Experience the Magic of La Jolla's Concerts by the Sea Series

Experience the Magic of La Jolla's Concerts by the Sea Series
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Experience the Magic of La Jolla Concerts by the Sea

As the summer sun begins to dip towards the horizon of the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla, California, the first sweet notes of musical instruments fill the salty air. Hundreds gather on blankets and lawn chairs facing the surf as the La Jolla Concerts by the Sea series begins another magical evening.

For over 30 years, the La Jolla Concerts by the Sea series has been a beloved summer tradition for locals and visitors alike. The free public concerts take place every Sunday from June through early September in Ellen Browning Scripps Park, with the stunning natural backdrop of La Jolla Cove and the Pacific Ocean behind the performers on stage. It's a one-of-a-kind musical experience that keeps fans coming back year after year.

An Intimate Outdoor Music Experience

The intimate setting and laidback vibe give the concerts an accessible and approachable feeling, making for a great date night or family-friendly activity. Given the prime outdoor location, many people arrive early to picnic on the grass while securing a good spot to set up chairs or blankets. In between acts, audiences can browse vendor booths featuring local art and jewelry or head down to the shoreline to dip their toes in the tide.

As showtime nears, people begin settling into their spots, eager with anticipation over which new and returning artists are about to take the stage. Thanks to the small scale and beautiful natural acoustics of the cliffside amphitheater, it feels like the musicians are serenading the sunset despite several hundred people gathered. Even those sitting farther back from the music shell enjoy stunning ocean views as a backdrop to a diverse lineup of high caliber performances.

Diverse Musical Lineup & Genres

While many outdoor concert series focus on just one style of music, La Jolla Concerts by the Sea prides itself on an eclectic lineup representing genres from classical to pop, jazz to blues, and more. Over the years, audiences have been delighted by jugglers, dancers, symphony musicians in formal wear, and everything in between at this oceanside venue.

Musicians are selected through a competitive application process requiring video submissions. Priority is given to artists based in San Diego, and the paid performances provide invaluable exposure for many talented local groups. However, the lineup also draws popular regional bands hoping to win new fans.

The diversity of the weekly shows appeals to an intergenerational audience, with kids dancing up front while couples nearby tap their toes. Revelers agree that walking away with new favorite artists is simply part of the experience after an evening at the concerts.

Family-Friendly Vibe Makes for Perfect Summer Memories

Given the relaxed atmosphere and affordable offerings like reasonable parking, free concert entry, vendor food booths, and onsite restrooms, these community music events are ideal for San Diego families. Groups spread out blankets for picnicking or set up portable chairs to socialize, making a whole afternoon and evening of the festivities.

Many parents enjoy introducing their children to live music in this stunning outdoor theater with its pleasant ocean breezes. The short sets and variety between rock, classical, blues, jazz, and pop groups keep kids engaged. Little ones thrill at dancing freely without the rules and formality of indoor venues, often gathering to spin and hop along to particularly lively songs.

For local residents, the La Jolla Concerts by the Sea series delivers a taste of summer magic annually. Many attendees share that specific performances and time spent with friends and family enjoying the seaside music have created lifelong special memories.

What to Expect for the 2023 Concert Season

As planning begins for the summer 2023 concert lineup, fans can anticipate another diverse offering of talented local San Diego musicians. Based on previous years, the concerts will likely continue to represent the best of the area's musical culture across genres from classical to funk, rock to swing jazz.

In addition to incredible music against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean sunset, attendees can expect pop-up vendors selling food, drinks, and art. The concerts will have the familiar community vibe welcoming families and friends of all ages to settle in for a relaxing end-of-summer evening.

The 2023 La Jolla Concerts by the Sea series runs on Sundays from June 4 through September 3. Concerts begin promptly at 3pm and last until approximately 5pm, with each act performing for 30-45 minutes. Entry is free and open to the public.

Bringing the Joy of Music to All

A huge part of the appeal of concerts by the sea lies in accessibility. Between free admission, open grassy areas for blankets, availability of nearby street parking, and an alcohol-free policy, the events aim to be inclusive and inviting.

Attendees are encouraged to arrive early to secure parking and spots within the park grounds. Lawn chairs, blankets, and picnic setups are welcome with people staking claim to patches of grass as early as noon. Vendors sell food and drinks onsite, but visitors can also pack snacks.

Thanks to community sponsorships, La Jolla Concerts by the Sea remains one the area's best free summertime music offerings. By keeping performances centered on celebrating local culture with welcoming admission, the concert series embodies the vibrant, creative heart of Southern California.

Join in the Fun this Summer!

For those looking to make the most of long sunny days and balmy evenings by the Pacific Ocean this summer, the La Jolla Concerts by the Sea series beckons. Grab friends for an impromptu happy hour picnic or gather the family and head to the concert series every Sunday afternoon from June through September.

Stake out a spot on the grass or set up camp with some chairs to soak in incredible live music as the sun dips towards the sea. Sway along with jazz classics or twist and shout to funk favorites while watching the waves roll along the rocky California coastline. Meet talented area musicians and discover new favorites across all genres in this relaxed outdoor amphitheater.

When the last notes fade out to lingering applause and the final bits of color disappear over the ocean horizon, leave feeling refreshed. There is no better way to celebrate long sunny days than by catching a joyous community concert right by the sea!


Where are the La Jolla Concerts by the Sea located?

The concerts take place at Ellen Browning Scripps Park in La Jolla, California. The stage and seating area look out over the La Jolla Cove with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.

How much do the concerts cost to attend?

The La Jolla Concerts by the Sea series is completely free and open to the public. Concerts are sponsored by community organizations to support local culture.

What time do the concerts start and end?

The concerts run every Sunday from June 4 through September 3. They begin promptly at 3 PM and typically end around 5 PM, with each act performing for 30-45 minutes.

Can I bring food and drinks to the concerts?

Yes, attendees are welcome to bring picnics and beverages to enjoy during the shows. There are also food, drink and art vendors selling onsite if you would prefer to purchase items there.

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