Create Your Own Unique Infinity Mirror in Seattle | DIY Tutorial

Create Your Own Unique Infinity Mirror in Seattle | DIY Tutorial
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What is an Infinity Mirror?

The concept behind an infinity mirror is rather simple. Two mirrors are placed facing each other, creating a space in between. LED lighting is placed within this space to illuminate the area between the mirrors. When lit, the light bounces back and forth infinitely between the mirrors, creating the appearance of an endless tunnel of lights.

Custom infinity mirrors take this concept and apply it to a handmade mirror format of your choosing. This allows you to create a one-of-a-kind, artistic piece that works perfectly for your home. From geometric shapes to rustic wood frames, the options are endless when you build an infinity mirror yourself.

Creating Your Own Infinity Mirror in Seattle

While Seattle may not be know for its sunshine, dreary weather makes it the perfect setting for a glowingly gorgeous infinity mirror full of LED brilliance to brighten up your home. Creating your own infinity mirror is also a great weekend project for those rainy Pacific Northwest days stuck inside.

Designing Your Mirror

The great thing about DIY infinity mirrors is that you can customize everything to match your unique style. Start by considering what shape and size you want your mirror to be. Is a small circular mirror best for an entryway table? Or perhaps a large rectangular mirror better fits above your living room fireplace. Determine where your mirror will live before settling on a shape and dimensions.

You’ll also want to decide on materials for the frame. Do you envision a modern metallic rim? Or maybe a rustic wood frame is more your speed. Match your existing home decor by choosing frame materials and colors that complement the space where your mirror will hang.

Gather Supplies

Once you’ve settled on the look of your infinity mirror, it’s time to gather supplies. The main components you’ll need include:

  • Plywood or MDF cut to size for the back frame
  • Thin plywood for the front frame
  • Two-way mirror cut to match front frame size
  • LED light strip
  • Various screws, wires, and tools for assembly

Additionally, supplies like wood stain, paint, glass glue, and mirror film may be needed to finish your custom frame and get the infinity mirror panels attached. Make a list of everything required for your mirror concept before heading out to the hardware store.

Assemble the Mirror

Once you have all your infinity mirror supplies, it’s time for the fun part - assembling it! Start by cutting wood or MDF to size and constructing the front and back frames. Attach the back frame securely to the two-way mirror panel, keeping a few inches of space between them. This space is where you’ll run the LED lights.

Test the LED lights to make sure they work and provide the right brightness before securing them with adhesive around the inside edge. Place wire mesh over the lights as a diffuser to create even lighting. Finally, attach the front frame to seal in the LEDs and complete your infinity mirror construction.

Take care handling the two-way mirror during assembly, as the coating can scratch. Use mirror clips or specialty glue to keep the glass secure. With some patience and attention to detail, you’ll end up with a stunning LED infinity mirror!

Hanging and Decorating with Your Mirror

One of the best parts of building your own custom infinity mirror is determining the perfect home for displaying your unique creation. Use strong hooks and ensure the wall you choose can support the weight of your mirror.

Style the space around your new infinity mirror to really make it pop. Try accenting with glowing candles, additional string lights, or plant life. The reflection will make any decor items seem abundant and center stage.

An infinity mirror also makes a perfect centerpiece over a fireplace or mantle. Angle can lights or track lighting above to highlight the mirror. The light bouncing off the reflection will create a focal point in any living room or study.


Infinity mirrors require little maintenance as long as you avoid direct sunlight shining on the glass surfaces. Gently clean two-way mirror panels with a microfiber cloth only to prevent damage to the reflective coating.

Dust build up shouldn’t impact LED brightness, but you can refresh mirror panels with products made specifically for two-way glass. Replace any burnt out bulbs right away so all lights continue reflecting efficiently.

Safety Tips

When handling your infinity mirror during cleaning or transport, always grip frames instead of glass surfaces. Move mirrors slowly and carefully or use professional art transportation services if relocating your piece.

Ensure lights turn fully off when not in use so they don't overheat. Never leave infinity mirrors unattended with lights glowing bright for extended periods. Installing a timer or using smart bulbs can prevent fire hazards.

Infinity Mirrors Add Unique Style

An infinity mirror makes a gorgeous focal point and dazzling decoration no matter the room. By choosing fun shapes, bold colors, and custom sizes, you can create a one-of-a-kind LED mirror perfectly suited for any home.

Building your own infinity mirror is deeply satisfying and allows you to control every design detail. During rainy Seattle weekends, make storing up sunshine your next crafty home project!


What are some popular custom mirror trends right now?

Some of today's most popular custom mirror trends include LED-backed infinity mirrors, distressed wood frames with metallics, bold oversized shapes, salvaged materials like barn wood, and frameless suspended mirrors.

What factors impact the cost of a custom mirror?

Custom mirror pricing depends on considerations like physical size, design complexity, materials used, specialty hardware, lighting components, and the skill level of the artisan fabricator.

How long does it take to make a custom mirror typically?

While timelines vary significantly based on intricacy and materials sourcing, most standard custom mirror projects require 2-6 weeks from final approval to completion.

Where can I find custom mirror makers near me?

Great places to discover talented regional mirror artisans include Etsy, Houzz, Instagram, Pinterest, HomeAdvisor, home shows, craft fairs, and independent online portfolio sites.

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