Best Patio Furniture for Cornwall's Weather and Gardens

Best Patio Furniture for Cornwall's Weather and Gardens
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The Best Patio Furniture for Cornwall's Climate

Cornwall is known for its mild climate and sunny summers. This makes it the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors in your backyard patio or garden. When shopping for patio furniture in Cornwall, there are a few key factors you'll want to consider to ensure it can withstand the region's weather conditions.

Choose Durable Materials

Even though Cornwall does not experience extreme weather, you'll still want patio furniture made from durable materials that can resist wind, rain, and sun exposure. Wicker, aluminum, teak wood, and synthetic wicker are all great options that will hold up well outdoors.

Wicker is a lightweight and breathable material that dries quickly after rain and is easy to clean. Look for all-weather wicker made from a synthetic material like polyethylene for maximum durability.

Aluminum is rust-proof, weather-resistant, and requires little maintenance. Aluminum patio sets with powder-coated or painted finishes will last for years in Cornwall's climate.

Teak wood is highly resilient against sun, wind, and rain. Its natural oils make it resistant to decay and mildew. While a pricier option, teak patio furniture can last up to 50 years with proper care.

Focus on Comfort

A patio is a place to relax and unwind, so comfort should be a top consideration when furnishing your outdoor space. Patio furniture designed with comfort in mind will get more use and enjoyment.

Chaises, reclining chairs, and cushions make lounging comfortable. Look for adjustable backs and footrests when shopping for patio seating. The ability to recline makes a big difference for an afternoon snooze outside.

Thick seat and back cushions make hard surfaces like wicker, aluminum, and teak more comfortable. Waterproof cushion covers protect the cushions when not in use. Removable cushion covers allow for easy cleaning too.

Shade is important for keeping comfortable on sunny days. Consider an outdoor cantilever umbrella or pergola to provide respite from the heat without blocking views of the garden.

Style for Any Space

Patio sets come in an array of styles to match any outdoor space. Cornwall homeowners with traditional style homes may prefer ornately carved wood sets or floral patterned cushion prints. Contemporary homes look fabulous with sleek and simple patio furniture made from aluminum, wood, or wicker.

Bench seating transforms small patios into charming breakfast nooks or conversation areas. Bistro sets with small table tops are also ideal for creating cozy seating on compact patios and balconies.

Sectionals help maximize seating while taking up less space than individual chairs. Modular sectional pieces can be arranged in numerous configurations to fit your patio’s dimensions.

Furnishings like side tables, ottomans, and decorative planters add functionality and personality. Use side tables for holding drinks and snacks, ottomans for extra seating, and planters for displaying flowering plants.

Where to Shop for Patio Furniture in Cornwall

Cornwall offers many excellent local shops for patio and garden furniture. Supporting local businesses ensures the pieces are suitable for Cornwall's climate while also investing back into the community.

Independent Shops Offer Variety

Independent patio furniture shops like Uneeka, Tribe Outdoor Living, and Hartley Botanic specialize in stylish, high-quality pieces. They stock collections designed to withstand Cornwall's winds, rain, and salty sea air. With personalized service, you can get help finding the perfect set for your space.

These shops carry sets in a variety of materials like teak, aluminum, synthetic wicker, and weatherproof fabrics. From contemporary to traditional aesthetics, you'll discover on-trend sets to match your taste.

Supporting local businesses also gives you access to experienced staff. The sales associates can provide valuable advice for selecting low maintenance, durable outdoor furniture suited for Cornwall's climate.

Green Options Available

Eco-conscious shops like Recycled Furniture Company offer sustainable patio furniture handcrafted from reclaimed materials. Their antique wooden sets made from old railway sleepers and fishing boat wood are infused with local history.

Other green furniture options utilize recycled plastics, sustainably harvested woods, and natural plant-based fibers like rattan and banana leaf. Investing in eco-friendly patio furniture reduces waste and carbon emissions.

Keep an eye out for secondhand finds too! Vintage patio sets often feature better craftsmanship than new mass-produced furniture. Upcycling quality secondhand pieces gives them new life while adding vintage character to your outdoor space.

Caring for Your Patio Furniture

No matter where you purchase your patio furniture, some regular care and maintenance will keep it looking its best. Here are some tips for caring for outdoor furniture in Cornwall:

Weatherproof When Not in Use

Invest in weatherproof outdoor furniture covers, waterproof seat cushions, and an outdoor storage bench. Use furniture covers made from breathable and water-resistant materials when pieces are not in use.

Always remove cushions and pillows and store them inside or in a bench with a waterproof liner during rainy, snowy, or windy weather. Keeping cushions dry prevents mold and mildew.

Clean Regularly

Wash aluminum and wicker pieces with mild soap and water to prevent dirt buildup and stains, allowing them to dry completely before storing or covering.

Sand and re-oil wooden furniture once a year to protect from moisture damage. Pay extra attention to crevices and joints.

Spot clean cushions as needed. Some cushion covers can be removed and machine washed while others can only be spot treated. Check fabric tags to determine the best cleaning method.

Protect Against Sun Damage

Harsh UV rays can fade and deteriorate patio furniture over time. Using covers when furniture is not in use will help limit sun exposure.

For extra protection, look for materials like aluminum and teak wood that have natural resistance against sun damage. Synthetic wicker made from HDPE polymers also helps minimize fading.

Water and dirt buildup make damage from the sun’s UV rays worse. That’s why keeping your patio furniture clean is so important.


What type of patio furniture works best in Cornwall's climate?

Wicker, aluminum, teak wood, and synthetic wicker are good patio furniture options for resisting Cornwall's wind, rain, and sun exposure. All-weather wicker, aluminum with protective finishes, teak, and HDPE wicker will hold up well outdoors.

How can I make patio furniture more comfortable?

Chaises, reclining chairs with adjustable positions, thick seat and back cushions, and shade sources like umbrellas will maximize comfort. Waterproof cushion covers also allow cushions to stay outside without getting ruined.

What are some good options for small patio spaces?

Bench seating and bistro sets take up less space while still offering seating. Sectionals can also be arranged to fit smaller patios. Side tables, ottomans, and planters add extra function without using too much room.

How should I care for patio furniture in Cornwall?

Use weatherproof covers when not in use. Store cushions/pillows indoors when not needed. Regularly wash furniture and spot clean cushions. Sand and oil wooden pieces once yearly. Keep furniture clean to limit sun damage.

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