Discover Vibrant Rainbow Everglow Quilt Kits with Tula Pink Fabric

Discover Vibrant Rainbow Everglow Quilt Kits with Tula Pink Fabric
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Discover the Vibrant Tula Pink Everglow Quilt Fabric Line

Looking to start a fun new quilting project? Consider working with the gorgeous selection of Everglow quilt kits featuring specially curated bundles of Tula Pink's popular Everglow fabric line. Released as part of Pink's 2023 fabric collections, Everglow boasts a vibrant rainbow palette and whimsical critter and floral prints that are sure to brighten up any sewing room.

All About the Tula Pink Everglow Quilt Fabric Collection

Tula Pink is well known in the modern quilting world for her colorful fabric designs that feature playful motifs and brilliant color palettes. Her Everglow line launched in early 2023 and includes cheerful rainbow prints of woodland creatures like foxes, deer, butterflies and raccoons as well as gorgeous flowering vines, rainbows and other bright graphical elements.

Ranging from neons to pastels, the Everglow collection's rainbow color scheme pairs perfectly with solids and subtle textures to create fun contrast. Many prints also include clever continuous patterns, allowing quilters to perfectly match designs across seams for beautiful transitional effects.

Types of Everglow Quilt Kits Available

Everglow quilt kits utilize this stunning new fabric collection, with many featuring exclusive bundle prints you won't find anywhere else. Kits come in a range of sizes for projects from table runners to king-sized quilts, and most also include pattern instructions created by Tula Pink herself.

Choose from kits that focus on charm packs, jelly rolls, layer cakes and other precut fabric bundles that provide versatility for all types of quilt block patterns. Alternatively, bundled fabric yardage cuts allow quilters to have more control over block dimensions.

The aesthetic themes across Everglow quilt kits highlight many fan-favorite Tula motifs as well as representation for marginalized communities. Pride-themed kits showcase the rainbow color scheme on signature Tula silhouettes, while woodland and botanical prints capture a sense of wonder and creativity.

Creative Ideas for Using Everglow Fabrics

Whether following a designated quilt kit pattern or creating your own unique Everglow vision, the energizing rainbow colors open up many creative design possibilities. Play with different placement approaches for ordered gradient effects, bold color-blocking statements or scattering vibrant hues across intricate piecing.

Pair solids and subtle batiks with Everglow prints to enhance contrast and add definition. For balanced negative space, incorporate some Kona Cotton solids or Free Spirit Texture Magic Cotton/Lycra in honeycomb, waffle and double gauze textures.

Many of Everglow's signature critters also make fun appliqué accents. Cut out foxes, deer, butterflies or flowers for whimsical detail on quilt blocks, borders or woven through on sashing.

Tips for Sewing With Tula Pink Everglow Fabric

Sewing with the high-quality Tula Pink brand cotton fabrics is enjoyable with just a few tips in mind to make your Everglow quilt kit go together smoothly.

Don't Fear Improvisation

Tula Pink's signature style embraces creativity and color, so don't be afraid to rearrange designs within blocks or incorporate bright splashes of unexpected hues. Follow the pattern as desired but also have fun playing with different layouts.

Take Advantage of Grayscale Shading

Many Everglow prints use expert tonal shading to add vibrance and dimension. Take note of darker and lighter values as you arrange pieces to help motifs stand out. Create striking contrast next to bold solids or more subtle transitions with low-volume batiks.

Mind Your Pressing

As with any quilt work, pressing is key for crisp seams, dimensional designs and quality finish. Be extremely diligent about pressing seam allowances open or to one side before assembling blocks to ensure pieces fit together accurately with squares laying flat and motifs aligned.

Displaying Your Completed Tula Pink Everglow Quilt

Once complete, your gorgeous Everglow quilt will brighten any room. Consider displaying year-round given the color scheme celebrates Pride rainbows and universal joy. For continuity, showcase on a wall next to framed prints of signature critters or botanical studies. The vibrant colors also pair beautifully with neutral fabrics and furniture choices to let the dazzling quilt take center stage.

When gifting your Tula Pink creation, include a label on the back with details about the meaningful memories made during the sewing process. Share images online using hashtags like #thebearquilter, #pride2023 or #quiltingafterdark to participate in the worldwide quilting community.

However you use your Everglow quilt when finished, let the dynamic spirit of Tula Pink's whimsical fabric world spark inspiration for your next colorful adventure in sewing. With a huge range of kits and prints to choose from, a radiant rainbow of fabric fun awaits!


What types of themes are represented across Everglow quilt kits?

Many Everglow quilt kits feature signature Tula Pink woodland critters like foxes, deer and butterflies paired with rainbow colors. Some kits also have Pride flag color schemes. Botanical floral themes are included as well.

What fabric bundle types are typically included in Everglow quilt kits?

Most Everglow quilt kits feature precut fabric bundles like charm packs, jelly rolls and layer cakes to provide versatility. Some also have bundled fabric yardage cuts for more control over block dimensions.

Can I make substitutions when sewing an Everglow quilt kit?

Feel free to rearrange print designs within blocks or incorporate unexpected bright hues for your own creative twist. Just follow the construction and cutting dimensions in the pattern for proper fit.

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