Is Being a Night Owl Actually a Red Flag in Relationships? | Night Owl Partners

Is Being a Night Owl Actually a Red Flag in Relationships? | Night Owl Partners
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Is Being a Night Owl a Red Flag in Relationships?

In today's dating world, the term "red flag" gets thrown around quite a bit. People are quick to make judgements and label certain behaviors or characteristics as problematic without fully understanding them. One common "red flag" is being a night owl - someone who tends to stay up late and sleep in late. But is being a night owl actually a bad thing for relationships? Let's take a closer look.

Defining What It Means to Be a Night Owl

First, what exactly constitutes being a night owl? There isn't an official medical definition, but generally it refers to people who:

  • Prefer to stay up late, often past midnight
  • Have difficulty falling asleep early in the evening
  • Enjoy and feel most energetic late at night
  • Struggle with waking up early in the morning

Night owls may have their peak energy and alertness levels occur anywhere from late evening to early morning hours. This is in contrast to "early birds" who prefer morning hours and like to wake up at or before sunrise.

Why People Are Night Owls

There are a few key reasons why some people are predisposed to being night owls while others are early risers:

  • Genetics - Research shows our chronotype, whether we are night owls or early birds, is largely influenced by genetics. So some people are biologically wired to stay up late.
  • Age - Younger adults tend to prefer late nights moreso than older adults and children. As we age, people tend to gradually become earlier risers.
  • Gender - Some research shows that women are more likely to be early birds while more men tend to be night owls.
  • Work or lifestyle - Those who work evening or overnight work shifts will need to be awake more at night. Creative types like artists and musicians may also keep more nocturnal hours.

Common Concerns About Night Owls as Partners

The most common red flags or concerns that come up about night owls in relationships are:

  • Poor sleep habits
  • Health issues
  • Difficulty compromising on schedules
  • Feeling out of sync

However, while these concerns are understandable, they may not accurately capture what it's really like to date or be partnered with a night owl in many cases. There are also many healthy, well-adjusted night owls in happy relationships.

Sleep Habits and Health

It's true that night owls are more likely to struggle with certain sleep disorders and health issues tied to lack of sleep. Insufficient or poor quality sleep is associated with higher risks for things like:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Mood disorders like depression
  • Substance abuse

However, night owls aren't doomed to poor health. With some adjustments to ensure they get adequate overall sleep, even if it's at odd hours, many night owls can be just as healthy as early birds. It's more about having healthy sleep hygiene practices than simply being awake at night.

Relationship Scheduling Challenges

When an early bird partners with a night owl, it can undoubtedly make coordinating schedules more difficult. Finding mutual times to enjoy activities together, intimacy, meals together, and even just waking up in the same bed can require more effort and planning.

This isn't impossible to overcome though. As with any relationship involving different chronotypes or routines, it just becomes about maintaining open communication, willingness to compromise when possible, and getting creative so both people's needs and preferences are met.

Feeling Out of Sync

Early birds and night owls can sometimes struggle with feeling like their energy levels, moods, and cognitive sharpness are mismatched from their partner's. The early bird may feel too tired late at night when their night owl wants to stay up late together. Meanwhile, the night owl may struggle to have deep conversations first thing in the morning when their partner wakes up refreshed and ready to go.

However, this can also just highlight opportunities for each partner to enjoy their alone time and respect the other's natural rhythms. As long as the mismatch doesn't cause serious relationship problems, it's a matter of making space for differences.

Benefits of Dating a Night Owl

There are also some advantages that can come with having a night owl for a romantic partner. Some benefits include:

  • Enjoying quiet evenings together - With kids and most other obligations asleep, couples can truly focus on quality time without as many distractions late at night.
  • Less competition for activities - Things like dining out, concerts, clubs, and other nightlife activities may be less crowded and stressful to plan at non-standard hours.
  • Always an early riser "on call" - Even among two night owls, often at least one person in a couple tends to wake up earlier to handle things like kids or pets. Night owls can tag team those morning duties.
  • Peace and space - As discussed for handling mismatching schedules, honoring alone time can actually strengthen some relationships.

Making a Relationship With a Night Owl Work

At the end of the day, no single chronotype or sleep schedule should be considered an automatic red flag. Any possible challenges that arise from dating a night owl can be handled with open, patient communication and a spirit of compromise on both sides.

If you want the relationship to succeed, here are some tips:

  • Discuss needs and boundaries early - Don't let sleep frustrations build. Have honest talks about your natural rhythms and what schedule differences could crop up.
  • Designate together time and alone time - Make sure to set aside both mutual hours to connect along with solo hours to honor personal rhythms.
  • Take turns making adjustments - Compromise when possible, but avoid anyone always making sacrifices. Trade off on adapting sleep schedules for things like trips, special events, or weekly date nights.
  • Get creative with bonding rituals - Cuddle with a cup of tea, go for midnight strolls, engage in pillow talk before bed, or keep things low-key with movie nights.

The Night Owl Verdict

At the end of the day, being a night owl isn't inherently problematic. With open communication, willingness to compromise, and some creativity, night owls and early birds can absolutely have happy, healthy relationships together. So in most cases, no - being a night owl shouldn't actually be considered a red flag if two people care about making it work.


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