The Viral Craze of Iris-Colored Sneakers in 2023

The Viral Craze of Iris-Colored Sneakers in 2023
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The Rise of Iris Sneakers

Sneakers come in all colors of the rainbow, but one hue that is capturing attention right now is iris. This rich purple shade is having a major moment in the world of kicks, showing up on some of the most popular silhouettes and collaborations. So why are iris sneakers becoming so sought-after? Let's break down the appeal of this eye-catching colorway.

The Air Jordan 3 Dark Iris

One of the releases that really shone a spotlight on iris was the Air Jordan 3 Dark Iris. Part of the Air Jordan 3 lineup for Spring 2020, this model featured various shades of purple on the iconic sneaker. This includes deep iris accents on the midsole, laces, and elephant print material. The color really pops against the black leather upper, grabbing attention instantly.

Beyond the head-turning hues, this shoe is a callback to the original Air Jordan 3 from 1988. It features the same classic silhouette with premium details that sneakerheads crave. No wonder it created such a frenzy when it dropped. The Dark Iris colorway sold out instantly and now commands top dollar on the resale marketplace.

More Brands Jump on the Iris Train

The success of the Air Jordan 3 Dark Iris proved that there is major demand for iris-colored kicks. More brands have started incorporating this shade into their designs to captivate consumers.

Nike launched a "Lilac Mist" collection featuring pale iris and purple color schemes. Adidas has used dark iris in its revamped Stan Smith sneakers, adding croc-style textures as well. New Balance and Asics have rolled out iris accents in their performance and lifestyle models. And celeb collaborations like Pharrell's adidas NMD Hu sneaker in iris are making waves.

Why Iris Resonates with Sneaker Lovers

But why does this color resonate so strongly in the first place? There are a few key factors that make iris sneakers strike a chord.

  • Nostalgia - Iris and other shades of purple harken back to the original purple-accented Jordans that launched the sneaker craze. The familiar color symbolizes basketball and streetwear authority.
  • Royal Appeal - Purple has long been associated with luxury, royalty, and exclusivity. Iris kicks feed into the premium side of life.
  • Flex Appeal - With many iris sneakers only released in limited runs or collaborations, they signify insider access and hypebeast credibility.

Hot Trends to Watch

The iris sneaker train is still building steam as brands release more styles with this sought-after color:

  • Women's Exclusives - Brands are creating iris sneakers specifically for the growing women's market including the PUMA Mayze Iris purple.
  • Artist Collaborations - Epic crossovers like the Comme des Garçons X Air Jordan 3 Iris continue to merge streetwear and high fashion luxury.
  • Sustainable Kicks - Eco-conscious labels use plant-based or recycled materials like on the iris Veja V-12 sneakers made from organic cotton and wild rubber.

Copping the Iris Sneakers You Want

If those iris kicks are calling your name, here are some tips for getting your hands on a pair:

Be Ready to Buy on Release Days

For limited edition or exclusive iris sneaker models, you need to grab them the second they launch or risk missing out.

Follow sneaker news sites, brand & retailer social accounts, influencers etc. to stay updated on exact release dates and procedures for accessing coveted drops online or through raffles.

It also pays to create accounts ahead of time, save payment info and have apps downloaded to checkout faster.

Tap Aftermarket Sites Strategically

If you took an L trying to cop on launch day, you can turn to sneaker resale marketplaces. But prices and availability will vary.

Check sites like GOAT, StockX, Flight Club etc. and browse based on model, size and price filters to track down the right iris sneakers.

You can also set alert notifications so you’re notified when specific shoes pop up for sale again. Move fast though before someone else scoops them up.

Consider Customization

If that coveted model isn't in the cards, don't despair. You can always design your own custom iris sneakers instead.

Brands like Converse let you customize iconic silhouettes like Chuck Taylors with your own iris fabric colors and patterns. Or find a local sneaker customizer to hand-paint any shoes.

Going the custom route offers one-of-a-kind individuality to flex even harder.

However you make them your own, iris sneakers provide that instant outfit transformer power. So get ready to turn heads with light on your feet!


Why are iris sneakers so popular right now?

Iris sneakers are having a moment because the purple shade taps into nostalgia for original Jordans, has royal and luxury appeal, and offers flex and hypebeast credibility thanks to limited collaborations and releases.

What are some of the most popular iris sneaker models?

The Air Jordan 3 Dark Iris, Nike Lilac Mist collection, Adidas Stan Smith in iris, and Pharrell's adidas NMD Hu in iris have been some of the hottest iris sneakers dropped recently.

Where can I buy iris sneakers?

You can try to purchase iris sneakers straight from the brands or retailers on launch days. After that, sneaker resell sites like GOAT, StockX and Flight Club are the way to go.

What if I miss out on a limited edition iris sneaker release?

If you can't get your hands on a rare iris sneaker model, explore customization options to design your own iris shoes with brands that offer custom services.

How do I keep up with the latest iris sneaker drops?

Follow sneaker news accounts, brand social channels and influencers to stay updated on iris sneaker announcements and release dates so you can try to cop before sell outs.

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