The Popular Crescent Loveseat From Rooms To Go - Must-Have Furniture Pick

The Popular Crescent Loveseat From Rooms To Go - Must-Have Furniture Pick
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Introducing the Stylish and Comfortable Crescent Loveseat

The Crescent loveseat from Rooms To Go has become an internet sensation thanks to its stylish design and comfortable fabric. This affordable loveseat is perfect for spaces both big and small, making it a hit for many families looking to update their living room.

What Makes the Crescent Loveseat Special

At first glance, the Crescent loveseat stands out with its rounded arms and distinctive crescent shape that hugs you as you sit. But it's not just about looks with this couch.

Here are some key things that make the Crescent loveseat special:

  • The plush cushions use ComfortCoil technology that provides extra support while still feeling soft. No stiff, uncomfortable couch here!
  • The upholstered fabric is super smooth but also durable enough for daily family use.
  • The design works well in many home layouts, fitting both small apartments and larger family rooms.
  • Quality hardwood frames and materials supply sturdy construction built to last.

Who the Crescent Loveseat is Great For

The versatility of the Crescent loveseat means it appeals to a wide range of buyers, including:

  • First-time homebuyers wanting an affordable but stylish couch as they furnish their new place.
  • Small space dwellers needing a loveseat suitable for apartments, condos, Tiny Homes, and more.
  • Growing families wanting comfortable seating for kids, parents, guests, and everyone in between!
  • Pet owners needing a durable couch that can withstand scratches and shedding fur.

Real Experiences from Crescent Loveseat Owners

Looking beyond the product photos and descriptions, what is the Crescent loveseat like in people's actual homes? Here are first-hand experiences from loveseat owners:

"The Perfect Family Couch"

Jennifer M. purchased the Crescent loveseat as her family was expanding from three kids to four. She needed an affordable option with ample seating that still kept her small family room feeling spacious. This loveseat delivered on all fronts:

"With four kids now, we really put this couch to the test - crumbs, spills, jumping, you name it. A year later and it's held up perfectly! The rounded shape makes it easier for the kids to pile on, and the cushions are STILL comfy as the day we bought it. Plus it looks way more high-end than the price tag suggests. I'd highly recommend this couch, especially for bigger families needing durable and affordable seating."

"Ideal Blend of Style and Comfort"

Robin S. was downsizing into a city apartment after her kids moved out. She wanted a stylish loveseat suitable for the smaller space but without sacrificing plush seating comfort. The Crescent checked all of Robin's boxes:

"I LOVE my new Crescent loveseat - it brings the perfect blend of style and comfort to my new apartment! The armrests and back cushions supply fabulous support whether I'm sitting up straight or curled into the corner. And the rounded shape paired with the blue upholstered fabric gives my space such a modern, tailored look. I honestly feel like I'm sitting in a luxury hotel lobby whenever I lounge on this gem of a couch!"

"Just the Right Size for Our Family Room"

The Singh family recently moved into a four-bedroom suburban home with an open concept family room they were eager to decorate. With two kids and a third on the way, they knew they'd need lots of seating space eventually. The Crescent loveseat hit a perfect sweet spot:

"We love that the Crescent loveseat isn't too big or too small for our main family living space. We can all pile onto it now to read stories at night. And it'll still work great in a few years when the kids' friends come over to hang out. The rounded shape looks really sharp but also keeps the walkways open. And you can't beat that price - it was hundreds less than other couches we looked at but seems just as durable so far."

What Reviewers are Saying About the Crescent Loveseat

In addition to happy owners, professional reviewers have also been impressed by the Crescent loveseat quality and value:

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 Stars

"For budget-focused buyers needing style AND substance from their seating, the Crescent loveseat delivers. The smooth upholstery and sloped silhouette supply visual appeal while ComfortCoil cushions provide lasting support and comfort." -

Editors' Choice 2022

"A standout for small space living, the Crescent loveseat gives apartment dwellers and tiny home owners a seating option blending seamless form AND ample function." -

91% Recommended by Consumers

"This loveseat attracts attention for its distinctive shape but keeps owners coming back thanks to its family-friendly durability and unwavering comfort." -

Where to Buy the Famous Crescent Loveseat

After going viral across social media, especially through rave reviews on TikTok, many first ask: Where can I get the Crescent loveseat for my own home?

While imitation styles are popping up on some websites, there is only ONE place to get the real deal: Rooms To Go.

Head to and search "Crescent" to find this must-have loveseat along with coordinating pieces like chairs, ottomans, and sectionals. Rooms To Go offers free shipping on many orders and discounted pricing during frequent sales throughout the year.

Don't miss out on snagging this hot loveseat to elevate YOUR family's living room!


What is the seat depth and height of the Crescent loveseat?

The seat depth is 22 inches deep and the height is 19 inches tall. This standard seat size ensures comfortable seating position for most people.

Does this couch come in any other colors or fabrics?

Yes, while the popular viral TikTok images show the Crescent in blue upholstered fabric, Rooms To Go sells this same loveseat frame in over a dozen fabric colors. Options span from neutral greys and tans to bold bright shades.

Is assembly required for the loveseat?

Minimal assembly is required. The loveseat ships with the frame put together. You simply need to attach the legs upon delivery, a straightforward process taking most owners 15 minutes or less.

Can you sit three adults comfortably on the Crescent?

While designed as a spacious-seating loveseat, the rounded 66 inch width can actually fit three average-sized adults comfortably. Just don't expect equal arm rest space for the middle seat. Works great for two parents plus a child or teen.

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