Custom Type R Engine Covers - Balance Show and Go Performance

Custom Type R Engine Covers - Balance Show and Go Performance
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Enhancing the Look and Performance of Your Type R Engine

The engine bay can make or break the appearance of a performance Honda like the Civic Type R. While the high-revving turbocharged powerplant itself generates exhilaration behind the wheel, dressing it up with custom Type R engine covers and accessories elicits excitement even when standing still.

Purpose and Benefits of Type R Engine Covers

Engine covers serve practical and aesthetic purposes. The factory engine cover streamlines airflow above the motor while introducing Type R branding front and center. An aftermarket replacement build on these functional and stylistic elements with:

  • Carbon fiber construction to slash weight
  • Aggressive venting and cutouts for improved cooling
  • Eyecatching color combinations and logos
  • A sturdy, secure fitment

With a quality Type R engine cover anchoring your engine bay, it becomes a showcase worthy of all those hours spent tuning the motor. Bling gives your build street cred whether competing at car meets or blowing the doors off unsuspecting rivals.

Factors to Consider in Your Purchase

Not all engine covers live up to manufacturer claims. As you shop options for your DC5, FK8, or other Type R generation model, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Material construction - Does it incorporate carbon elements to manage heat while reducing weight? Fiberglass alone tends to compromise strength and durability over years of use. Materials should withstand corrosion.
  • Design aesthetics - Make sure vents, cutouts, and overall styling align with your build. Cooling, weight reduction, and engine display take priority over flash.
  • Secure mounting - An ill-fitting engine cover rattles around and fails to protect. Precise OEM mounting points or supplemental locks keep it firmly rooted.
  • Price - Higher cost touches like genuine carbon fiber and custom design cues justify higher prices. Make sure lower cost alternatives don't cut corners.

Striking the Balance Between Show and Go

Engine covers made exclusively for show undermine performance. Ones made exclusively for go look boring. The ultimate engine cover artfully balances aesthetics with functionality.

Venting strategically integrated into the carbon shell increases airflow. Strategic cutouts shed weight and allow you to showcase prized engine components. Whether built to OEM specs or custom fabricated, the cover forms contoured connections to adjacent elements like intake plumbing.

Materials like precision PrePreg carbon fiber withstand years of buzzing engine vibrations and extreme engine bay temperatures without cracking or fading. And subtle design elements like integrated LED ground effects lighting amplify the wow factor when popping the hood.

Companies Producing Premier Type R Engine Covers

Honda accessory companies like Mugen, Spoon, and J's Racing make engine covers purpose built for Type R applications. Expect steep prices reflective of design exclusivity and carbon construction. More affordable alternatives replicating their recipes for success also satisfy.

Every Type R generation boasts options catering to specific engines. Leading manufacturers of Civic Type R engine covers include:

  • Password:JDM - DC5 and FK8 applications
  • CT Engineering - EK9 and EP3 applications
  • Acuity Instruments - FK2 and FK8 applications
  • Skunk2 Racing - EP3, FK2, FK7 and FK8 applications
  • ATR - FA5 applications

Even universal carbon fiber engine covers fitting a range of vehicles carry appeal. Just ensure proper clearance and secure mounting when adapted to your purpose-built high-revver.

Elevate Performance and Styling in Your Engine Bay

But don't stop at the engine cover. Use its visual impact as inspiration for completely transforming the engine bay. Accessorize surrounding components to support the Type R engine in both form and function.

Aluminum coolant tanks, battery relocation kits, customized wiring harnesses, strut bars, master cylinders covers, and more build on the engine cover foundation. Enrich mounting points with color-matched hardware. Extend the carbon treatment to the intake, fuel rail covers, catch cans, and fuse boxes.

Once satisfied, proudly display your work at cars and coffee events and local track days. Stay engaged with fellow enthusiasts online using relevant hashtags. The community eagerly follows along as you leverage your Type R engine cover upgrade into a supreme scream machine.


What are the benefits of an aftermarket Type R engine cover?

An aftermarket Type R engine cover offers benefits like weight reduction from carbon materials, improved cooling from strategic venting, and an aggressive performance appearance with custom colors and logos. It protects your engine while showcasing tuning work.

What material is best for a Type R engine cover?

The best material is real carbon fiber. It properly balances strength for durability over years of vibration and heat with lightness to cut weight for performance. Materials like fiberglass can compromise integrity.

Should I leave cutouts to showcase engine parts?

Strategic cutouts add lightness and allow you to highlight customized engine components. But avoid excessive holes that undermine protection or structural integrity. Cooling, protection and strength should take slight priority over showing off parts.

What measurements do I need for proper Type R engine cover fitment?

Gather precise measurements of the length, width and height spans requiring coverage, as well as mounting point locations. Compare to manufacturer dimensions for an exact custom or universal fit that won’t rattle around or work loose.

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