The Best TV Bags for Protecting Your Television 2023

The Best TV Bags for Protecting Your Television 2023
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The Evolution of the Television Bag

Television sets have come a long way over the years. From the early days of bulky CRT (cathode ray tube) TVs to today's sleek flat-screen displays, both the technology and aesthetics have improved dramatically. One thing that hasn't changed, however, is the need to transport your TV safely from place to place. Enter the television bag.

TV bags allow you to keep your television protected whether you're moving across town or just heading to a friend's house to watch the big game. But not all television bags are created equal. Let's take a look at the evolution of the tv bag and how they've improved over time.

The Early Days

In the early days of television, sets were large and incredibly heavy. We're talking 30+ inch CRT televisions that weighed over 100 pounds. Moving them was a cumbersome process that often involved multiple people. TV bags weren't really a consideration back then. Furniture pads and moving straps were about the only protection used when transporting early TVs.

Enter the TV Bag

As televisions slimmed down and became more portable, the television bag entered the scene. Early versions were simply padded canvas bags with handles designed to protect the TV and make carrying it easier. They did the job but lacked features to keep your TV truly secure. Drops and impacts could still damage screens and components.

The Modern Television Bag

Today's tv bags have come a long way thanks to modern materials and innovative designs focused on protection and ease of transport. Built-in padded handles allow for ergonomic carrying while thick high-density padding absorbs shock and cushion blows. Many modern television bags feature multiple padded compartments to hold devices and accessories. Some even have wheels or backpack straps for easy hauling.

Key Features of Quality TV Bags

So what should you look for when selecting a television bag? Here are some key features you'll find in the best tv bags on the market.

Padding and Protection

Your number one priority should be keeping your TV safe, so padding is paramount. Look for wide straps, thick padding on all sides, reinforced stitching, and durable exterior fabrics designed to absorb impacts. Some bags boast “egg crate” foam cushioning for ultimate protection. Water resistance is also nice for outdoor use.

Ergonomic Carrying Options

The best television bags make hauling your device as easy as possible via built-in carrying handles, wheels, pull straps, and backpack shoulder straps. This ergonomic focus reduces strain and fatigue so you can transport your TV over extended distances.

Storage for Accessories

Many modern television bags don’t just accommodate the TV. Additional padded compartments and pockets allow you to store related gear like streaming devices, remotes, power cables, and 3D glasses. Some even offer space for laptops and tablets. With everything stored safely in one bag, you’ll be ready for on-the-go entertainment.


Look for television bags that secure your device snugly while offering some flexibility. Interior Velcro straps and adjustable padding provide a custom fit for TVs big and small. A snug hold prevents shaking and jostling in transit.


Be sure to examine seams, zippers, outer materials and hardware for maximum longevity. You don’t want a busted seam or split wheel when transporting hundreds of dollars of equipment. Durable fabrics like ballistic nylon resist tearing while weatherproofing protects your TV in the elements.

The Right Bag for the Job

When selecting your next television bag, think about how and where you will use it. Smaller portable bags work nicely for protecting TVs en route to a neighbor’s home while those with trolly handles or wheels accommodate longer hauls. Look for water resistance and weatherproofing if you plan to utilize your TV outdoors.

Ideally, you'll want sturdy ergonomic carrying options along with maximum padding and inner storage to keep your expensive television and media accessories protected. While early television bags got the job done, modern innovations have elevated these specially designed cases to a whole new level.


What size TV bag should I get?

Make sure to get a TV bag that is specifically designed for your television's screen size. They are typically categorized as fitting 32", 40", 50" etc. Measure your TV's dimensions and compare to the bag's internal size to ensure a snug, protective fit.

Should my TV bag have wheels?

Wheeled TV bags are excellent for long transports where you'll be pulling your television over extended distances. Just be aware that wheels add extra size/weight. If you just plan to carry your TV short distances, a more compact non-wheeled bag may suffice.

How much padding is ideal in a television bag?

Look for wide, thick padding that wraps completely around all sides of your TV, cradling it in a protective foam barrier. High density foam or egg crate cushioning materials provide excellent shock absorption.

Can I check a TV bag when flying?

You should avoid checking TVs or TV bags when flying. The impacts in transit could crack screens or damage components. As a carry on, you can ensure your television bag stays by your side.

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