Tips for Renting an Apartment in Vietnam's Major Cities

Tips for Renting an Apartment in Vietnam's Major Cities
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Finding an Apartment for Rent in Vietnam

Searching for an apartment cho thuê (apartment for rent) in Vietnam can be an exciting yet challenging experience. Vietnam's major cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Haiphong offer many rental options across various districts and neighborhoods. When beginning your search, it helps to understand what's included in a typical Vietnam chung cư (apartment) rental contract and average rental rates to set your budget.

Standard Apartment Rental Costs

Rental prices for Vietnamese apartments can vary greatly depending on the city, district, size and amenities offered. In the major cities like HCM City, a small studio may cost 5 - 7 million VND per month. A larger 2-3 bedroom unit with nice finishes and amenities may run 15 - 25 million VND per month.

Newer high-rise chung cư tend to be more expensive, with 3 bedroom units averaging 20 - 35 million VND per month. Penthouses and luxury branded properties can fetch even higher rents.

Factors Impacting Rental Prices

When evaluating listing prices for chung cư cho thuê, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Location - Centrally located districts in high demand like Quận 1 in Ho Chi Minh City or Tay Ho in Hanoi command premium pricing
  • Building Age and Condition - Newer, well-maintained properties justify higher rents
  • Apartment Size - The more bedrooms and bathrooms, the higher the rent
  • Amenities - Gyms, pools, clubhouses and convenience stores add value
  • Furnishings - Fully or partly furnished units have higher rental rates

Ho Chi Minh City Districts and Prices

Here is an overview of popular city districts and average rents for chung cư cho thuê in Ho Chi Minh City:

  • Quận 1 - As the bustling city center, it's one of the most desirable and costly areas for rentals. Expect studio rents around 15 million VND per month.
  • Quận 2 - This modern district just across the river from Quận 1 is popular with expats. High-rise 2 bedroom units average 18 million VND monthly.
  • Quận 7 - Home to many tech parks and residential towers, it offers more affordable options than Districts 1 and 2. Studios from 6 million VND per month.
  • Bình Thạnh - An expat favorite district with a mix of mid-range to luxury rentals. 3 bedroom units rent for 25 million VND on average.

What's Typically Included in an Apartment Rental

When renting an unfurnished unit, the chung cư cho thuê will generally just include the apartment itself with basic fittings. Kitchen appliances like refrigerators, washers and stoves may be provided based on the listing.

Furnished rentals come ready to move-in with beds, sofas, TVs and other essentials. However, do confirm exactly what furniture and appliances are included before signing.

Utilities, Services and Other Fees

Tenants are usually responsible for paying all utilities in their rental unit, including:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Cable TV / Internet
  • Gas (for units with gas stoves / heating)

Garbage collection, building security, maintenance, repairs and cleaning of common areas are typically covered by the monthly chung cư fees paid to the building management.

Rental Deposits

Standard practice is for tenants to pay a deposit equal to 2 months' rent when signing the lease. This is held during the rental term and returned upon moving out, assuming no damages.

For furnished rentals, an additional deposit may be charged as guarantee against damage or loss of inventory items provided.

Tips for Renting an Apartment in Vietnam

Work with an Agent or Broker

Hiring a knowledgeable rental agent allows you to tap into the most up-to-date inventory. They'll also help negotiate pricing deals and contract terms on your behalf.

Explore Listings In-Person

To avoid scams or misrepresentated properties, be sure to visit any shortlisted chung cư cho thuê in-person before transferring any money. This allows you inspect everything firsthand.

Carefully Review Lease Terms

Apartment rental agreements are legally binding. Before signing, have someone translate the lease in detail to understand all terms related to incentives, fees, utilities, deposits, termination, etc.

I hope this overview has provided some useful insights and tips into searching for and securing an apartment cho thuê across Vietnam's major cities! Let me know if you have any other questions.


What paperwork do I need to rent an apartment in Vietnam?

Most landlords will require a copy of your ID/passport, residence visa, proof of income or funds, and possibly a reference letter from your employer or acquaintances.

Can I get my apartment rental deposit back if I break the lease early?

Typically no - the 2 month deposit is non-refundable if you need to terminate the rental contract before the end of the term.

What additional fees do I have to pay on top of rent?

You'll need to pay all utilities, cable/internet bills,possible parking fees. The building management fee for common area upkeep is covered in your monthly maintenance dues.

Is furnished or unfurnished better when renting in Vietnam?

It depends on your plans. Furnished is more convenient, especially for shorter stays. But unfurnished offers more flexibility to customize the space to your style over longer leases.

Can I sublet my apartment rental in Vietnam?

Subletting is typically prohibited unless explicitly allowed in your rental contract. As the tenant, you remain responsible for the unit regardless.

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