Understanding Matrix Vapes - Advanced Vaping Technology

Understanding Matrix Vapes - Advanced Vaping Technology
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Understanding Matrix Vapes

Vaping has exploded in popularity over the last decade, evolving from a niche hobby to a cultural phenomenon embraced by millions around the world. As the technology has advanced, innovative new vaporizer designs like matrix vapes have hit the market, offering exceptional performance and customization options.

What Are Matrix Vapes?

Matrix vapes refer to a style of vape that utilizes a grid arrangement of multiple heating elements and wicking ports within the atomizer. This matrix design allows for superior heating efficiency, massive vapor production, and the flexibility to cater to different vaping preferences.

In a matrix vape tank or RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer), the heating elements are positioned evenly throughout the base in rows and columns creating a matrix. The cotton wicks run between these heating elements, absorbing and transferring e-liquid to create those dense, flavorful vapor clouds.

Benefits of the Matrix Design

This innovative structure provides a few key advantages:

  • Even heating - With heating elements spread evenly across the base, it allows for uniform heat distribution.
  • Massive vapor production - The abundance of coils and wicks means it can produce truly staggering amounts of vapor.
  • Adaptability - Many matrix atomizers allow you to enable or disable specific heating elements to cater the experience.
  • Flavor and cloud chasing - Impressive vapor production makes matrix vapes perfect for cloud chasing. And the efficient wicking preserves e-liquid flavor.

Matrix RDA and RTA Options

Two of the most popular matrix vaporizer styles are:

Matrix RDAs

Matrix RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomizers) feature build decks designed specifically to accommodate the multi-coil matrix setup. They offer unmatched vapor production and flavor intensity for an immersive dripping experience.

Matrix RTAs

Matrix RTAs (rebuildable tank atomizers) integrate the advanced matrix coil build into a tank design so you don't have to constantly drip more e-liquid. They offer convenience along with the rich performance of a matrix vaping experience.

Building Your Own Matrix Coils

One of the appeals for vaping enthusiasts with these matrix tanks and drippers is the ability to build your own customized matrix coils. With some basic supplies and a bit of practice, you can experiment to find your perfect setup.

Coil Building Supplies

To handle building your own matrix vape coils, you’ll need:

  • Coil Wire - Multiple small gauges like 24g work well.
  • Cotton Wick - Japanese organic cotton sheets or shoelace cotton work great.
  • Coil Jig - For wrapping evenly spaced coils around rods.
  • Ceramic Tweezers - For squeezing coils into shape without damaging them.

And other general rebuildable atomizer tools - different sized screwdrivers for coils, scissors, needle nose pliers, etc.

Building Matrix Coils - Step-By-Step

Follow this process for constructing your own high performance matrix coils:

  1. Plan layout - Plot where your coils will sit in the build deck matrix based on posts and airflow.
  2. Wrap coils - Use a coil jig to wrap coils evenly around a rod.
  3. Install coils - Screw coils into the intended posts in your pre-planned layout.
  4. Squeeze coils - Use ceramic tweezers to squeeze coils so they glow evenly from the center out.
  5. Wick coils - Feed cotton wick evenly through each coil column, rest in juice wells.
  6. Juice up - Saturate cotton thoroughly with your preferred eliquid.

That’s it! Enjoy unbelievable vapor and flavor from your DIY matrix build.

Choosing the Best Matrix Vape For You

With the rise in popularity of matrix vapes, the number of quality options on the market has drastically expanded. But which matrix tank or RDA is right for you?

Important Considerations

Factor preferences like:

  • Build quality - Well machined steel won’t easily break from frequent rebuilds.
  • Ease of building - Large build space and convenient posts simplify coil and wick installation.
  • Capacity - Bigger tanks hold more juice so you vape longer between refills.
  • Adjustability - Custom tailor by toggling matrix heating elements.
  • Style - Match colors and design to your mod.

Popular Matrix Atomizers

Some top rated matrix vapes include:

  • Vandy Vape Pyro V3 - 24mm RTA with velocity-style deck.
  • Vandy Vape Kylin M AIO - 28mm integrated all-in-one adjustable matrix pod system.
  • Coilturd RDA - Innovative 25mm RDA centered on matrix coil builds.
  • Geekvape Matryx - One of the first matrix RDAs that took the market by storm.

Check reviews and experiment with different options to find your ideal match!

Embrace Matrix Vaping

Matrix vapes represent the cutting edge of vaping technology. Their complex coil and wick layout seems intimidating. But with some guidance around builds and making strategic additions to your setup, discovering these uniquely customizable rigs can take your vaping experience to the next level.


What are the main benefits of a matrix vape?

The key benefits of matrix vapes are even heating, massive vapor production, adaptability to cater to your preferences, and exceptional flavor and cloud performance.

What supplies do I need to build my own matrix coils?

To build matrix coils you'll need coil wire, cotton wicking, tools like ceramic tweezers and coil wrapping rods, plus rebuilding supplies like scissors and screwdrivers.

How difficult is it to build matrix coils?

Building your own matrix coils takes some practice getting the technique down, but following coil building guides and with a bit of experience wrapping standard coils, it is very achievable.

What should I look for when choosing a new matrix vape?

When picking a matrix RDA or RTA, consider the build quality, ease of building, ejuice capacity, ability to customize the heating experience, style, and reviews.

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