Xtra Small Braids in Columbus GA - Expert Micro Braiding Services

Xtra Small Braids in Columbus GA - Expert Micro Braiding Services
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The Allure of Xtra Small Braids

Micro braids, or "xtra small" braids as some call them, have become an increasingly popular protective hairstyle choice for women today. These tiny, knotless braids allow you to have beautiful, flowy locks while giving your natural hair a break to grow and strengthen. Their petite size also means you can sport a head full of braids without excessive weight or tension.

Why Choose Xtra Small Braids?

There are many advantages to choosing xtra small braids for your next hairstyle:

  • They are lightweight and comfortable since the braids themselves are tiny and don't put stress on your strands
  • You can wear them in for up to 8 weeks or more with proper care and maintenance
  • They allow you to take a break from daily styling and manipulation of your natural hair
  • They come in endless color options from subtle highlights to vibrant hues

Additionally, xtra small braids give you the ability to switch up your look from day to day. You can style them in a high ponytail or braided bun for work or special occasions. Or, embrace their length and volume by wearing your braids long and free-flowing.

Caring for Your Xtra Small Braids

While low-maintenance is one of the appeals of this protective style, you’ll still need to practice proper care to keep your braids looking fresh. Be sure to gently cleanse and condition your braids 1-2 times per week. Using specialized products made for braided hair will help nourish your strands and scalp underneath.

You’ll also want to be gentle when manipulating your braids to avoid excess frizzing and slipping out of place. Sleep with a silk bonnet or pillowcase, avoid rubbing the braids too roughly with towels or hands, and refrain from pulling too tightly when styling.

Getting Your Xtra Small Braids Installed

When getting your braids installed, be picky about choosing a skilled, reputable braider. Look for braiders who have expertise specifically with micro braids and knotless techniques. This will ensure they know how to section hair appropriately so the braids lie flat and tight to your head.

You’ll also want someone well-versed in techniques that avoid damage and minimize tension. A good braider knows not to braid too tightly, checks in with you about comfort during the session, and takes care not to pull sharply from the roots.

Xtra Small Braids in Columbus, GA

The stylists at Sister Braiders pride themselves on their artistry with xtra small braids and other protective styles. Located in Columbus, GA just over an hour outside Atlanta, we've become known for our keen attention to detail and gentle approach.

Our Xtra Small Braiding Services

At Sister Braiders, we specialize in installing neat, precision micro braids that are crafted to perfection. We exclusively use high-quality human hair extensions sourced from ethical providers. Our microbraids are available in all textures and colors to suit your style.

Some of our most popular looks include:

  • Jet black xtra small braids
  • Dark brown braids with subtle honey blonde highlights
  • Merlot-colored micro braids
  • Platinum blonde chunky micro braids

We also offer specialty techniques like knotless braids and faux locs. Our stylists are highly skilled in intricately interweaving hair while preventing damage and minimizing scalp stress.

The Sister Braiders Experience

At Sister Braiders, comfort and care are top priorities during your braiding session. We welcome guests with a warm, family-friendly environment and work diligently to deliver polished results.

Our salon amenities include:

  • Complimentary refreshments
  • Ergonomic salon chairs to maximize comfort
  • On-demand streaming entertainment options
  • Products available for purchase to maintain your braids at home

We can’t wait for you to join our family of satisfied Sister Braiders clients. Book your appointment online or call us today to schedule your xtra small braids session!


How long do xtra small braids last?

With proper care and maintenance, xtra small braids can last 6-8 weeks. Be gentle when washing, conditioning, and styling the braids to prevent slippage.

How much do xtra small braids cost?

Pricing starts around $100-150 for a basic xtra small braid install. More complex styles with color or highlights are priced higher due to time and hair expenses. Contact us for a custom quote.

Do xtra small braids damage your hair?

When installed correctly by a skilled braider, xtra small braids do not damage hair. We use techniques to minimize tension on the scalp and prevent breakage of your natural strands.

Can you wash xtra small braids?

Yes, you should wash your braids about 1-2 times per week. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner made for braided hair types. Allow to air dry or gently blot with a microfiber towel.

How are xtra small braids taken down?

Carefully snip the ends of the braided hair extensions, then gently unravel each braid from tip to root using your fingers or a tail comb. Expect the process to take a few hours.

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