Affordable and Stylish Buffalo Plaid Crewneck Sweaters

Affordable and Stylish Buffalo Plaid Crewneck Sweaters
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The Appeal of Buffalo Crewneck Sweaters

Crewneck sweaters are a versatile wardrobe staple that never seem to go out of style. Their simple and elegant design makes them easy to dress both up and down. Lately, buffalo crewneck sweaters have become an increasingly popular option. With their super soft feel and affordable price point, it's easy to understand why these cozy pullovers have developed such an enthusiastic following.

What Makes Buffalo Crewnecks So Comfortable

The buffalo plaid print features classic criss-crossing black and red lines atop a tan backdrop. This timeless pattern exudes rustic Americana charm. When rendered on an ultra-soft crewneck pullover, the result is a wonderfully cozy piece perfect for everyday wear.

Buffalo crewneck sweaters feel luxuriously soft thanks to their knitted cotton fabric. The textured stitching also provides subtle visual interest to this simple style. These sweaters nicely straddle the line between fashion and function. The cotton traps body heat close while still feeling pleasingly lightweight to wear.

Great for Layering

Crewneck pullovers lend themselves beautifully to layered looks. Their straight silhouette with no collar allows them to fit smoothly under jackets, vests, cardigans and more. Buffalo crewnecks look especially smart when paired with an oversized blazer or under a leather moto jacket.

Come fall and winter, buffalo crewneck sweaters make excellent base layers for retaining warmth against cold weather. The buffalo plaid print easily coordinates with jeans, cords, tweed trousers, skirts and more. This versatility also allows buffalo crewnecks to carry over effortlessly from casual daytime outfits to smarter evening wear.

Affordable and On-Trend

While often associated with lumberjacks and cabin retreats, buffalo check prints actually stem from Scotland and dates back centuries. Today this enduring pattern continues to dominate runways and retailer collections season after season.

The timeless appeal and nostalgic vibe of buffalo check prints ignite major style passion. Yet unlike most designer trends, buffalo crewneck sweaters come with an affordable price tag making them accessible for every budget.

Where to Shop for Buffalo Crewneck Sweaters

Several major retailers offer buffalo crewneck sweaters that balance style, comfort and value.


Costco sells various ladies' buffalo crewneck pullovers for just $12.99. That's nearly $3 off the usual price. These soft cotton sweaters come in a choice of cream, light pink and dark gray. The classic buffalo plaid red and black check pattern makes these a stylish choice for women on the go.

Old Navy

Another budget-friendly option for buffalo crewneck sweaters comes from Old Navy. Shoppers can expect to pay between $15-$40 depending on sales and discounts. Both women's and men's styles are available. Choose from over 15 colorways including traditional red as well as bolder shades like purple, teal or cobalt blue plaid.


For those willing to invest a little more, J.Crew retails buffalo crewnecks ranging from $69.50-$118. These sweaters come in premium Italian cotton for an irresistibly luxe handfeel. The women's version features a slimmer, more tailored fit. While the men's style offers a roomier classic fit. J.Crew's color palette options extend from traditional tan, gray and black to vibrant dark cherry or green hues.

Caring for Your Buffalo Crewneck

Following a few simple care instructions will keep your buffalo crewneck looking fabulous for many seasons.

Wash Gentle & Lay Flat to Dry

Buffalo crewnecks knit from cotton can safely go in the washing machine, but gentle cycles are best. Use cool water and avoid harsh detergents to prevent fading. Never wring or twist the sweater when wet, and always lay flat to dry to prevent stretching.

Inspect Before Wearing

Always give your sweater a quick once-over before tossing on. Look for pills or snags which are easiest to remove when addressed promptly. Use a pill shaver gadget for quick fabric refreshing.

Proper Storage

Storing knit cotton crewneck sweaters properly between wears maximizes their longevity. Avoid hanging buffalo check sweaters which can stretch the fabric. Fold smoothly instead. Place in breathable dresser drawers or storage boxes. Adding cedar blocks helps deter moths in case of holes.

With the right care, an affordable buffalo crewneck sweater can easily become a beloved wardrobe staple for many years. The timeless pattern, cozy fabric and versatile styling make this a piece worth investing in.


What fabrics are used to make buffalo crewneck sweaters?

The majority of buffalo crewneck sweaters are knit from soft, breathable cotton that provides warmth without added weight. Some styles may blend cotton with other fabrics like wool or cashmere for extra luxe softness and heat retention.

What is the fit and sizing like for buffalo crewnecks?

Most buffalo crewneck pullovers feature a standard unisex straight fit. Women may prefer sizing down for a more tailored look. Check size charts and measure a favorite-fitting sweater when ordering online. Some brands like J.Crew offer separate women's and men's cuts.

Can you wear buffalo check year-round or only during winter?

While ideal for fall and winter layering, buffalo crewneck sweaters work spring through fall as well. Style with tanks and tees as lighter coverups for air conditioned spaces. Or pair unbuttoned over dresses and tanks once warm weather hits.

What is the best way to wash buffalo plaid crewneck sweaters?

To protect the fabric and color, buffalo crewneck sweaters should be washed gentle cycle in cold water. Never bleach, iron or dry clean. Dry them laying flat, not hanging which can stretch the knit. Check for pilling and treat right away to keep looking new.

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