of teal, pink, purple and mint for a cute patchwork style.

Transition Seamlessly from Sand to Slumber

For beach babes, the surf doesn't stop when the stars come out at night. The party keeps going with soirées by the sea. Beautifully designed surf sleepwear lets you switch effortlessly from seaside to late-night fun.

Opt for a loose top and flowing wide leg pants in a bohemian style.FRINGEunfinished sleeves and lace trim add gorgeous girly accents for an outfit that goes from beach to bonfire flawlessly.

Finding the Perfect Fit

To catch those zzz's in total comfort, finding surf pajamas with an ideal fit is key. Follow these tips to get your surf sleepwear sizing just right.

Focus on Stretch and Range of Motion

Surfing requires plenty of stretching, reaching and paddling. Seek out sleepwear fabrics with plenty of give so you can snooze soundly.

Natural fibers like cotton and linen or blends with spandex offer great flexibility. Wide legs, loose sleeves and easy pull-on pants allow freedom of movement. Your surf pajamas should feel like a second skin.

Find the Right Size

Baggy pajamas might look cool, but excess fabric can twist and ride up while sleeping. On the other hand, too tight is downright uncomfortable.

Carefully measure your body and consult size charts to find the best fit. Bottoms should sit at the hips or waist without squeezing. Tops should lightly skim your frame with enough room for a range of motion.

Consider Adjustability Features

Customizing your surf sleepwear helps guarantee the perfect fit. Details like foldover waistbands, cuff drawstrings and adjustable straps allow tweaks for maximum coziness.

You can tighten areas that are loose or let out ones feeling too snug. Toggle closures, button tabs and interior elastic provide extra flexibility to find that sweet spot of support and ease.

Surf's Up! Time for Beachy Dreams

Surf pajamas let wave riders celebrate their passion from sandy beach days through starry seaside nights. With comfy surf designs, stunning colors and cute prints, they bring good vibes 24/7.

From first light through evening bonfires, cute surf sleepwear keeps beach babes looking on point. Stretch fabrics provide freedom of motion for sound slumber after an awesome session riding the curl.

So put on those surf pajamas, play your favorite surf rock tunes and dream of that next epic wave. See you in the morning line-up!


What are the most popular prints and colors for surf pajamas?

Classic Hawaiian prints, tropical fish, sea turtles, palm fronds, seashells, and aloha motifs are very popular. Splashes of neon brights complement base colors like black, white and gray. Pastels and ocean hues like seafoam, aqua, and sky blue are also favorites.

What fabrics are best for comfort and stretch in surf pajamas?

Natural, breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, and jersey knit or blends with spandex offer great comfort with flexibility. The best surf pajama fabrics have plenty of give to allow freedom of movement.

What style of surf pajamas work for both the beach and sleep?

A loose top with wide leg pants in a flowy bohemian style can go from seaside to slumber seamlessly. Details like fringe trim, unfinished hems, and lace elevate the look. Adjustable features ensure the perfect fit for activity and rest.

Where can I find cute surf pajamas for women?

Many major retailers like Target and Old Navy carry surf-inspired sleepwear. Check sites like Etsy and Redbubble for unique handmade pajamas with custom surf designs. Brands like Roxy, Billabong, and Hurley also offer stylish surf sleepwear perfect for beach babes.

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