60x100x16 Metal Buildings - Size, Uses and Buying Tips

60x100x16 Metal Buildings - Size, Uses and Buying Tips
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An Overview of 60x100x16 Metal Buildings

Metal buildings have become an incredibly popular choice for a wide variety of applications ranging from garages, workshops, and storage facilities to barns, aeroplane hangars, and even houses. One common size metal building is the 60x100x16 which provides an ample 6,000 square feet of versatile enclosed space. Thesebuildings strike an optimal balance between space, functionality, affordability and easy construction.

Metal Building Construction and Durability

The “16” in 60x100x16 denotes the height peak of the building in feet, which allows for a spacious interior work area with high ceilings. The main frameworks of these buildings are constructed from strong galvanized steel coated with a protective zinc layer, providing exceptional structural integrity and weather-resistance.

All metal buildings are engineered to withstand heavy wind loads and snow loads which is vital for both safety purposes and insurance coverage. The durable steel construction requires virtually no maintenance, will never rot, warp, split, crack or creep like wood buildings. These buildings are vermin proof as well.

Benefits of 60x100x16 Metal Buildings

There are many advantages that make 60x100x16 metal buildings a top choice:

  • Cost Effective – Prefabricated steel buildings are very economical especially given their spacious interiors and sturdy construction. They offer far more space per square foot compared to traditional builds.
  • Flexible Design – There are unlimited options for customizing 60x100x16 steel buildings with various framing types, girts, purlins, trims and accessories available to match specific needs and tastes.
  • Quick Construction – Due to being pre-engineered, these steel buildings can be rapidly assembled on-site in a matter of days which greatly reduces labor.
  • Energy Efficient – Properly insulated steel envelopes prevent air infiltration exceptionally well. This increased energy efficiency keeps interiors comfortable and reduces HVAC costs.

Popular Uses of 60x100x16 Metal Buildings

The expansive 6,000 square foot interior of 60x100 buildings allows for numerous possible functions. Some of the most popular uses include:

  • Agricultural – These buildings make ideal barns, stables, livestock shelters, storage for hay/feed/equipment and more. Their steel composition is favourable for agricultural uses.
  • Commercial & Industrial – With their durable exteriors and ample space they excel as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centers and workshops.
  • Recreational – They provide excellent enclosures for indoor sports complexes, communal centers, gyms and recreation spaces suited for athletics.
  • Aviation – The expansive interiors are fitting for storing and sheltering small personal planes, helicopters and jets in private aviation hangars.

Customization Options for 60x100x16 Steel Buildings

One major advantage of pre-engineered steel buildings is the ability to customize them to perfectly match specific needs. Some customization options include:

  • Exterior Color & Finishes – Choice of wide range of durable exterior color finishes from neutral tones to vibrant shades through coil coating and acrylic painting processes. Match corporate colors.
  • Insulation Packages – Range of fiberglass and spray foam insulation options tailored to climate needs allowing both personnel comfort and energy savings.
  • Interior Framing – Option for non-structural interior partition walls, mezzanines, interior offices, climate control, plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems etc.
  • Roll Up & Swing Doors – Large roll up doors perfect for equipment and goods ingress/egress. Personnel access doors of different configurations, locations and quantities available.

Purchasing a 60x100x16 Metal Building

There are a few different avenues to research when looking to purchase a 60x100x16 steel building including:

Metal Building Dealers

The easiest and often most affordable route is to go through a reputable local metal building dealer or distributor. These companies offer a wide selection of common metal building sizes and components right off the shelf. They construct buildings locally however generally source steel materials directly from domestic or overseas manufacturers. This allows cost savings to be passed down to the customer.

Metal Building Manufacturers

Another option is purchasing directly through a prefab metal building manufacturer. These companies fabricate their own steel building components to precision in large factories allowing quality control and competitive pricing. Customers can either hire local contractors to assemble or many manufacturers have dealer networks providing turnkey installation services.

Design-Build Firms

For more custom builds or those requiring architectural designs, working with commercial design-build firms is recommended. They offer comprehensive in-house services starting from initial concept drawings and engineering, sourcing all necessary building materials from their supplier networks while also handling permitting/approvals before finally constructing the project.

Make sure to clearly specify all requirements, specifications and intended functions when requesting quotes to ensure the most suitability 60x100x16 metal building for needs.


What are some common uses for 60x100x16 metal buildings?

Some of the most popular uses for these buildings include agricultural functions like barns and stables, commercial/industrial facilities like warehouses and workshops, recreational spaces like sports complexes and gyms, as well as airplane hangars.

What customization options are available?

These prefab buildings can be customized with options like: exterior color/finishes, insulation packages, interior framing and partitions, electrical systems, roll up/swing doors, and more to match specific requirements.

What factors affect pricing?

The main factors determining 60x100x16 metal building pricing include: geographic location, customizations and accessories selected, delivery costs, foundation requirements, assembly/construction, and market prices of steel at the time of purchase.

How long does construction take?

On average, construction takes 5-7 days for professional installation crews. The pre-fabricated design allows for rapid on-site assembly. Actual duration depends on foundation readiness, customizations, manpower size, weather delays etc.

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